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Posted by Sjupp

I've never been this much disturbed by the supposed voice of that devil-sand-thing. Lamest voice work EVER.

Posted by Shaanyboi

I'm still pretty pissed they decided to go with this very shoehorned prince of persia game rather than continue the 2008 game's story

Posted by EvilNiGHTS
@Zimbo said:
" @EvilNiGHTS:Is it? I guess I just forgot what he sounded like after Nolan North :) "
Yeah, does seem kind of weird since the graphics don't quite match the style of those games though. 
While I'm not fond of the art direction from what I see so far, I'll take it if the gameplay matches up to the previous games. Since PoP2008 had great art direction and poor gameplay, graphics obviously aren't everything.
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Ubisoft can eat it.

Posted by JeffTheBadger

God damn what an annoying voice!

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

stop me if you've heard this before... He's the chosen one

Posted by maimran91

That is seriously do not look like the Prince himself

Posted by Keslus9

They should just let the King of Persia deal with this awful mess..

Posted by Blitzer

I love the PoP games and storyline. But this is an obvious rushing of a game to go with the movie. 
Come on Ubisoft, your better than that.

Posted by Hourai

Jesus, could they possibly make those lines more cliche?

Edited by Tarsier

lol just lol 
i can see this game and movie are going to be just a copy of the mummy 
even the little key thing is the same

Posted by selbie

Whatever happened to rescuing the princess from some evil Jaffar dude? This ain't no fucking Kratos

Posted by Murdouken

I fucking hate that american voice at the end that says "Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands." Destroys the atmosphere that the trailer worked so hard to present.

Posted by Bogitt

Aghh i want an ending to the 2008 PoP, make a good sequel you fools not this

Posted by KillerFly

*is THE GUY who is excited for this game*

Posted by h0lgr

Looks like a PS2 game.
1:20 proves it

Posted by Baal_Sagoth
@Rolento:  Yeah, I really don't get what they are thinking with their recent PC releases. Particularly since they didn't even pull their DRM shit off professionally and failed to minimize hassle by at least providing excellent connectivity on their end.
 @Brendan said:

Worst lines in a trailer?  Let's check: 
I will unleash...my power! 
I will change...my destiny! 
I am...the Prince of Persia! 
Pretty close I'd say.

It is beyond ridiculous. Still, it remains as an outstanding example of how not to do a trailer that appeals to me. As long as I don't have to pay for it or play it and only need less than 2 minutes of my time it actually is the good kind of cheesy. I think I can ignore the game and the movie from now on...
Posted by JackSukeru

Well the story doesn't seem like it'd be doing anything for me, I'll just have to put my hopes in the gameplay then.

Posted by Mizuchi

this voice actor is kinda silly

Posted by Karkarov

Ok at least one trailer came out that looks worse than the Alpha Protocol one cause good god this one makes me want to smack someone for even thinking this crap should be shown to the public.  Did we get Dick from accounting to do the writing for the thing and then let him do the voicework too?

Posted by CouncilSpectre

The Prince of the whole of Persia?!  Wow, that's pretty impressive.  I'm gonna wait for the King of Persia game though.  Sorry.

Posted by deadward

I am... not buying this game.

Posted by Tennmuerti
@Brendan said:
"Worst lines in a trailer?  Let's check: 

I will unleash...my power! 
I will change...my destiny! 
I am...the Prince of Persia! 
Pretty close I'd say."

"I am the chosen one" 

tops them all by a mile imho
Posted by MeatSim

Who sets a giant demon free? The prince's brother doesn't seem to bright.