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Never been much for Sims but sure!

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Weekend content is always a plus.

I still find the Sims creepy and soul-crushingly misanthropic, but I totally know that "scared of the outdoors" guy with the party hat.

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Who is drewbert who posted this video?

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drewbert is the new intern at GiantBomb; Drew.
Hey Drew!

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O thats right the blond  guy.

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Never played Sims 2 because it seems depressing and grim to watch your sims live out their entire lives and die in a matter of hours... Seems Sims 3 is the same but at least they turn into ghosts?

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Yup, he's in the coke chugging video. Man the bit at the end with the wedding and the chick flying off on the bike made me laugh for no real reason, I just liked her laugh as she pedalled manically into the sunset.

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I'm down for a family of ghosts.

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Cool, I guess

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Hope the game is not as heavy as The Sims 2 when it was released.

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I kind of got bored with The Sims a long time ago, but this one has me interested again.

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Never been interested in the Sims.

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Drew is THE AWESOME guy.

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Remember I played Sims 2 for a weekend and then never played it again. Despite what people say I don't find much replayability in The Sims and some furniture and stuff isn't enough to make me go back.

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I really hope they add an optional ending to this game or one of the future sims. Since you could make your characters live forever in Sims 2, the game would never end...fun for some people but for me it's kinda like: "What's the point?"

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Never played any of the Sims games, but this looks really cool.

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that dude has a cool shirt.

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Ugh. More $$$ in their pockets.

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i am HYPED for this game. I love the new look of the sims a tad bit more real while keeping the style and plenty more options so there isnt always a genericv "sim'" look

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sims has been, and still sucks.

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Cool, looking forward to this one.

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Now EA can reboot all their expansion packs. The Sims 3: Holidays, The Sims 3: Pets etc.

No, really, this game actually looks interesting.

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So is Will Wright not working on this one?

It seems a little 'dirty' to call it "The Sims 3" if Will Wright is no longer a main part in making it.

I hope it's a worthwhile sequel anyway.

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This looks fantastic. I can't wait to play it!!

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Sounds like a bigger leap then 2 was from 1.

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Has this guy spent his money on drugs? LOOK AT THAT BANDAID MAN!

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ryan looks so big next to him.

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I need that Akira t-shirt...

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So this is where it all began huh, @drewbert? Good job on the Just Talking podcast :)