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life, liberty, and dat purp

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Dat spoof

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I'm feeling it - love me some Kenzie.

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For some reason the "Hey kenzie wanna fuck" was so perfectly timed that it got a chuckle out of me.

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I desire all of this

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.................... i don't think this looks that great.

It feels weird saying that out loud.

I loved all the past Saints Row games. But this ............ ehhhhhh

I really, really want to be pleasantly surprised by it.

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Sweet. I'm glad there are games trying to do 'adult-dumb and cras' well. Sorry Duke, you're a part of history now.

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There seems to be a way that Volition can make dumb shit also seem like the best shit in the world. Eagerly anticipating August 23rd.

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Yep, I'm back in.

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Really not sure about aliens...the last saints row hit the crazy mark at just about the right point.

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Not feeling it.

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It's sooo good.

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I'm either going to either love this or fucking hate it.

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there was no part of that trailer that I didn't like

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This looks pretty goddamn awesome. Can't wait.

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More of the same. Right on!

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This game will make it unable for me to play the mass effect trilogy seriously ever again. I am ok with that.

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Its kinda silly but trailer gave me chills- that series ending climax

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I am irresponsibly excited about this.

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I will not vote for you ever unless Keith David is on your ticket.

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I could not possibly be more excited for this game!!!!

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How many independence day references do you think the game will have? 5-6? my bet is on 5.

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This looks aggressively terrible.

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I will follow that man into hell itself. Also, I really need to stop watching these until it releases and I can just experience the crazy pure.

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Was that the original leader of the saints giving the speech? The one we killed in SR2? Bah it still makes perfect sense.

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Nope.. not for me.

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I am all over this like purple on a Saint!

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@pingolobo: No, that character was voiced by Keith David. The one in the trailer IS Keith David.

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I wonder how my cockney accented Boss is going to go over as the president.

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I can only buy so many copies!

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@kazzenn said:

I'm either going to either love this or fucking hate it.

Yeah, I really like the Saints Row games in general but the more advertising I see from IV the less confident I am about it.

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I love when a game isn't afraid to be a game ass game.

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The trailer gives me a strong Duke Nukem vibe... I am not sure how to feel about that.

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not super into it

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*wiped tear from my eye* It's...it's so beautiful.

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This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen and I can't wait to play it.

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I wish I was a video game character that could say "hey Kenzie, wanna fuck?" and then proceed to be pounced by her.

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Video game: the game.

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That looked pretty good to me!

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This looks so stupidly awesome.

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You know, one thing I realize that benefits SR having been associated with WWE games through both being under THQ are those sweet ass melee finishers.

Happy 4th and God Bless America!

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Saints Row 3 was one of my favorite game experiences ever - can't wait for 4, it looks awesome.

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This looks even crazier than I imagined. Who the hell ever would have thought that a Saints Row game would have a Star Fox segment??

I mean, that's what that looked like, right? I'm not crazy!

Serious question, though: is the city layout going to be mostly the same? Because ever since Crackdown 2, I am extremely, extremely skeptical of that plan.

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If they can surpass the ridiculous story and gameplay of Saints Row 3 then I'm in. If it falls short I probably won't like it.