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I already had this quest. /evil laugh.

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I'm so glad Greg did this.

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woot! downloading now!

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@selbie said:

I'm so glad Greg did this.

I agree, and it was a real treat to watch.

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i love how he kept going back to the same town

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I'm on hour fifty of skyrim and just took a break to watch this. Avoided it live cause I wanted to go into the game cold. Yay!! Free!!

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Hours upon hours in and I haven't seen Helgen since I escaped. Less than two hours in and Greg's been back there 4 times. lol.

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HD version is broken. Doesn't play at all.

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He missed the secert passage behind the bookshelf

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The real deal. Can't wait to play this! :D

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"Yeah nothing else in here"

If only he read the note on the table...if only.

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Playing Skyrim on the ps3 while watching greg's skyrim marathon while listening to Skyrim soundtrack...is there to much Skyrim?

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If anyone else stumbles across that little house in their game, be sure to check the walls downstairs by the bookshelves, and read any notes you come across.

Never know when there might be a secret button and hidden passage behind a bookshelf.

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@DJKommunist said:


I already had this quest. /evil laugh.


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proper table manner :)

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  • kinda funny how 'ugly' the game looks, if you play the PC version instead?
  • also on PC the loading times are so short, I cannot read any of the loading screen texts in full
  • but equally, very impressive, the way the engine & streaming data works on the xbox°

Greg's Play Style during Marathon

... is sort of the typical Gamer's exploit manner - granted he plays it probably (even if only slightly) different, with the audiences in mind. Still, you get the frantic jumping during NPC dialog, trying to break the scripted dialog moments, that should set up the scenes. Taking shortcuts, jumping a straight line from A to B, but then, entering a room and instead going on, to see the Jarl, taking a turn left (or right, in that particular moment), etc, etc ... that is the freedom this game gives to players: do as you want. Experiment. Explore. Write your own story by playing. It's part of the freedom, you won't get playing MW3 etc.

It's if the old school 2D D&D games finally found their right place in the 3D world, all beautifully rendered and fully voice-acted. Brad (Shoemaker) is right. This seems to be the game Bethesda Game Studios is trying to make for the last 10 years.

Releasing the Construction Set (SDK) and letting the game community build their own mods and stuff IMHO helped to understand, what it is, that players want from these games. If you play Oblivion on PC with the community mods, and start playing Skyrim, you see, how the game devs took some of the greatest mod ideas to heart.

It is absolutely brilliant how everyone can play his/her play style, not being forced to do the same things the same way or otherwise fail - and everyone has a different experience even early on in this game? And there is no compromise between the console style game experience and the PC gamer demands. You can have the pie AND eat it - a rare game development moment?

The Elder Scrolls Schools of Magic are way older than Hogwarts
  • The College of Winterhold is something all Harry Potter fans should jump on early - esp. if they want Magic Skills up. It's very rewarding early on.

And then there are people like me, who 'fail' to get anywhere in this game. I am "rolling" my 4th (different) race now - all stuck at level 10, trying to see how different the game plays (out). And reading all those books for hours on end doesn't help me get further neither. The probably most expensive way to read non-Kindle books, energy wise. But it's all good.

Imagine Fantasy writers would write short stories for The Elder Scrolls VI

°I'm not bashing xbox, it's just a different experience, that's all I was trying to get at.

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This will help until the semester is over.

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Hey M'aiq's in Skyrim too!

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He learned what everyone will learn when they play this game. Don't mess with Giants.

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Man, coming back and watching the Xbox version after 40 or so hours on the PC is kinda hard to look at. Loading times are waaaaaaay faster on PC.

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That crazy chanting guy said something about "earth" which is a bit odd.

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@Canteu said:

"Yeah nothing else in here"

If only he read the note on the table...if only.

It drives me insane when people don't fully explore areas in a game. A big open space is one thing when inside it's not that hard. I am aware he's probably playing slightly different compared to if he was playing alone at his place though.

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That cabin reminded me of Evil Dead but that is probs becuz i just watched evil dead two.

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"Treasure Map IV; they are sequelizing treasure maps."

Goddamn it Greg, you've made my days. :)

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I like how he keeps winding up back at Helgen :P

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Greg only talks to like 20 people pff.

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Kid: Someday I'm gonna forge my own sword!

Greg: DLC..

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literally yelling at greg NO THAT'S THE WAY TO HELGAN lol

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"torch bug thorax added...eww" I lol'd HARD.

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This is awesome. Gotta love Greg. If he wasn't making awesome games I would be voting for him to be on the GiantBomb crew.

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haha at least its realistic. get lot and you walk in circles

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mhm... so what this is telling me is the following: go out and get a 360 troller to play. I have ~70ish lock picking, and they break all the time... No feedback on the pc version. Gj beth.

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Invincible children is bullshit. But I love how I was thinking I would try to murder that kid and then wadaya know, Greg goes and tries to murder him, MY MAN!

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08:37 in is when hell's gate opens.

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hey slaughterfish, more like slaughterEDfish, am i right guys!? am i right?! ... eh whatever :P

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@SpiralEye said:

Kid: Someday I'm gonna forge my own sword!

Greg: DLC..

I almost fell down my chair laughing when that happened!!!

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Another wanderer....Here to lick my father's boots. Good job.

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greg was so close to finding the pinewatch secret hideout

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It's really neat to watch this after having played almost 200 hours or so. Makes me want to jump in again. Still waiting to see if they put the DLC on the PS3

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I should bash your face in for all you've done. My favorite part haha