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Microsoft serious about the PC?

Posted by scraz

How about fable 2 first...

Posted by PhantomGardener

Is that Peter Molyneux writing all those messages, asking to get Fable Anniversary to PC?

Posted by Nightriff

Isn't Anniversary a huge bummer? Love the first game but don't remember exactly what scared me off from getting the anniversary game...besides the fact that I haven't played my 360 in 2 years.

Posted by Lightningproof

This is cool. Fable is cool.

Edited by carg0

sorry about ur blackhawks, Klepek. it was a helluva series.

Posted by Ravelle

@sammo21 said:

Microsoft serious about the PC?

Posted by Falconer

I'm genuinely surprised that this is going to be a Steam release. I feel like Don Matrick wouldn't have gone for that or forced to be a Windows Store game.

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B-but what about Fable 2?

Posted by Maystack

That was a clever teaser I guess.

Posted by SpaceCouncil

I found this trailer quite humorous

Posted by Hassun

Whenever I see someone talking about how Microsoft should do more for PC gaming I cringe. Microsoft doing more for PC gaming is what got us GFWL.

Posted by climax

Fable is always pretty okay, but Microsoft serious about PC? I HIGHLY doubt that's going to happen. I wouldn't mind them trying to prove me wrong, I just don't see it happening.

Posted by cloudymusic


Edited by ez123

Good news because the 360 version didn't look like it ran very well.

Posted by paulunga

Meh, Fable was a pretty mediocre game back when it was new.

Posted by Atwa

Finally without the framerate issues.

Edited by Wampa1

So did everyone else have issues with Fable 3 on the PC? I could never get it to run well on two different machines. Hopefully this will be better optimized.

Posted by eccentrix

How curious.

Edited by yyZiggurat

I don't care about Fables 1 or 3. Just port Fable 2 to PC.

Edited by Colourful_Hippie

@scraz said:

How about fable 2 first...

Posted by Rowr

What the hell, I thought Microsoft and Steam had beef at the moment.

Also I find it slightly hard to believe that this has come about from heavy demand???

Posted by Reisz

Good stuff, I will probably play this.

Posted by madroxcide

This was a pretty awesome way to announce a release/port for PC. Maybe that's just me thinking that though. It's also nice to see that Microsoft is obviously pushing it through steam. Hopefully that means we can see more PC stuff from them in the future on the platform that matters for PC.

Edited by thatdutchguy

Gotta milk that franchise bone dry, till the very last drop. Good job Microsoft.

Edited by Mysterysheep

Pretty well done teaser. Not sure how the original Fable holds up but I remember enjoying it back when it was released. I've heard mixed things about the anniversary edition but at least being on steam means it'll be on sale at some stage in the future. Might pick it up then.

Posted by Qlanth
Edited by StingingVelvet

They could have been Steam themselves if they gave half a shit. Now that their dream of ruling all living room media through the Xbox is effectively dead they might return to the PC in a stronger way.

Posted by BBAlpert



Wait, wrong British thing...

Posted by Gyrfal

Yeah, "again".

Posted by cloudyimpulse

Clearly those messages were fake. Not one incorrect spelling on all those messages? Someone was bound to spell anniversary wrong.

Posted by JeanLuc

If this leads to a PC port of Fable 2 then I am excited.

Posted by dekkadekkadekka

Considering how fucked Fable Anniversary was on the Xbox 360, my expectations are so low that I will be happy if it just runs in a stable manner.

Posted by cloudyimpulse

@jeanluc: Kind of where I'm at. It's the only version I've loved.

Posted by JohnLocke

This is pretty cool, I am glad Microsoft is putting games out on Steam and also supporting the PC (yes not all games, but games like Fable, Age of Empire 2 HD, Rise Of Nations etc, this is a step in the right direction from my point of view). Huzzah!

Posted by fisk0

Microsoft have been putting a whole lot of their older library on Steam recently - Age of Mythology, Rise of Nations and next week we'll be getting Close Combat. So, yeah, looks like someone there has started to realize there's an interest in their back catalog on PC.

Personally I'm hoping for Steam multiplayer capable versions of Hellbender, Starlancer and Freelancer.

Posted by Darkhollow

Why the hell would I want the anniversary version..isn't that just Fable 1? I want Fable 2 damn it!

Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations

If this somehow leads to a Fable 2 on PC I'm happy.

Posted by Corevi

Being serious about the PC is releasing a 6 month old remake of a 10 year old game? Whatever you say Klepek. Fable 1 is better than Fable 2 though.

Posted by Itwongo

I didn't like Fable.

Posted by darklink6849

Make this exact same video for Halo, Microsoft.

Then we'll talk.

Posted by BatmanBatman

I never played the first Fable, maybe I'll grab this one eventually... Also yeah -- I'd love to replay Fable 2 on the PC.

Posted by CairnsyTheBeard

WOW I never thought this would happen, yay!

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Posted by beckhanra

Good news, original Fable was a sweet game.

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@carg0 said:

sorry about ur blackhawks, Klepek. it was a helluva series.


Posted by Bumbuliuz

Really hopes it plays ok on the PC, it ran really poorly on the Xbox 360 with constant fps dips.

Posted by tildebees

I love fable the way it looked already I just want fable 2 on PC

Posted by Nezza

If that trailer is indicative of the kind of comments that they get, then I think PC gamers shouldn't be allowed Fable Anniversary until they can use capital letters in sentences correctly.

Posted by GioVANNI

Release Fable 2 as well and we'll be getting somewhere. Still ridiculous that Fable 1 and 3 are on the PC but not 2.

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