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Oh poo

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Damn it!

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I hope this game is great. The IO Interactive guys deserve some success.
Looks pretty cool so far

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I really love that I'm always automatically 20 on Giant Bomb.

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Actually looks really good. Why did they bleep out some swearing, but not others?

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Looking awesome. I'm one of the 9 people that liked the frist game.
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I'm looking forward to this.

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this seriously looks pretty good. 
btw is this a sequel or a prequel?

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@Fudgeman7: Kinda seems like they had a language filter on for the cutscenes, but for whatever reason had it off during the gameplay of him screaming "don't fuck with me."  Kind of a dumb oversight in an otherwise cool trailer.
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Surveillance cam style is really striking. Count me in.

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Eff you guys! This game will be radical! RADICAL!!!1!one

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The dog is behind everything.

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this game looks great.

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I don't know why but I'm still kinda interested, I've seen no game play footage yet, and that's what usually appeals the most to me. 
The power of marketing I guess.

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What's with Shanghai being in every god damn game these days? Pushing the Asian market are we?

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I liked kane and lynch original. Not the gameplay... or the graphics much... but the ideas for the characters, and in some of that stuff I saw a glimmer of something promising, I hope this capitalizes on that glimmer with better gameplay. I'll have to see some sort of proper gameplay part-of-a-mission walkthrough before I can really see if the new graphical style and improved gameplay make this one worth my time over the other possibly awesome games coming out this year though.

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What the fuck is going on!? Sensory overload! I like it!

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Looks a lot better then the first one

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am I allowed to say this looks good so far?

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The camera shake makes it look really intense. 
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Damn it.... Thumbs up!  This looks pretty killer.

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I love the dirty feel of shanghai and the loudness of the guns.

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Will their be DLC so you can use the Bruce Willis and Jamie Fox skins when the movie gets released ?? 

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I thought Shanghai was destroyed in Army of Two the 40th day.

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I hope the gameplay is good, because I sure do like the visual style.

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@GilbertMordinAndSullivan: Hey I guess you are right. Still strikes me as odd.
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Did Michael Mann decide to make a video game?  Seriously though, this looks amazing.  I hope it gets the effort that the first one should have had.
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This looks fuckin' great man. I can't wait to see how they fuck up this great idea again... Just kidding, hopefully even the gameplay is good.

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Why is all the swearing censored except that one line by Lynch?
Other than that, looks kinda cool.

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Two great characters who deserved a better game. Let's just hope that Lynch is taking his pills this time around.
The game looks dirty, pixelated and downright ugly.......and I like it!

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" I don't know why but I'm still kinda interested, I've seen no game play footage yet, and that's what usually appeals the most to me.   The power of marketing I guess. "

B-Roll gameplay in the link below... but still, all these trailers are filled with gameplay just without the HUD.
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Oh I get it.  It's subtitled "Dog Days", and there's a dog at the end.  That's amusing.

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@DrTran916 said:

" Oh I get it.  It's subtitled "Dog Days", and there's a dog at the end.  That's amusing. "

Eh... see: Dog Day Afternoon (film, 1975) and general origin of the term of Dog Days (Wikipedia).

Dog Days were popularly believed to be an evil time "when the seas boiled, wine turned sour, dogs grew mad, and all creatures became languid, causing to man burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies" according to Brady’s Clavis Calendarium, 1813.

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now thats whatsup!

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Claude, was that you on the tumbnail!?

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Sweet, that camera angle still looks epic during combat, count me in.

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I'm more surprised that there a woman who can love Lynch

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Wow, actually looks kind of awesome.

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always wanted to like the franchise because of the new take on player characters and motives, but between bad gameplay, multiplayer and a horrible publisher i just couldn't.

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This looks very good. 

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Damn this looks crazy! 

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These trailers get better each time. Roll on K&L

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The setting looks amazing, and the game mechanics are clearly a huge focus. Looks intense. 

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This game is going to end sadly isn't it? 
Because the first game had SUCH a happy ending.