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Posted by eroticfishcake

Looks disorientating to play in. Cool concept though.

Posted by Pie

Where is alexander (number one, not letter one)

Posted by ToxicFruit

Looks okey but not for me. also I think some people will get motion sickness from playing this

Posted by AjayRaz

looks like a cool concept, but the whole zero gravity thing doesn't work very well with me.. the last level from 007 Nightfire comes to mind. 

Posted by drowsap

good concept but it just looks way to hectic
Posted by nrain

was not expecting this, looks rad.
Posted by MajorToms

This sounds cool, but my gaming PC is trashed and probably couldn't handle this anyways.
Looks damn awesome.

Posted by CowMuffins

I want this, but I doubt my computer can run it.

Posted by Mr_Twip

Cool concept, makes me think of Enders' Game.

Posted by SammydesinasNL

Looks alright. Setting is awesome.
Posted by HatKing

This is basically a flight sim with people instead of airplanes then right?  I guess it seems cool, also looks pretty good.  I'll ignore the ridiculous nature of smoke bombs and the other things being used in space, it looks pretty cool so who cares about scientific accuracey?  Also did anybody else think the logo looks pretty similar to the Mass Effect logo?
Posted by Griddler

Had my eye on this for a while, if I can run this I might just pick it up.

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Posted by Alex_V

Mario Galaxy clone imo :)

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

It's about time they made a game. All the stuff in the 3DMark benchmark software seems like it could have been made into a game or used as a setting in a game in the first place.
Game looks shiny and smexy, but only one weapon? o.o;

Posted by ryanwho

Forsaken and Decent tried this before and the controls just didn't work. That was years ago, this looks a lot more linear so maybe that will keep things focused.

Posted by JohnRabbit

This puts off a MAJOR Descent vibe.
If the game plays anything like that I'll shit a brick.

Posted by FoxMulder

Reminds me of that scene from Moonraker...

Posted by The_Philosopher

Cool concept. Reminds me of that alien space ship level in Crisis. Looks like it could get really disorienting though. 

Posted by kagekage

Ah man hope this comes to consoles, looks pretty sweet.

Posted by MechaEspio

Think I'd rather play some Descent to be honest.

Posted by Valco

looks alright, but that was about twice as long as it needed to be
Posted by Desanvium

I really want this game to be good - the concept is damn awesome

Posted by Delta_Ass

Seems really cool but uh... multiplayer only? That's disappointing.

Posted by AndrooD2

I do not have the brain capacity to handle subjective gravity. I wish I did...

Posted by MisterMollusk

Made me think of Starfox 64.... I wish I knew why.

Posted by Rockanomics

FYI anyone interested in the game, it requires DX10 to run, so Vista or 7, and the appropriate card. 
There's something about it using PhysX as well but I dunno how much it matters.

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Posted by Turbo_Toaster

Looks slick

Posted by Hamst3r

Looks good! :D

Edited by MysteriousBob

Looks exactly like the 'fly' cheat in any FPS game. I like the concept, but I can't imagine it being much fun. Floating in a wide open space means that shooting your attackers first takes the place of managing strategic cover. I prefer the latter, but that might just be me. 
Not that I'll be able to play it anyway. I can't even run Half Life 2 on my current machine.

Posted by DukeTogo
@Mr_Twip said:
" Cool concept, makes me think of Enders' Game. "
There is/was a game being made that was an official EG battle sim.  Whether this had anything to do with it or not I don't know.
Posted by Vitor

Music for the game is being done by Captain from Poets of the Fall fame - the guys who did the ending theme for Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne and the biggest band in Finland right now

Posted by Killroycantkill

There is tons of oppertunity for this game to be awesome. It all depends on the maps and the controls. It looks great from the video.

Posted by Tonic7

Jet pack, the way to justify a sprint mechanic in outer space. Awesome.

Posted by Contra

So always just remember Enders rules when it comes to playing.
They are standing on the ceiling.
The floor is a wall.
The enemy base is always down.  Your base is always up.  It's easy to get to the enemy base, go down... they have to fight to get up to you.

Posted by chilipeppersman

looks amazing!! 

Posted by Isaiah

wait but science says... 
bah who am I kidding game looks neat, muzzle flashs and newtons third law be damned.
Posted by Deusx
@Contra: man you quoted Ender... you rule!
Posted by Th3dz

This has to be the most stupid way to have a war in space....

Posted by Brunchies

This looks really great, I hope it lives up to the concept.

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nice, a new trailer.  it's like an Ender's Game video game!  bound to make some people dizzy.  the 3dmark benchmark guys made this.

Posted by Kiemoe

I'm interested. How many different weapons are there though?

Posted by PJ

The game look absolutly amazing but what else should you expect from the guys that work whit the absolut cuttin' edge of computer technology.
To bad that my PC cant handle this game. Both my processor and graphics card are pretty far from being up to snuff for the min req.
Also, both Gamespot and Eurogamer have praised the game for being simple to understad and easy to get into.
Could this be the next Battlefield? Would be fitting since this game comes from the country next door to DiCE in Sweden. Yes, Futuremark is from Finland and you might be surprised to find out that Remedy are the ones who made the company Futuremark to handle the development of their benchmark software.

Posted by DrRandle

You know that's an awesome concept, but I kinda would prefer more muffled sounds like Dead Space's "Zero oxygen" environments.

Posted by brechtos

Been following this for a while now and definatly going to get this one. 
I'm just curious on how it plays + from what I have heared it controls really well.:)
Posted by Kinarion

Even if they do make the shooting feel better, muzzle flashes in space still bum me out.

Posted by PISTOLcm
@HatKing: Flight Sim? lol looked nothing like a flight sim.
Looked like an FPS would if you put it under water.
Posted by CptBedlam

It looks good and all but I've gotten sick of all these arena shooters a long time ago. I would seriously consider the game if it had some kind of narrative and progression.

Posted by poser

I want to see a 'quick look' of this so bad. The last good PC MP FPS was was TF2.... we need something new!