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that's gonna be sweet

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Sweet, now I can have Cable & Deadpool on my team.

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His left eye is waaay too bright...

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Man, it has been a while since i was into the Marvel universe. 
Wasn't Cable Scott Summers' son through a weird chain of events?
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Damn, beat me to it. 
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@Coleslaw893: If putting together Cable, Deadpool, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist doesn't get a "Bromance" team bonus, then this game has failed.
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So I'm assuming that Cable and Carnage are going to be part of a bigger DLC character pack.  Sweet.

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I think its somewhat crappy that they held back these characters from the final version to release as DLC (and yes, the fact they appear in the main campaign as fully fleshed out NPC's suggests they held them back for DLC Watch for the next She-Hulk Trailer).

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Horrible version of cable.

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Is cable's mutant power lots of guns?

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Cable was one of my favorite comic characters, so it's good to see him in there.
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Sweet =)

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For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here's the leaked image that confirms all the characters in this pack - Carnage, Psylocke, Cable, Black Panther, and Magneto. Sadly, no She-Hulk yet. Maybe in the next one.

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This all should be free. RAWR
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@BananaKid: Cool.  Psylocke, Magneto, and Cable are worth maybe 5-10$ to me.  Hopefully the DLC is around that price. 
The Cable + Deadpool fusion looks lame, but I guess that's true of most of the fusion powers.  The developer really missed an opportunity to have character-pair-specific fusions, and that trend is continuing in the DLC.
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These character being held back from release is definatly lame.  Cable is my favorite X-Men/Marvel character and if he was playable in the base game I probably would have bought it day and date.  Now I may rent it in a couple months in between bouts of Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2, etc....

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Too bad this game made almost no improvements and managed to make it a glitch-fest. Some of which can **** up your game.

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Carnage???? That makes no sense on ANY level...(I mean his inclusion, not your prediction)
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" Is cable's mutant power lots of guns? "
Cable is the most powerful psy-op ever born but he was infected with a virus developed by Apocalypse and mostly all his psy powers are being used to hold it in check. He uses technology from the future to compensate. 
If you want to see what Cable is capable of with out the virus check out the X-Man (not X-Men) comics its about an alternate universe version of him that didn't get infected with the virus.
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I'ma MvsC this shit up.

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Ugh, this is ridiculous.  The entire roster for the game was almost completely recycled from the first.  They probably spent half the development time making these extra guys just to sell to us, instead of including them in the actual game.
I can't begin to express my hatred of Activision, and this is exactly why I didn't buy the game.

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looks like a feast of death!

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" Man, it has been a while since i was into the Marvel universe. Wasn't Cable Scott Summers' son through a weird chain of events? "

Yeah, he was the child of Scott and Maddie Pryor, an alternate version of Jean Grey, who commanded the hellhounds I think in the Inferno series.  This is all off the top of my head and I haven't read anything in 6 or 7 years, so I could be wrong on that.  He was whisked away into the future, raised there, met up with Franklin Richards (son of Mr Fantastic & Invisible Woman) and there was some war going on or something.  I don't remember the rest.
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DLC? Cable is in the game already, they just have him locked out. What a lame ass excuse to siphon more money out of us.

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I'll probably wait till the edition that has all the DLC extras attached is released, becomin a common trend these days afterall to which i hope MUA will follow if it starts to release DLC character regularly
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Right on the basics, wrong in the details. Maddy and Scott's son was whisked off to the future, but it was a different future than the one you describe. He was taken by a group called the Askani due to a techno-virus that would kill him with modern medical advancements, and he was too important to the future rebellion. Cable's future, more or less, was a dystopia due to Apocalypse's eventual rise to power. In addition, Cable's clone Stryfe (who considered himself the original) was also a big headache for being a general bastard. Cable eventually did come back to our time to help form X-Force, which initially was formed to combat Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister (who was sort of Apocalypse's lackey at the time. In an additional headache, Sinister is actually the one responsible for Cable's birth in an attempt to attack Apocalypse.) 
I think where you might be getting mixed up is Hyperstorm. You see, Hyperstorm is Rachel Summers (the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in ANOTHER alternate timeline) and Franklin Richards' son. Rachel Summers also came back in time to stop the events that created her timeline in the Days of Future Past; eventually, she was sent forward in time along with Cable and the Askani, eventually becoming the Askani'mother. Again, long story. Anyway, Rachel is a major mother figure to Cable even though Cable is actually temporally older than her (he's also older than his biological father Scott Summers as well...yay time travel!)
@GunnBjorn: Yes he was
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This looks like a fan made trailer. Such bad quality for an actual professionally made trailer.

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@PenguinDust: Actually Madelyn Pryor isn't an alternate jean grey. She's a clone made by Mr Sinister. Scott Married her thinking she wasn't jean (this was after jean appeared to be dead after the dark phoenix saga, but actually that version of the phoenix hadn't used jean's physical body), but noticing that she looked exactly like her for no apparent reason. The real jean reappeared after the marraige and scott totally abandoned Madelyn and his child for months to go back to Jean. It really was a dick move. Cyclops is not allways a nice guy.
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he doesn't look right.
he looks like Anderson Cooper with an armor suit.

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this is sweet but i think its funny how they think cable only use guns

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Sounds like I should wait for the GOTY version so I don't have to pay for more DLC.

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I wonder if this will see the light of day in Australia being that the only MUA2 DLC we currently have is a patch that allows you to play online co-op if one of your international buddies has Juggernaut.

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Thanks for the corrections, guys.  Like I said, it's been years since I read anything and those stories were written in the mid 90s I think, so my familiarity with them goes back even further.  With all those Jean Grey clones/alternate versions/evil twin sisters running around, it's hard to keep track.  Add in time travel and my head's about to explode.  Still, the refresher was appreciated...now someone explain the whole Spider clone thing to me again.  ;-D
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Activision milking you like a cow! The fact that he wasn't playable in the game to begin with...hell, the fact that you couldn't partner him up with Deadpool is such a huge disappointment.

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Guns are the best super power.

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Hey I tried to find Cable in the store, and even in the internet, and cant find him anywhere. 
Is it true that we can play with him or is it just bullshit?
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The "wow factor" of this trailer was multiplied by ten by the fact that the final time that Cable shot his gun a firework went off somewhere outside my dorm room.