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Posted by Gregomasta

another one?

Posted by nanikore
@Gregomasta said:
" another one? "
My exact thoughts. Big meh.
Posted by nrain

sequels sequels sequels....how boring.
Posted by zombie2011
@nanikore said:
" @Gregomasta said:
" another one? "
My exact thoughts. Big meh. "
Posted by Meltbrain

I'm way into Skate 2 but this does seem pretty early to announce a sequel.

Posted by Hector

Sigh...when will it end...

Posted by dannyodwyer

One of the best new sport IPs in years, I just hope they dont make them annual and dump the creativity of the initial two games.

Edited by Ineedaname

I wouldn't mind a new one with more precise controls.
One thing I don't get is why do EA feel the need to put their logo everywhere?

Posted by UKSamwise
@Meltbrain said:
" I'm way into Skate 2 but this does seem pretty early to announce a sequel. "
My thoughts exactly.
Posted by Evilsbane

Seems kinda quick for number 3 the first one only came out in 2007, I smell a new NFL-type money grab!!!

Posted by RoboRobb
@Hector said:
"Sigh...when will it end... "

Well, I might be the only one actually excited for this game. I sense some team/community vibe similar to Burnout Paradise which would be great..
Posted by Yossarian

I really enjoyed Skate 1 & 2, but the emphasis on co-op makes me wonder how viable this game is if I pick it up a few months after the community dies down.

Posted by JarenFace

  While the Darkslide got me pretty pumped... I agree with a majority of people here that just aren't feeling this right now.

skate. was a refreshing venture into the skating game genre. While 2 was pretty fun, it didn't have the same appeal to me as the original did (that and I wasn't into New San Van that much).

Seeing skate 3 having an 2010 release is pretty disappointing, since that's another step into the same trap the THPS games fell into.

I may just be pessimistic, but Blackbox has some major work if they want this to be as refreshing as the original.
Oh, and can the female created skaters stop looking like dudes and more like Sammy did? Please?

Posted by GreggD
@RoboRobb said:
" @Hector said:
"Sigh...when will it end... "
NEVER.  Well, I might be the only one actually excited for this game. I sense some team/community vibe similar to Burnout Paradise which would be great.. "
I'm really looking forward to this. Mainly for the new tricks shown in the trailer. Darkslides have been a long time coming.
Posted by Cook66


Posted by dvorak

I love skate and darkslides so this is the game for me.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies


Posted by Jambones

EA heading the way of Activision it seems. Team Down. Throw Up.

Posted by TeflonBilly

Yup way too early. 
Just another step in the contest between Activison and EA over who's bat snaps first from beating a dead horse.

Posted by Conmused

His head is cropped off at the end. THE SIGN IS EATING HIS HAT.

Posted by TwoOneFive


Posted by ep_driver
@zombie2011 said:
" @nanikore said:
" @Gregomasta said:
" another one? "
My exact thoughts. Big meh. "

yep yep
Posted by KillaMaStA

Uhhh, Ill buy it. Damn EA and your great skateboarding game.
I know it looks exactly like the last game, I know it probably wont have any meaningful upgrades to the trick system and I know I will probably be dissappointed. But im still going to buy it cause i love skate 2

Posted by Pessimisten

 It might be soon but Id buy this just for a new or refreshed city. Still not bored with skate. And if its even more co-op ill love this. Thats the best part of skate 2, and the only reason we dont play it anymore is because we did it all so many times.

Posted by Mordi

Seems like they're going for an annual release-schedule. Do not want. 
I'll probably just buy it because of the slightly improved animation and graphics and the added tricks. I'm more into single-player free-skate than anything else. Played Skate 1 a whole bunch, Skate 2 maybe half as much. I wonder how many hours will sink into this one...

Posted by Cypher
@Mordi: It's not quite annual. The first game came out September 15 2007, then the next came out January 2009, and then 3 is scheduled for May 2010. It's a ~16 month schedule, not 12 (actually, if it releases in the middle of May, it'll be almost exactly a 16.5 month cycle).
Posted by GeekDown

I love the Skate series so I'm really excited about this!!

Posted by Qjt

I love Skate and Skate 2, the single player part that is, I hate the community and every aspect of the online part.
Would anyone realy mind if they did a Skate game without any online what so ever?

Posted by nail1080
@Qjt: It's called plugging out a cable at the back of your console
Posted by catalystex
@Evilsbane said:
" Seems kinda quick for number 3 the first one only came out in 2007, I smell a new NFL-type money grab!!! "
Somebody needs to make an annual skate game, why not EA? 
Yes I'm being sarcastic.
Posted by ZeroCast

That was fast. Really fast.
Posted by mac512k

Trailer was average, graphics look average song was average... I think EA is trying to say something 

Posted by dexterslu

I've always meant to play these games more than what I have, which is not much. I'll always get it home and find something else that grabs my attention. Although this trailer makes me want to pick up my copy of skate 2 again.

Posted by Reverseface

Got skate 2 didn't really take to the controls i actually prefer the TH control setup way more.
Posted by mattysen

The reason I didn't buy Skate 2 was because of the lack of innovation from the first one. When I saw that Skate 3 was coming I thought "Oh good. Maybe there trying to rush the next one to make up for the shit sent of the second".  
 But no, now we have Skate 1....Three times..

Posted by Callumrides

can wait for it

Posted by eyehook

Skate 1 was great, but no interest in 2 or 3...  I feel like I can just play Skate 1 again next year and get the same experience for free.
Posted by DiscoDuck8k

Too soon. I just bought the second one.

Edited by Kovski

I found  Skate 2 very disappointing, because Skate 1 was a good game and all Skate 2 really had to do was to fix the shortcomings of the first game and Skate 2 would've been, what the first one shoud've been, one of the greatest games of all time. But no it went ahead with "if we pretend it ain't broken , it ain't"  so it greatly disapointed me and if I know Black Box right, they will probably not really fix anything nor reinvent anything in the third installatio.
So until i'm proven wrong and actually see a review about it - I will just think this game is taking the old EA strategy and just milking it. 

Posted by TiE23

Doesn't even look different. Skate 1 I thought looked better than Skate 2 in a lot of ways. So... darkslides, funky stall flips, co-op, and the same exact graphics. But at least it looks like we're getting a new city as our home.

Posted by composite

Skate 2 was awesome, I enjoyed walking around and moving objects, the multiplayer was super fun, it took skate 1 and improved upon it like a sequel should. But EA needs to realize that pumping out game after game, only marginally improving it each time, is exactly how the Tony Hawk series became as irrelevant as it is. Let your masterpiece of a skating game age, like a fine wine, and when people last expect it, revolutionize the genre again. Because if you pump out games like Neversoft did, your games will simply transform into stagnant, rinse and repeat, serialized garbage. No one wants or cares about that. 

Edited by WildFloyd

Hey if you don't like it vote with your dollars, dont bitch, i'll play some more skate
Trailer's kind of bad though haha

Posted by Droop

Saw one new thing..

Posted by Alphazero

Skate 2 was a big improvement over Skate 1... getting off the board, more tricks, more interesting missions. I wasn't a huge fan of the multiplayer, other than Own The Spot, which seems like the focus of number 3. 

Posted by Najaf
@composite: Actually, I believe Tony Hawk became irrelevant when they forgot it was a skateboarding game and started putting Jackass in there instead. 
I'd love a new skate every year and a half as long as they remember what they are representing with the sport. With the addition of create-a-park, that makes this one a no brainer for me.  
If we as gamers could have one of our favorite franchises see a new title annually (skate being one of mine), as long as the quality was there, what is there to complain about?
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Very crappy and poor looking trailer.
 At the end (0:45) the video on the screen crops that guys head, I watched the trailer ONCE and I noticed it and they didn't notice that in post? I mean seriously, put some effort into it!

Posted by Earthborn
@mac512k said:
" Trailer was average, graphics look average song was average... I think EA is trying to say something  "
That you can skate as Daft Punk!?
Posted by Dethfish

Yeah, I'm gonna buy this. Skate 2 is so awesome and this will (hopefully) be even more awesome. I wish they would of just kept adding stuff to Skate 2 but whatever.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

New skate every year? I hate it when game series get repeatedly released like this.

Edited by reversethedevil

i don't really see what new features they could add to warrant an entirely new game. how about some more dlc. oh i have an idea! make skate 3 have all the property of skate 1 and 2 and when you release dlc add it to the map and make it seamless instead of making me load up the new map. I loved skate 1. played it to absolute completion. skate 2 was good but i wasn't quite as into it. getting off the board was nice. foot plants and hand plants and hippi jumps were cool but that feels like it could have been a patch. how about charge me $20 for skate 3 and mark it as an expansion pack? playing S-K-A-T-E against pros wastes my life.
or! how about an ssx style skate game. same controls, ability to push faster and get bigger airs?

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