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Posted by Spence_5060


Posted by doctorchin

big ice burgs.

Posted by chavymctavish

yey just what i need....

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

This is really simulating.

Posted by Onigenko

Nice looking water effects, bummed that this trailer didn't show some EXTREME storms, though.

Posted by PXAbstraction

Puts Crysis to shame this does!

Edited by Piranesi

Sorry, but I'm holding out for Bus Simulator Extremes ... Commuting to the MAX
Oh and hasn't an oil tanker got something like a three mile turning radius - not especially fun but I guess these are games for the masochist.
Posted by Cybexx

'Conquer the Oceans' that's right Oceans I'm going to fight you so hard with the Extreme taste of Dew!

Posted by CaLe

4 words. Game of the year.
That is all.

Posted by Ventilaator

The most extreme thing I've seen all day.
I just woke up.

Posted by beef_melody


Posted by Fripplebubby

I've played that, it is not extreme at all (I know, the trailer makes it look like it is, but...).

Posted by darkjester74

d wavs r purti

Posted by RNiemeijer

Ships !
Fuck Yeah

Posted by ModernAlkemie

So what button do I press to take the tugboat off some sweet ramps?

Posted by MaFoLu

So this is the new SSX...
This could make for a really exciting Quick Look.

Posted by Nadafinga

Oh PC, you and your crazy simulators...

Posted by MaddProdigy


Posted by wormz

The extreme thing is that the captain lost his hands and has to steer with his mind.

Posted by HAL9000

Hell yes! This reminds me of the games that came out in the late 90's for PC. 

Posted by mropinion

This looks like is it Desert Bus with DirectX 11.

Posted by koolaid39


Posted by RedRocketWestie

The Railworks of the seas.

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There are few ships which are fun to manoeuvre  in real life(Captain's Job). 
But Ocean passage? 
It is like making Simulator of reaching Your job by foot from one city to another through desert. Just walk and sands around. 
I navigate the biggest ship in the world in real, and I do not want to play it on computer. 
Maybe If I were professional killer or soldier, I wouldn't play action games. 
Do pro-drivers play Forza all their free time? 
Or rockstars play and sing in Rockband?

Posted by Prolix

Not a simulator guy.  Don't have the rig for it.  
Looks good.  Might be fun, if I could run it.  I would like to try it out. 

Posted by jaks

As long as I can get shitfaced and ram my tanker into the Alaskan coast, they have my fifty bucks! Bonus points if a virtual Anderson Cooper publicly humiliates me on his show for two and a half months.

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

There's excitement to be had on the open seas!

Posted by Dyram

You have to admit, though... it looks pretty awesome for what it is.

Posted by FritzDude

Posted by Jeknod

This actually looks pretty cool.

Posted by ghostNPC

A simulator without Microsoft? Ehhhh.

Posted by Tordah

I'm disappointed. This trailer is not extreme enough.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Dave! Do a quick look of this. I know you want to.
Posted by Sovereign13

We're gonna need a bigger game.

Posted by wonderhare

 I first read the title as 'Slam a Drew'. I'm disappointed now. :(

Posted by steelknight2000

YES FINALLY!!! I can live out my dreams of being a Merchant Mariner! I hope it takes place in real time, I just wanna sit and play for 35 days straight as I cross the Pacific!!! EXTREEEEEME

Posted by Landmine

What I just watched did not fit at all with that music, but somehow it was awesome.

Posted by MisfitToy


Posted by MisfitToy

Never has the term 'Extremes' been more inappropriate.

Posted by ihaveasteak

Game of the year. I expect to see a quick look of this ASAP.

Posted by DrPockets000

That was so extreme I couldn't even handle the whole trailer.  I had to turn it off halfway through.

Posted by Sly_Ry

Smell ice, can ya? Bleedin' Christ!    

Posted by TekZero

Pretty sick water effects...TO THE EXTREME!

Posted by kevlar907

uhhh..... what?

Posted by Jiquk

So what makes it so Extreme? Oh I see Its the complete lack of gameplay. 

Posted by Vinchenzo

It's like boat porn.

Posted by Vinny_Says

did anyone say: "I'm on a boat!" yet?

Posted by deadbynature

I hope dave does a quick look of this

Posted by coonce




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