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Posted by Cerberus3Dog


Posted by csl316

It went something like this:

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I want to put it out there that I dislike people being rude on the internet and dismissing something before even checking up on it.

Having said that:


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It's always amusing seeing people getting their hopes up for a new Sonic game.

Posted by Korwin


Posted by whitegreyblack

What the... (5:55)

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Oh god...their rationalization of the character designs is a strong combinations of "buzz words" and "we think our audience is too stupid to understand what the character's personalities are."

Posted by virtorio

Is he called Dr. Robotnik again yet?

Posted by paulosaurus


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Not a fan of the (new?) voices but good luck to them.

Posted by wsowen02

Yup, character designs are still trash

Posted by SomeJerk
Posted by geirr
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@whitegreyblack said:

What the... (5:55)

The long limbs were clearly compensating for something.

Edit: Tbh, I kinda dug the cutscene at the end. It felt Dreamworks Animation-like. They may have been able to successfully hit the tone and humour they were striving for in previous games.

Posted by AMyggen

I think Jeff was right: Sonic has always been aimed at kids, and this update is because they think these designs will appeal more to the kids today. That's it.

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I don't get all the hate for these character designs. Knuckles has pretty much always looked like that. The game looks like fun. It's definitely aimed at kids but still looks fun.

Posted by RonnieBarzel

"This was the era of 16-bit games...nobody was doing stuff in games that had this much character"

Except in 'Boulder Dash,' an 8-bit game from seven years earlier. Rockford could tap his foot in boredom just as much as Sonic.

Posted by Lurkero

Everyone who is complaining about Sonic being different. You are not the target audience. Just like Sonic changed in 1999, he will change again to fit a new target demographic.

Most people complaining will probably still buy Sonic anyways.

Posted by Metric_Outlaw

That writing was horrendous.

Posted by GIyn

@csl316 said:

It went something like this:

I burst out laughing as soon as I saw the new Knuckles. I thought it was a joke at first! No wonder Sonic games have never been good, when you have these idiots making them.

Posted by GIyn

Posted by ptys

Sonic was a Master System game originally wasn't it? Seems like these guys were a little late to the party.

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Athletic Tape on your sneakrs.. makes sense.

...Sooo.. Sonic Heroes 2? or am I missing something

Posted by patbaer


Posted by Hazelnuttz

A scarf? TAPE??? My god, the character designers are just as uninspired as developers.... Sonic is just the worst.

Posted by Itwongo

I really want to like what they've done with Knuckles, but I can't get past his baby face and lanky-ass legs.

Posted by Damodar

'Chief Content Officer of Sonic' has to be the saddest job title in the world.

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A scarf? TAPE??? My god, the character designers are just as uninspired as developers.... Sonic is just the worst.

honestly surprised they didn't throw in a few zippers.

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Sonic games always look super promising at this stage.

I like the concept art for all the characters, but as soon as I saw the 3D models I just felt 'yep, it's gunna go downhill again'. I'd dig a more cartoony Sonic game with those pencil drawn versions.

The TV show dialogue sounded cheesy as all hell, but that sequence at the end gave it more context. Seems alright. Kids will like it. I'll probably watch an episode just to see.

Posted by rmanthorp
Posted by manbot47

if this ends up sucking will it really be that much worse than almost any other Sonic game? Also they kept the name Eggman for the reboot, they done fucked up

Posted by Fairbrethees

I like that they are trying to build a world and giving the characters and story more attention. I wish them the best of luck. We need way more games suitable for kids at the moment.

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"We're Making a Comedey"

Yep.... you are.

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The funniest thing is hearing grown men on YouTube get legitimately angry about this change to the sonic franchise.

Posted by afterland

Only Amy wears clothes, presumably to hide her lady parts, so is Sonic's dick on his neck? Gonna need an answer, Sega.

Posted by Shortbreadtom

Wait, did that TV guy use his experience as a Simpsons writer to show how the series was constantly expanding on the story? Dude, one of the main jokes of the Simpsons is the fact that everything returns to normal at the end of the episode regardless how out there each episode one.

Posted by TimmiT

@ptys said:

Sonic was a Master System game originally wasn't it? Seems like these guys were a little late to the party.

Nope, the Master System version was actually released after the Genesis/Mega Drive version.

Posted by MeatSim
@csl316 said:

It went something like this:


Posted by Benmo316

I went back and watched the first episode of Sonic Adventures. Oh man, it was rough to watch but I forgot how much attitude that show had. And from the clips of Sonic Boom (TV show) it appears that is back, which is good. I won't get any sort of hyped for the game because, well, it's a Sonic game. But I do hope it surprises me and is good.

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Knuckles is such a terrible character. What animal is he even meant to be?!

I can understand that they need more characters than one - but really using these poor Sonic characters which no one really cares about isn't the answer.

They'd be better off coming up with a new Sonic support cast for the most part.

I mean characters like Robotnik can stay (again "Eggman" is as stupid name and it too should be terminated).

Posted by Accolade

Soooo they're looking to acknowledge the intelligence of their tv audience...

"Then my delicious cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste!"

Posted by MrLetsPlay

I love knuckles I always thought he was cooler then Sonic and the others but now he looks so rubbish the new design is horrible. Why is he double the height of everyone else? Why does he look like a rugby player on steroids? God I havent even played a Sonic game since generations and I don't think I will be getting this one

Posted by JayCee

Guys, kneckerchiefs = adventure

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Knuckles is such a terrible character. What animal is he even meant to be?!

An echidna. No, I don't know how I know.

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I don't know if it's...

the lethargic, disinterested Japanese man in the beginning,

the alternating dubstep / Hans Zimmer music throughout,

the designers trying to convince you that these are interesting characters in a meaningful world,

or the name "Sonic Boom,"

but something about this video package is hilarious.

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As I was watching the developers talking, I was looking to the drawings in the background. In those drawings, Sonic and Knuckles have almost the same height, but Knuckles is still more ripped. That would look so much better and more familiar.

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@ptys said:

Sonic was a Master System game originally wasn't it? Seems like these guys were a little late to the party.

No, it was originally a Genesis game (released in June of 1991)... and after it became successful it was ported to the Master System (in October of 1991).

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