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FIRST COMMENT!!!! I LOVE GB!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by norton123

I'm going to say something bold. Great review. I know you didn't see it coming.

Posted by Absurd

Nice, I want to buy this.

Posted by Meltbrain

Awesome review, can't wait to pick this up now.

Posted by MayorMcCheese

Is there a hole in the greenscreen?

Posted by Timmy

Oh lawd, is that some bulldog hoverboard?

Posted by DoctorPayne

Mario Van Peebles? In T-shirt form? Awesome!

Posted by birdbrain

Are you guys gonna add a feature that allows you to download videos off the site

Posted by qwaszxjz

Seems like a fun game. Keep up the good work with the reviews!

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This game is sooo fustrating but also sooo addictive... Its a love hate relationship..

Posted by morningdrive

I am so in love with this game. I skipped on Skate 1 when it came out and picked this one up as soon as it came out. I agree with jeff that the game has its frustrating and infuriating moments but when you finally pull off that challenge, man it is so rewarding!! Great Video Review, wasn't sure you guys would make a video one for Skate 2, glad you did. Keep up the good work guys!!

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Holy shit Jeff you got so much better compared to the quick look video.


Posted by myketuna

Really nice review. Well done, Jeff, well done.

Now onto more important matters. Who is this? For some reason I feel like I know them.

Posted by PremierOctopus

More video reviews please.

Posted by Kohe321

Nice review Jeff. I might want to play skate this time around - I hate trial and error frustrations, but I might like this anyhow!

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At last, nah im just messin. Wow you push a lot in bowls Jeff :p

I was fairly good at Skate, but i must say that i'm even better at Skate 2, i can pull off any trick with no off vaiations (except Nollie 360 inward heel's and Nollie 360 hardflips!) my thumbs got skills now! i got blisters from playing the first game though...

Also i KNEW you guys would make a joke of the board throwing part, to me it always looks like he throws it in the face of th guy with the afro...

And wasn't that old school Brad?

Posted by AspiringAndy

You've improved a lot at skate Jeff.
Good review regardless.

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

Great review, but here's a little note for the editor(s). You can kinda see a bit of the greenscreen that wasn't keyed out, to the left side (right in the middle of the footage). As Jeff doesn't move into that area, you should just create a matte around Jeff, so that the other stuff doesn't show up. Just a heads up for ya.

Posted by Jeffsekai

I have that jacket !

Posted by Ontheocho

Great review.  I've been on the fence about this game, but, as usual, you're even handed view on what you're playing makes it clear.  I'm looking forward to more video reviews.

Posted by Meltbrain

That is totally Brad in the picture.

Posted by JJOR64

Nice video.  I still think the first Tony Hawk is the best skateboarding game out there.

Posted by Hilikus

2:51 - excellent

Posted by manathirst

I love the ending, hilarious.

Posted by JoblessTerence

The guy with the long hair is Brad... when he had long hair.

Posted by Vinny

Yeah Vilhelm and McCheese, looks like the crop settings didn't take across all the clips, just the first one. Bummer. Fixing now...oh render times.

Posted by IceColdGamer

Thanks for the review guys. Good vid.

Posted by Civraz

I have spent some time with this game, and I must say i'm quite impressed. It was this review that convinced me to buy it, though. Great work!

Posted by zoozilla

Man, that ending was crazy-funny and unexpected.

Good review - I definitely have to get this game someday.  Someday...

Posted by Jedted

Great video review, Jeff!  I missed the first skate but after playing the demo of skate2 and watching your review i'm completly sold on it.  I think it's the combination of the refined trick system and the online freeskate mode that really sells it!

Posted by BinaryDragon

A video review! Hooray! I'm liking the return of video as content. More please!

Posted by TomA

Skate 2 is rad!

Posted by AndrewB

If I cared even the slightest for skateboarding games, I would pick this up. The "spot" feature, in particular, sounds amazing.

Posted by SpikeDelight

Nice "Ahh! Real Monsters!" sound clip at the end.

Posted by sofakingcool

Is it just me or does this video seem really low res? I have the GB flashplayer set to hi.... 

Oh and I think jeff had a mild stroke at 2:15 into the vid  "...kick trick ov over ova ovr over a car..."  kinda sound like ozzy ozborn LOL. Keep up the good work GB!
Posted by akelatal

Here's the thing that's missing: what score did you give it?

Posted by GiantBomber

This game DOES get frustrating. Can't seem to nail that Ramp to Footplant to Ramp. Guess I just need to play more like jeff says.

Posted by Carlos1408

Great Review, im probably picking this one up

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Posted by RHCPfan24

That was a great ending. Jeff, great review and I liked how you balanced the "professional" and humorous aspects of yourself to make a very effective review. Good job.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

terrific review, all in all

Posted by JoelTGM

I give this review 5/5, great job.  As for the game, I think it's amazing.  I love freeskating with friends, doing deathraces, or my favourite, hall of meat, where you see who can crash the hardest.  The game is super. 

Posted by Zsciaeount

Is that a Mario Van Peebles T-shirt???

Posted by Spiritof

I was totally thinking the same thing. Sorry to get off track, but I need to know more about this about this Mario Van Peebles t-shirt.

Posted by PsYuSoFly

This site is awesome, you guy's just do the best reviews in detailed fashion.

Posted by Maxszy

I love this game. Such a great sequel to Skate.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome video review! Really appreciate it!

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Trilvester

Does it bother anyone else how jeff always pushes when he is in a bowl or after he gets off a quarter pipe?  Pushing at that speed doesn't do anything and you don't get any faster, gotta stick to pumping.

Posted by GioVANNI

"You really gotta watch out!"

Posted by Copeland

its a fun game with  punch  a hole in  the wall  frustaartating moments
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