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Finally got this quest.

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Posted by Yagami

I'll never get this quest. xD

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Damn that quest

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Hahaha love it when he guesses the puzzle and gets it right.

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Wow. Sweet. I want the other way around though. I want to play on my with this character I put 40 hours in on the PC. :)

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I love how he guessed the unlock sequence for the door, even when he had the solution in the palm of his hand.

I love him for doing this though.

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Orcs are Elves Greg.

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Posted by CouncilSpectre

Can't stop watching. Awesome stuff.

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Greg was far overpowered for that dungeon and that dragon quest, that stuff was difficult when I did it at level 3 or something like that.

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Didn't Jeff warn him about saving often at the beginning?

Also, It's kinda funny how he rotated the Dragonstone and saw the inscription as something important but he completely dismissed the Golden Claw as a solution to the door puzzle.

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That old lady is going to teach you some manners by stabbing you to death with a dagger.

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I'll just blame your fatigue of not moving for 12 hours.

I love watching stuff like this, but I also hate it.

I always see the things that I would get or talk too.

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"Stop shooting magic at me!" - That was my favorite/most infuriating part. XD