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Whoa, didn't expect that.

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Everything needs suplexes!

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Looks really good, but i can't go back. Not just yet.

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Uhh... was that a suplex?

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Absurd in an awesome way. Keep those updates coming!

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Punching things to death only improves with time.

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Cannot wait 0_0

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Nothing I don't already have through mods.

GG Bethsoft.

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Saw this on GT a while ago but it's pretty cool that archers finally get some sort of kill cams. I've only played an archer and literally never engage in melee combat - totally forgot that those finisher moves are actually in the game. Kinda excited to see the arrow sailing through the air at some lone bandit standing atop a high ledge now.

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what about all those other awesome things that they made

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I have he full 1000 in Skyrim so these updates look completely pointless. Show me some DLC and we'll talk.

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Holy fuck, the only thing this was missing was a flying elbow from the top turnbuckle, or something.

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And with that, I suddenly realized that there is nothing Bethesda can actually do to make me like Skyrim. Or at least, I don't know what I want from an Elder Scrolls game.

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Did Skyrim kind of just turn into Max Payne? Awesome..

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Might make me try this game again.

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Mostly gets me excited for the potential of Fallout 4

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You know, sure, I think i'm into walking into a bar, picking a random person and then giving them a german suplex. Why not?
I'm assuming these are PC only?

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Now you're gonna see... a perfect patch!

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Those archery kill cams look pretty sweet...

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Damn I hope these come to console. I feel like Bethesda almost owe it to PS3 players, at the very least. Nice to see them supporting the game with some free content, though.

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Kind of wish this was in the game originally. I have had so many crazy archer shots that would have looked great with a kill cam. Oh well.

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Works out well for me as I am switching to archery to finish up the miscellaneous side quests.

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@Mezmero said:

I have he full 1000 in Skyrim so these updates look completely pointless. Show me some DLC and we'll talk.

How sad that you boil your entire gaming experience down to your potential gamer score.

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Hey cool, more stuff to glitch out.

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I sorely missed some archery kill cams in the game when I played it, nice to see them finally ... all those amazing long-range shots would have felt all the sweeter with this in place. But returning to the game is the last thing on my mind at the moment.

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I hope that the archery kill cams can be turned off. I turned them off in Fallout New Vegas because they got pretty disorienting.

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Is it just me, or is this game already looking pretty bad? I mean, I appreciate the intent (I guess), but MAN that collision detection was not very flattering.

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This is coming to the something other then the pc right ?

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So a pile of superficial bullshit which adds nothing to the incredibly shallow combat? NICE ONE KEEP IT UP GUYS!

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German suplexes and Wasteland?

I might play this game after all.

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I love the idea that one animator at Bethesda was just super pissed that his German Suplex animation was cut and getting it back in the game has been his work for the last 4 or 5 months.

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The kill cams as janky as they can look, are always satisfying.

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@LordXavierBritish said:


Time to suplex a dragon!

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Decision to wait for the GOTY version continues to pay off.

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Wow, look! More stuff that should've been in the game when it launched! Can't wait to get the finished version of Skyrim when it comes out this Christmas!

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They made a whole update, and video for more jankey killcams? they really should have just done a mod spotlight for some of the absolutely incredible things the community has done, and called it a day.

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MMA Skyrim playthrough? I say, "Yes!"

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Since I basically one shot everything with a bow this will be basically kill cam after kill cam after kill cam for me

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I am assuming this is not an update for the 360 version at all :(.

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God damnit, why would they wait with this until I've played it for 100+ hours already?

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Vintage Benoit

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Kill cams for magic? Sold. I'll definitely be picking this game back up after I finish ME3.

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Holy shit. I thought I was done with Skyrim, but this...


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@LordXavierBritish said:


I unarmed combat'd that game my first time through. You're crazy.

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As someone who uses archery at a near constant, this is worrying, but then again, German suplexes.