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Posted by Cuddy

lol metal over a fantasygame trailer and the trailer doesnt have all that much action... and i played the PC version of this game... BEWARE! the voice over work makes you want to become deaf....

Posted by ZombiePie

I think I'll just wait for Diablo III, and dude what's up with music? What is this a Kingdom Under Fire game?

Posted by Six


Posted by Krenor

oh wow, no thanks

Posted by Milkman

I don't know if this kind of game flies in 2009. But that music was fucking rocking.

Posted by MeatSim

I like the power ballad that was playing but that's about it.

Posted by deerpoob

I think the type of game is still very fun, diablo 3 is all you need to know, but the graphics look like ps2 graphics, made to run on a big tv, and the animation looks pretty bad too, but the gameplay is what is important, and I think diablo clones still have a place in the world.

Posted by uskomaton

Looks a bit too much like Diablo 3 for me.
Music was ok, sounded like Manowar which is never a bad thing in a game like this.

Posted by Luberik

How do you wanna create a buzz around yr game if you show a crappy trailer? The combat was bad, the music totally didn't fit anything, and your character walks above the land, just like....jezus...right....uhm, what? ...

Posted by Neorub

Lost all interest in this game

Posted by TheMustacheHero

This looks like crap.

Posted by Crono

wow is this a retail game or is it a downloadable?  It just seems to be lacking...

Posted by Nate

Wow! How the hell did the run animation pass quality control? Come on people!

Posted by Azteck

They obviously have no clue how to make an exiting trailer. I thought nothing but "lame" as I was watching it.

Posted by hwarang

This is bad. Back to the drawing board please.

Posted by Sheldon

What is all this dribble

Posted by Bucketdeth

Wow it looks like his legs are bent the wrong way, I want this game since it's one of the only Hack and slash rpg's for the PS3, I'll have to rent it first.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Fantasy + Heavy metal in trailer = NOT. INTERESTED.

Posted by AURON570

i heard the series isn't that good.

Posted by HarrySound

Might be quite good.Hopefully a demo....
Multiplayer too.
Animation is awful though.Along with the music...... <-thats coming from a metal fan ,sacred 2 music makes me cringe

Posted by Vision

I play this a lot on the PC and i am guessing this is gonna be a horrible port. :o

But we'll have to see.

Posted by Coltonio7

High Elf...a class!!


Posted by ArbitraryWater

So ummm... its Diablo?

Posted by gamefreak9

looooool, omg whoever put this trailer together is retarded cause they made the game look shit....  not saying it isng

Posted by Nasar7

That one dude's run animation is hilariously bad

Posted by Doobit

Definately not a great trailer. I've played this game a bit and there's so many cool looking skills they could have shown off.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

"High Elf...a class!!


I know....

This just looks like a bad mixture of Diablo and NWN. The gameplay doesn't really look like much, just sitting there wacking away at chaps.

Posted by SoulTaker

Running animation...hilarious.  Definitely not getting this game.

Posted by Systech

I can't believe how hardcore that music was.

Posted by Kyle

wow, what? That trailer was awful. Some video editor needs fired.

Posted by rargy

Running looks totally natural.

Posted by sneakysnake128

Ahahaha. hahaha I get it. It's ironic haha

Nothing is sacred anymore.

Posted by mr_registered

...urg, I'll probably end up buying this.

Posted by Bardon

The best part of that trailer was the music...and that guy's run animation @ 0:52.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

@Bardon: You into the thick knees? *laughs* I noticed that too.

Posted by PenguinDust

Why aren't the female characters wearing pants...or is that something she needs to level up to?

Edited by Mandaray

Wow. That was even worse than everything else I've seen/heard about Sacred 2. Go trailer team, go.

@FlipperDesert: Ditto.

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Posted by lordofultima

The music is sick, makes me want the game.

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Posted by reflekshun

wtf, i'm sure this could look better on GBA

Posted by Downloaded

Eh, looking pretty retarded there.

Posted by Luchen

Wasn't april fools like 12 days ago? oh wait...

Edited by legendary1

The game is the best of the diablo clones I've played. Trailer was rediculously bad though.

Posted by theMcNasty

Wow.  This looks stupid as fuck.

Posted by simian

Only thing that could have been a worse musical match for that trailer would be some T-Pain.

Posted by dvorak

This is actually a fantastic game on the PC. Huge world, lots of quests, great graphics.

Unfortunately this trailer is just mindbogglingly incomprehensible, and does not do it justice at all.

Posted by Kuz1

Damn...wanted this to be good sooo bad.  Oh well, I'll just have to wait til Diablo 3!!!