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OMFG!!! This was painful to watch.

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Haha, good luck.
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For some reason this makes me wanna play Diablo.
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Haha nice

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hiyo, this game blows B

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This is going to be good. Not the game, the video.

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"Ryans Inferno" has me in a few giggles.

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Poor Ryan... I feel bad for him.

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this... explains a lot

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I love this site so much SO MUCH!

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There are relics to make the combo window last longer.

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This is much better than a video review.
Wow, this part of the game is FUCKING HORRID.
Man, fuck this game.

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I could get a constant combo with one of the attacks(not in this area but another, ended up with a 170 or so hit combo and cleared all enemies), it's like a light long swipe of the weapon, it doesn't do huge damage but has little knock back. I think it's just a right trigger + light attack combo.

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This game looks way too frustrating for me to play. I feel for the GB guys having to play games like this. I sure as hell would have given up or broke something, lol.

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Does he make it through? I was hoping he had upgraded Beatrice's Crucifix from the Holy Path... This was part was BRAINDEAD easy with the Beatrice Crucifix upgraded. Since there was no difficulty achievement, I was playing it on the easiest difficulty.

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The easiest way to beat this game is to go holy. the cross combos are incredibly good for multiple enemies and the ranged cross upgrades make this part much much easier.  Also, for this part, there is a relic that makes you be un-interruptible when using cross attacks

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Do you have infinite crosses? If so just stick into a corner and shoot those non stop. Also does jumping ruin your combo? If you jump a whole bunch maybe the smaller enemies will miss you....

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@ch13696: yeah, i didnt have any problems with this because i picked that up pretty early...
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Oh boy..

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You sir have incredible stamina. 
If I was having this much trouble on a part, I'd seriously think about stopping all together.

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Thnx. Will never play this game, this segment was the last nail in the coffin for Dantes Inferno on my behalf.

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We feel your pain Ryan
Stupidly hard challenges that the game has not adequately prepared you for RULE!

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Soooooo 2 stars?

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I can tell you why you feel bad about yourself through this game, its because you are a sad, false, shell of a man ;) It appears that its taking more than just a setting from the Poem lol

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Yeah this one was a bitch but i found a relic that increased the combo time window and it gave me enough of a chance to beat it.

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I feel your pain buddy.  A freind of mine was almost ready to bring the game back and demand a refund because of that ninth challenge. 

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All the comments are suggesting the only viable way to beat this is by using the holy powers.  Way to keep your game balanced, EA.
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2:50 - Ryan: "Fuck!"
A perfect summary.
EDIT: IDK if you know this, Ryan, but the QTE's keep your combo alive while allowing enemies to congregate, giving you plenty of combo-tunity when the QTE finishes.

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I feel for you ryan, this game can be rough.

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Couple of things. Play this game on the easiest difficulty Classical, you will have the most fun that way (Plus there are no achievements for completing it on harder difficulties). Also for this particular challenge if you find the relic, I can't remember which one it is, that makes it so your enemies cannot dodge light attacks just come into this challenge hammerrring on the x button with no heavy  Y hits as they slow you down. Dantes normal xxxxxxxxxx whatever combo has a good kind of AOE  spin on it that's great for taking out large groups of enemies around you. Plus space out your attacks against the large demons because they are proggramed to block you at a certain point, ending the hit counter. Also use the crosses but unless your holy, don't use them as much as Ryan did in this video, use them for those moments where enemies are just spawning on the other side of the plate etc.
Hope this helps anybody

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 Jeff "You should try not to get hit".... Oh man that was too funny! Thanks.

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That was incredible!  I had a similar frustration with my last achievement in Assassin's Creed 2.  It was one of the easiest for everybody else, but I couldn't make it happen!

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This is exactly like the challenge of the gods from God of War. There's an obvious (or not) reason why it was optional. The Alfheim challenges from Bayonetta come to mind; once again, they were optional.

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I got to Lucifer on Zealot, spent HALF AN HOUR just chipping away his health on his second form... after losing numerous times i decided to switch to 'Classic' difficulty and beat both his forms in less than 3 minutes without taking so much as glance of damage. 
The difficulty settings are seriously messed up in this game.

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Hearing everything he has said about this part has pretty much convinced me to not play this game... seeing it furthers that.  BS that you need to use a certain skill path to make it through this part.
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Equip the relic that extends the combo cooldown and jump+cross more. I beat this on Zealot rolling holy throughout the entire game pretty easily. 

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Oh man, that seemed incredibly frustrating. I think I'd have lost my mind after the first 5 or 6 attempts.

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it probably doesnt help that that lady keeps screaming "your a sad, false shell of a man" at the beginning of every attempt

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Ryan is a sad, false shell of a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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damnnnnnnnnn son, that looked like one hellofabitch. gratz on finally bitch slapping those mofo's. i was really thinking about getting this game....but seeing what kinda shit they make you do like this is giving me second thoughts. thanks for the video and the insight !!

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I've always hated everything about this game, and this video has now made me loathe everything about the game.

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This just proves why Giant Bomb is the best place for reviews. No matter how long it takes they will not review a game until they finish it.

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Wow, just started the video and already, I'm disgusted. Why would EA want something like this? Well, lot more video to see.

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nice job preserver!

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I don't think you are sad or false Ryan.

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The whole time I kept wondering, do the magic attacks break the combo? Because I noticed he never used any of them. Also it seems like the cross attack, where you jump into the air, and slam down knocking all enemies back would have been helpful, but then realized he didn't have it as he was all unholy.

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Ryan, since you went all unholy its most likely going to be harder, but my advice would be to concentrate on your position and make sure guys dont surround you. After you knock back the little guys, I would shoot some crosses at the big dude and try to make your way to a position where you are basically facing all the enemies. Keep firing your crosses at the big dude until the little guys get close enough for you to start hitting them with scythe attacks. You should be able to knock them back again. If you just try to repeat this it should work.
Also, a General rule of thumb, it would be a good idea to make sure your facing most if not all the enemies so you can hit them all at once. If your attacking with your scythe but your only hitting one enemy, your most likely going to get hit from the back at some point. If you find yourself surrounded or if you see yourself about to be surrounded, start firing crosses and get the hell out if you can (and by get the hell out, I mean fire a cross and then quickly roll away from the enemies and then start firing crosses or swing your scythe again). 
One more thing. I'm not sure if it will work, but you might be able to jump attack the big dude when the little guys gang up on you. You might be able to use this as a means to get away from all of those little bastards. You were doing pretty good there at 14 min.
Oh and whatever you do DONT GET HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I hope this helps, if not idk what to tell you haha.

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Let's throw crosses at people!