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But I dont want to have to buy a psp!

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Looks pretty good, to bad i dont have a PSP.

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Looks like Assassin's Creed...

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you think the templars would learn to stop putting hay carts under big drops...

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Or maybe put a bunch of metal spikes just under the hay. :-)
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Honestly, I don't want another Assassin's Creed prequels.

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Yes, that is Assassin's Creed.

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Ok well now it's back to whether I get a DS or PSP. I'll be getting both but what one first? hmm....

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I dont think it's a prequel, I think it just explains what happens to Altair after the end of his quest in the first AC.

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@nohthink: Looks like a sequel to me.  Unless you count it as a prequel to Assassin's Creed II.
Thats supposed to be greece?  Looks like the Middle East still to me.
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Looks cool

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The PSP constantly amazes me with it's graphical capabilities. I hope this game turns out great.

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Actually looks alright. Handheld versions of console franchises consistently surprise me this generation.

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Looks good, probably my next PSP game after I finish up Final Fantasy.

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Looks pretty awesome, even more reason to get the PSP Go.

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even more of a reason to get the regular psp... >_>

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The graphics are top notch for the PSP.

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Sweetness, I'm buying this as soon as possible.

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Jeez. I'm gonna have to start a concept page where Bloodlines is used as a subtitle. And how dare this one not be about Vampires? Or is it -- SPOILER ALERT.

Oh well. This will give me something to do in the bathroom other than not read EGM.

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Looks ok.

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stripped down assasins creed then, not too bad though, thats what they did for God of war and that was good

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Looks pretty good.  Who knows it could go either way, anticipating a review from gb.

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Spoiler: He totally dies in the end.

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Probably never going to have a chance to play it, but it looks good :)

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Might give this a try, once it drops in price or goes on sale.

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Looks great for a PSP game.

Posted by MaddProdigy

Wish they'd shown wether there's still the same boring ass 3 things you can do or if they improved in that department. That's my main selling point on this

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Sweet, apparently you cut out the stupid psp frame from the other versions of the trailer :)

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@GamerGeek360 said:
" Ok well now it's back to whether I get a DS or PSP. I'll be getting both but what one first? hmm.... "
Depends entirely on what type of games you like.
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Looks okay.

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just upgraded my PSP's memory to 16gb, so I'll probably get this as a DL.

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Wow, that looks pretty much like a PS2 game.  Looks like it could be fun.

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Not interested. Like Jeff once agreed I quess, handhelds are for games that you don't see on consoles (2d/"2.5d" games), not for these games that you could just play on consoles only not ps2 quality, small screen and with one analog stick... Also, I quess the draw distance was not surprisingly pretty bad.

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@MaddProdigy said:
" Wish they'd shown wether there's still the same boring ass 3 things you can do or if they improved in that department. That's my main selling point on this "
Same here
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Cyprus is not Greece, and the Mediterranean coast of the Middle East looks similar to the rest of the region.
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How is he talking if hes dead?

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yay !!! i might buy this since it looks like its following the same open world idea as the console one. i just hope its not as bad as chronicles

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Huh-huh. I have heard Bloodlines way too much, geez. Still, the only reason I would care about this game is if it controls well. We will see if it does when it arrives.

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Looks good.  Needs more Massive Attack.

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I don't know if it's just me, but the stick on the PSP isn't precise enough to play these kinds of games. I've had the most fun with games like Star Ocean: Second Evolution, Jeanne D'arc and Lumines and Puzzle Quest.

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AWESOME, this should keep me busy until AC 2

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Templar: JESUS CHRIST! Really guys?! Haystack again?! FUCKK!
Templar2: Yeah, we gotta stop doing that.
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not into this

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this looks INCREDIBLE.

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This looks amazing for a PSP game but what up with the no gore? I hope you can turn it on in the final build.

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I wonder when Mr. Softy is going to develop their PSP killer.  :-)

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Looks good. It's good that I at least have a psp.

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So its basicly AssCreed for PS2? Well thats a shit lode better than the peice of crap from gameloft we got on are DS and Iphones