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Looks cool
(not really)

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looks not cool

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So his snowboarding games didn't fare too well so he decides to make a skateboarding game instead? ...Sure. 

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still kinda iffy

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"I want something different" So we decided to make a skate game!  
Literally burst out laughing 
But seriously I would be much more interested in this if it had less Shaun White

Posted by Rolyatkcinmai

I wish he'd stop saying envaronment.

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what a beautiful lady

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I want to see Tony Hawk beat the shit out of Shawn White in a turf war
With a Ride board
Not controller, board

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HAHAHA! Do they know skate 3 has been made?!? I want realism in my skate game, not this BS.
Looks so silly! Good luck

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it has some cool elements to the gameplay that are new.

Posted by Phoenix87

What's next, Tony Hawk Snowboarding?

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@Rolyatkcinmai said:

" I wish he'd stop saying envaronment. "

 I think he forgot what accent he was supposed to have. Maybe they left this in the video because they assumed its some special english dialect? Envarghoment.
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@Phoenix87 said:
" What's next, Tony Hawk Snowboarding? "
Madden Soccer
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hurrdurr! this game is bad cuz everyone says it is! it shouldnt exist cuz there already are skate games!
ya just like a new fps shouldnt exist cuz we already have shooters...,

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Things will explode or collapse if you skate hard enough on them.

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@kn00tcn: enjoi
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People do realize that he's a professional skateboarder also, right? He's better at snowboarding but he's won a few medals at the X-games for skating. I don't care about the game either way but it's silly to act as if this is a stretch with zero knowledge.

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@Phoenix87: Yep. It's called Tony Hawk: Shred.
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Dude needs to cut his hair.

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Shaun White is talking like he had anything to say in the development process, the only thing he probably did, was accepting the money and allowing them to use his name. 
The fascistic-state-stealing-the-fun concept gets old, on the whole the game looks pretty generic and btw being a skater is extremely rebellious...

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look! a cat!

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from one long haired owl to another cute

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I'll stick with Skate 3. 
@kn00tcn said:

" hurrdurr! this game is bad cuz everyone says it is! it shouldnt exist cuz there already are skate games!  ya just like a new fps shouldnt exist cuz we already have shooters...,  morons "
Most people have a problem with it because it just doesn't look, or sound, like a fun skating experience. Also, knowing the previous Shawn White games, it's likely that the Skate games are going to be more fun. Most people who are looking to play a skateboarding game, don't want Tony Hawk's Underground 2 anymore; as much fun as those were at the time, we've progressed past that in gaming. "Hurrdurr!"
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comes out on my birthday! yeah boi!

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1:56 - How the fuck do you grind round the outside of a curve? Bloody arcade game.

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Ugh, imaging picking all that out of your plughole. 
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I'm skeptical... I feel like EA's skate series really reinvented skateboarding games - the Tony Hawk series was awesome when it first started just because there was nothing else like it out there but it got way to complicated with all of the button combinations to do tricks. So I think EA did a great job in finding a new way to skate in games by using the analog sticks and intuitively flicking the stick for tricks. If this game goes back to a Tony Hawk control scheme then I don't see it competing with the streamlined controls of the Skate series.

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I have high doubts about this game to be honest..

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that guy seems to have a problem saying the word environment