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Posted by RollingZeppelin

Use Gollum's "fart cloud" ability to make a quick and cowardly escape.

Posted by reportspam

So Gollum plays like a simplified Slark, and Gandalf is somewhat analogous to Warlock, though with far less utility? Gotta say I'm bummed with where the AoS/A-RTS genre seems to be going. Building skills around shallow, forced synergies is just about the worst thing you could do when building a hero!

Posted by PsychoticHamster

@gkhan: leave

Posted by Doppelgamer

I didn't even realize that Monolith was still around in some form. I miss the days of No One Lives Forever 1 & 2.

Posted by jayjonesjunior

i feel sorry for monolith, they were the best :(

Posted by wardcleaver

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!  Unless, of course, you have already purchased the Season Pass.
Posted by AgentZigzag

Yeah, that looks shit.

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