Posted by MikeGosot

Oh, this brings back SO MANY MEMORIES...

Posted by MasturbatingestBear

@MikeGosot said:

Oh, this brings back SO MANY MEMORIES...


Posted by Simplexity

The concept of street football is so silly.

Posted by FLStyle

This already looks much better than the original games, they were awful.

Posted by zombie2011

EA Big is coming back.

Posted by Chtasm

Does every game need vignetting now?

Posted by ezdude

What! I want MBA Street, now!

Posted by oneidwille

@Chtasm: i'm sure any suit in a marketing position, would immediately point to a graph, and collectively there would be a resounding...YES!

Posted by Gaspar

"[...] national stage, to the European stage, to the world stage [...]"

Know your audience I guess.

Posted by Rirse

So how many people will get their account hijacked this time?

Posted by LethalKi11ler

the demo is pretty awesome

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Cool bro is cool.

Posted by clumsyninja1

@Simplexity: And street football/basketball isn't???

Posted by spiceninja

Soccer is boring.

Posted by Pop

yay Fifa Street, still no PC yep thanks a lot EA, always wanted to play a street game on PC but nope, shatter my dreams every time since the PS2 era.

Posted by Hot_Karl

Out of all the EA Sports Big titles to bring back, we're getting another FIFA Street, seriously?


Posted by BoFooQ

I love soccer and my problem with this game is the idea of over showing. I know how to play soccer and I understand good strategy , if someone juggled in front of my I would stand there than attack. I want to try this game but at the same time this game seem foolish

Posted by DukesT3

Is street soccer actually a thing like basketball?

Posted by hxcaleb

I want another NFL street. Please EA...make my dreams come true! You can bring back SSX, so you can bring back NFL Street. I WILL BUY IT. I promise!

Posted by Korne

I guess I'm one of the few that liked the original Fifa Street games... as broken as they were (seriously, just volly down the pitch and you have an instant goal), the trick system is sooooo satisfying. I would say more satisfying that NBA Jams's Dunks.

Posted by cap123

so it's actually a horrible story where you inevitably pick star names and fame over your original friends. how sad.

Posted by vinsanity09

@PlasmaBeam44 said:

Soccer is boring.

And I disagree.

Posted by SuperSambo

@VinceNotVance said:

Out of all the EA Sports Big titles to bring back, we're getting another FIFA Street, seriously?


Fifa sells more and makes far more money for them post release than their other sport franchises.

I don't see how it is a surprise.

Posted by BakingPanda

I've always liked the concept of the Street titles. I might check this one out for sure.

Posted by Vlad_Tiberius

Dear EA,

Please bring back NBA Street with the all the player specific/signature dribbles, dunks and throws, the Volume 2 vibe and music, with all the legends and with breakable boards this time.

Bring back in Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight For NY in HD.

Also bring back the Knockout Kings , because Fight Night is just too boring

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This is AWESOME, what a improvement over FIfa Street 3. I might have to give Fifa 12 and BF3 a rest and play some of this before ME3 comes out. Man I just realized EA is making some sick games and has direct access to my wallet. Anyone know if this will have online clubs?

Posted by Wuddel

I am not a big sports fan, and prefer football (as in FIFA) over basketball, but even I have to say that one of the games I enjoyed the most this generation was NBA Street Homecourt. I'd buy a new one.

Posted by L44

Until now I've never been excited for a sports game before... it feels wierd

Posted by LoktarOgar

I always hoped that NBA Jam was EA testing the waters for the return of NBA Street. Now with SSX out and this one on the way, it's looking more and more hopeful.

Posted by Lautaro

@VinceNotVance said:

Out of all the EA Sports Big titles to bring back, we're getting another FIFA Street, seriously?


You do know that FIFA sells very well right?

Posted by BlatantNinja23

@hxcaleb: Same here.... NFL tour just wasn't it, sadly this all was around the time the NFL was trying as hard as possible to get the thug mentality people had about the NFL to disappear, so NFL street probably may never be seen again. Anyways they probably feel like Blitz fills that hole.

Also um..... why did they take everything that made FIFA Street, and all street games, out of this game?

Posted by Skeetlejuice

@PlasmaBeam44 said:

Soccer is boring.

you must be really bored to look at a fifa street trailer under the premise that you already feel the sport is boring.

@VinceNotVance said:

Out of all the EA Sports Big titles to bring back, we're getting another FIFA Street, seriously?


Well Fifa is to EA what Call of Duty is to Activision. It's their most profitable and highest selling annual release.


over 10 million sales of fifa 12 and 100 million projected from Ultimate Team which outside of development costs and their servers is pure profit gravy.

But they really should do a new Def Jam or Street Football/basketball game next since that's where the real business opportunities lie.

Not on Fifa Street a sequel to a 4 year old game. To follow up the fastest selling sports game in history, Fifa 12.

Posted by PropaneJoe

"Does anyone want to kick the ball around later"

Ugh, who says that? Is this UK football culture through the lens of Canadians?

I'd be willing to give this a try, but until this point the only decent five-a-side game FIFA has managed were the indoor pitch levels on FIFA 98.

Posted by liako21

Ive always wanted a realistic futsal game. the tricks are nice but to me 5v5 soccer is more about good passing and movement.

Posted by act26

@MikeGosot said:

Oh, this brings back SO MANY MEMORIES...


@MasturbatingestBear said:



Posted by aspaceinvader

If you want a new nba street then make your views known to ea. Seem's they're mining their back catalogue for remakes or new Ideas. I think well see a new road rash game next.

Posted by Morka

I really don't like (real) football, but this game looked quite tempting.

Posted by Rotnac

I'd like to see an NHL Street game happen or a new NBA Street that isn't super cereal like Homecourt.

Posted by lockwoodx

Does soccer ever work on concrete with all the dives and falls players make? That must suck for the goalie.

Posted by clumsyninja1

I would love to see Street Rugby...that's absolutely a must buy for me

Posted by kozmo7

I too would also like to have NBA/NFL Street back, I think? EA makes me nervous right now.

Reminds me though. When my brother's house got robbed, they took all his consoles, his entire game collection, perennials-- everything. The only thing they left of his was a copy of FIFA laying out on a table. I always found that hilarious.

Posted by jorbear

@zombie2011: EA Big is the new Bioware. I'm calling it!

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

I thought the "Street" series was supposed to be like EA's NBA Jam sort of deal, where it was over the top and kind of arcadey?
This just looks like another bland sports game. They could just as easily put this in to the regular FIFA releases and I don't think anybody would bat an eyelash.

Posted by Klaimore

Nice I'm in

Posted by J0PALACE0K

@LooseChange: Yeah sure just depends where you live I guess - I assume that the reason it may not be in the USA is because it just isn't part of culture or everyday life like it is in Britain. I live in South London and play small football matches on hard or concrete courts almost everyday.

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There is nothing more street then a guy that has hand sanitizer in his office.

Posted by AndyMP

Huge FIFA fan but not sure what to make of this. I'm becoming less interested in these contrived games in favour of more realism, more organic experiences. Just a personal preference I guess but I think in general among most of the gamers that I know.

Posted by Bollard

@VinceNotVance said:

Out of all the EA Sports Big titles to bring back, we're getting another FIFA Street, seriously?


You mean like the SSX they didn't bring back first?

Posted by manbot47

The FIFA Street's have never been very street. There's always been a stiffness to them compared to the other EA Big franchises. And it still looks like FIFA has a stick up its ass. Hoping the inevitable NBA Street reboot doesn't follow the same path.