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Posted by gangstaboy


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if this and the dj hero's game interface had a baby, and that baby was 18+.  she'd be hot.

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The controller looks nice. The game not so much at the moment.... It really looks like pop n' music with a turntable to me

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Looks like it could be cool.

Posted by McQuinn

umm. uhhh.  not so sure.   Not big on the npc.  

Posted by lordofultima

Wow that looks like ass. DJ Hero really melts your face when you compare it to this.

Posted by dibiase77

That controller is cool...but why is it that game devs seem to incubate the same idea around the same time? Prototype/iNfAmouS and now DJ Hero/Scratch...I just wonder, who reacts first and then goes, "Well, if So and So's doing it they gotta have competition!"

Posted by kratos

The game looks like something you'd see on the PS2, very, very ugly.

Posted by Venatio

Yeah....I think I would rather purchase Dj Hero if anything so no thanks

Posted by Infinityslimit

What? The graphics look terrible other than that looks good...

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First and only DJ controller? Hmm.....

This looks awful. They should have shown before DJ Hero.

Posted by jinxman

Uh, ya, if I get either of the DJ games, I'm getting DJ Hero

Posted by PeasForFees

"non slip pad" In that trailer I saw it spin 360 degrees, non slip i think not

Posted by gingertastic_10

DJ Hero is going to blow away, that dash board looks horrible. way the game looks, it seems dull. DJ Hero all the way!! 

Posted by TheKidNixon

"The first and ONLY legitimate DJ controller for videogamers." So apparnetly the cattiness isn't over. Excellent.

On a gameplay level...if this works, it could be really neat, especially if the DJ scratching stuff can really be done anywhere and your real skill is graded, as well as the additional beats. Still, it looks a bit...simple on the surface compared to DJ hero. Which is kind of saying something.

Posted by utamaru

i guess it all comes down to how precise and the feel of the DJ hero controller, which is basically the only shot these guys have at making a better game. I trust Numark more when it comes to turntables compared to Activision, but only time will tell.

Posted by Gibbs_Acolyte

looks more like Tap Master than Scratch Master

Posted by okuzy

if the audio from this video was really bad, I would have said that this video was pulled straight from the 90's. doesn't seem that  great. and if your going to "demo" the game have someone who owns at it. I don't mean to hate.

Posted by ahriman22

The controller looks more functional than the DJ Hero one, but I would go with DJ Hero.

By the by, did you know they stole the name from this song?
Posted by ChunkyB

I think it's interesting just because there are 2 DJ games coming out, and they are going to have drastically different gameplay because of the different controllers. This one looks much more heavily focused on the buttons, and DJ Hero looks like it's more about the crossfader and the scratching. Maybe they'll actually turn out to be pretty similar, but they're definitely more different than GH and RB.

Posted by Kraznor

You can hear the hatred for DJ Hero in every sentence. I really just want a Daft Punk or Justice game at this point. Hip Hop is only mildly interesting to me.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by Out_On_Bail

They should of made one or the other.  An MPC and a Turn Table are two entirely different things.  Cramping all that stuff into 1 thing just doesn't make sense.  I think DJ Hero wins this round, and my money.

I would of rather seen 2 turn tables than some made up product.
Posted by _Phara0h_
@lordofultima said:
" Wow that looks like ass. DJ Hero really melts your face when you compare it to this. "
You are so right......
Posted by Yagami

DJ: Hero, anyone? :-)

Posted by JJOR64

I'll probably stick with DJ Hero if I fell like getting a DJ game.

Posted by Player1


Posted by TheClap

type writer hero meets a lazy susan

Posted by ImperiousRix

I never thought I'd say it... but it looks like DJ Hero stomps this one.
It might be less accurate, but the fun factor definitely seems higher with Activision's controller.

Posted by Haethos


Posted by Kohe321


Posted by ArbitraryWater

The FIRST and ONLY legitimate controller for GAMERS, eh? These guys are going to get slaughtered by DJ Hero.

Posted by Muttinus_Rump

So it's basically like playing GH drums, but with a turntable?

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Looks good, I'll wait for reviews though, to see if it's better then DJ hero

Posted by NoXious

The game seems inferior, the controller seems superior.  I fear the game will fail against Activisions PR team + Guitar Hero history, even though Scratch seemed to be the first concept of a DJ game.

These kind of games are not my kind of thing though, if you're going to waste time on an instrument - do the real deal.

Posted by Sunjammer

That controller is looking totally killer. I dunno bout the game, but that's absolutely killer in terms of authenticity.

Posted by utamaru

Hey guys call up Alex Navarro, we need to get harmonix to buy this game and then make it awesome.

Posted by Jambones

I was initially like, 'Oh, OK. Numark are making the controller. Nice,' the I watched the video and was totally unimpressed by both the controller and the game. Both seem not quite as refined as they should be. Although the freestyle scratching looks and sounds good from what I can tell, but the whole tapping the beat mechanic left me feeling a little disappointed.

I guess time will tell.

Posted by Kronom

is it just me or this game looks old??

Posted by Myomoto

Woah, the textures on the dance crowd looked like a ps1 game...

Posted by Itsdapoleece

Congrats Numark, you made a crapgasm of plastic and software that manages to be NOTHING like mixing.  I'm not a big fan of DJ Hero since I actually DJ, but at least that one controls much closer to the real thing than this abomination.

Posted by CrazedJoker

Looks more legit than DJ Hero's Controller.

Posted by AURON570

the buttons look a bit unresponsive. beatmania is cooler than any of the crappy DJ games coming out these days.

Posted by ProfessorZombie

Yes Yes.... Yes... Yes.... I am deeply impressed by this video. I cant wait to play this game!

Posted by Krakn3Dfx



Posted by Redbullet685

The crowd looked like N64, even the DJ looked like early PS2.
The controller looks ok, but DJ Hero's looks way better

Posted by TatoBins

that had the production value of an 80's educational video. 

Posted by Serker

those graphics are ugly! so ugly!

Posted by JJWeatherman

I don't know a lot about being a DJ but those buttons on the controller looked like you try to play guitar hero on a flat surface without a strum bar. Not too fun looking imo.

Posted by Systech

Dude, DJ Hero looks so much better...

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