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Posted by Tesla

I never got into any of the old Sim games for whatever reason, but I really want to play this.

Posted by skelington_

@SamDrugbringer: True - i suppose it was short-sighted of me to pass judgement without considering the impact of editing. One can only hope it isn't simply wishful thinking on your part! All will be revealed (or not) in time.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I want Vinny and Dave to build a city together.

Posted by Rongaryen

If I had a computer that could run this well, I would be super excited for this game.

Posted by Dragon_Fire

@Uberdubie said:

As much as I want this game, there are far too many glaring problems keeping me from purchasing it. Hands-down the biggest thing keeping me from getting this game is forced-online and forced-cloud saves. This means none of your cities will actually be on your own computer, and far more importantly, you cannot even re-load incase you make any mistakes, purposely cause disasters, or even want to test something and revert back to a previous state. Whatever you do is perminent; you're forced to live with the consequences. Kinda defeats the purpose of playing a Simcity game IMO.

And as highly popular as multiplayer is in most games these days, very few Simcity players are clamoring for it, especially since we don't get a choice. I don't think I could ever imagine Simity being anything other than a solo experience. I'd much prefer having a region of multiple towns looking and acting just as I see fit. Being forced to rely on other players also doesn't appeal to me at all. Not to mention you'll very likely be forced to use EA's horrifying "Origin" service whenever you're playing.

As mentioned above, small city size is also a concern of mine. I understand if many computers can't handle a very large city with this engine, but at least give the option. Also, for some reason you can no longer do most forms of terraforming (aka edit the land how ever you see fit). If they can manage to come to their senses and remedy many of these issues, this game will sell FAR better. But sadly I wouldn't count on it, and it's frustrating to see what they're doing with this franchise.

I couldn't agree more. And having an unstable internet connection I will not be buying this game until a offline mode (or equivalent is made.

Posted by Knale

@Olqavtoras: I preordered based on this video. I don't care about origin, I don't care about DRM. I want to play this.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Interesting what they're doing with the scope and focus. This definitely feels like a cross between classic Sim City and The Sims. I'm looking forward to it.

Posted by mercury228

I was fascinated the whole time I watched the video.

Posted by vuxnut

This game does look really great. So glad they streamlined the water to the roads too. No more building pipes underground. I might just have to preorder this one.

Posted by jamesisaacs

I am so excited for this game. I will play Cities XL in the meantime!

Posted by Marshermallow

I could watch this guy play SimCity all day, cannot wait for this game!

Posted by andrewf87462

Definitely liking the look of this, just a shame we have to wait until next year.