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More please Patty-boy!

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more like this!

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Really enjoyed the video, as well as the music. Very fitting!

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I definitely want to see more stuff like this! The length of this video was just right, but I think you could get away with 10-15 minutes on other topics, if you needed the time. Good stuff.

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This was great and a perfect feature for you, Patrick. I have often thought to myself, with my own writing, how inaccessible it can be to just the casual observer. I think writing for video somewhat forces you to write your thoughts in a more entertaining way, which I think is also good to apply backwards to written features. It is super easy to get a little too self-serious with purely written features. Anyway, I wrote this because you said to comment if I would like to see more; I do.

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Awesome. More of this please!

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That was wonderful. Great job @patrickklepek! I for one, would certainly like to see more stuff like this.

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Loved this, Patrick :)

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This is great Patrick. I have no objections towards more such videos.

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patrick , now that we have a kinectless xb1 you should do a sony eye video and show what you can do with that

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I almost missed this is if wasn't for today's announcement. Well done and even better I plan on stealing some parts of the format for my own reviews when it comes to comparing action camera tech.

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I liked the tone of this alot, good music and a little more polished than the traditional videos on the site. Would like to see you go through the Wii U controller next.

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I would love to see more of this content in the future! Great video.

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Awesome, well edited and put together video Patrick. I really like when everybody puts their own flair on there content. (ie Vinny hosting the bombcast)

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I've been catching up on content and finally got around to this. I really liked it and I hope you get the chance to put out more stuff like this in the future. That said, it was kind of weird seeing a well-produced video of the Xbone's systems without the obligatory sales-pitch-y schtick.

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