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So much lego!!

Posted by JSwan13

so close

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Ahahaha they even got the Jack sparrow run right. 

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

LEGO, LEGO Man, I got to be a LEGO Man!

Posted by WinterSnowblind

As a big fan of these Lego games.. this one is coming just a bit too close to the last one for my tastes.  A sequel to Harry Potter will likely be out by the end of the year too.

Lego Clone Wars was quite a big step up for the series, it's a shame these two will likely just be back to being plain old reskins..  Though should still be enjoyable if you're a fan of the franchises.
Posted by phrosnite

I'm definitely buying this! I love PotC.

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Posted by sixpin

Black Beard!

There sure are a ton of these Lego games coming out. CoD can't even keep up this pace.
Posted by TimSpork

So with a Lego Ian McShane, does that mean we can finally have Lego Deadwood?

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Posted by risseless

Love me some LEGO games. Wish they'd get the license for LEGO LOTR.

Posted by ThePilgrums
@risseless: I want LEGO LOTR too. :C
Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497
@TimSpork said:
" So with a Lego Ian McShane, does that mean we can finally have Lego Deadwood? "
Now that's a fucking day-one purchase right there.
Posted by TheChaos

Still mad that they canceled that other Pirates game, when this monster gets to see the light of day.

Posted by Kontrapunkt

I still miss armada of the damned.

Lego's :D

Posted by ThatFrood

That... actually looks pretty good.

Posted by elko84

actually looking forward to play this co-op

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I am so down on this.  I was super excited for the Lego Star Wars games and have both of them. But this one I am probably going to jump on day one.  I love PotC!

Posted by Koobz

A video game...  based on a series of toys...  based on a movie...  based on a theme park ride.  Oh shit Jason Gordon-Levitt is about to push a guy off a paradoxical staircase what the fuck is going on.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Lego games keep surprising me. This isn't even a good series, wonder if legos can fix it?

Posted by buzz_clik

I'm pretty sure the pirate phrase you're looking for is "swab me poop mast."

Posted by Aaron_G

What won't Lego "Legofy"? Anyways, I have never played any other the others.... am I missing something? Are these actually good? 

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Still can't resist the series humour and charm :P I'm not really all too much of a fan of the PoTC movies, but I do really love me some Lego games!

Posted by Cybexx

That is some flickering problem at the end of the world.

Posted by kamton

When comes LEGO Duke Nukem out?

Posted by radioactivez0r

@Koobz: You mean Joseph?

This is coming shockingly soon after LEGO SW III, but I tend to buy LEGO games once they've gotten much cheaper - no exception here.
Posted by fraser

Well he has the most irritating voice ever.

Also terrified by the final moments of that.

Posted by MeatSim

Let's play name the next franchise that get's a Lego game.

Posted by PLWolf

Day One! Love the Lego Games, and love PotC.

Posted by Deranged

Amazing. Looks to be the best in the Lego series.