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Posted by Hashbrowns

Woah, new player?
Posted by ArclightBorealis

Can't wait. Super hyped right now.

Posted by emkeighcameron

Man, I should really buy the first one on Wiiware someday

Posted by FunExplosions

This looks awesome. Anyone remember Omega Boost? Game was good, for a brief time.

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Posted by weegieanawrench

Looks like some cool boss fights, but other than that.. Meh.


"Nice..." - Finding Nemo

Posted by Milkman

I thought the first one was really cool but that same game in 2010 doesn't seem as cool.

Posted by Claude

This game scares me. I bet it's hard.

Posted by captain_clayman

there's actually some stuff for wii this year...

Posted by jorojoserojas

I bet this will be a game that I love, despite never being able to get beyond the third level.

Posted by JackSukeru

I dug the first one when I played it on VC, and hey it's treasure so I bet it's pretty good. I still somehow wish they would have just stuck with calling it Sin & Punishment 2 though, but I guess it doesn't make all that sense.

Posted by Skald

This isn't Ikaruga...

Posted by zityz

looks badass
Posted by forestofdeath

 really dug the first one. excited to play this. :)
also: COCOA PUFFS @ :52!!!! 

Posted by MeatSim

What was with that guys hat.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

I guess it's the annual spurt of new Wii games for the year..

Posted by Rallier
@Claude said:
" This game scares me. I bet it's hard. "
oh yeah it is... It remains a joy to play though with the pointer and nunchuck.