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Not gonna make this easy for ya, Godzilla-movie-loving Xbox One user. Nuh uh.

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Great video! Well edited as well!

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I want to see more stuff like this.

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I think the app level stuff is reliant on the developers making it. I don't think Xbox is making the Netflix app (even though they probably should).

Next Page.

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Never expected to see Jean-Luc Godard featured on the front page of Giant Bomb...

Really liked the video. I don't have an Xbox but it showed why Patrick likes the feature while exposing its flaws.

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If nothing else, @patrickklepek, you've made me realize that I should go watch a bunch of Godzilla movies too, so thank you, sir.

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This is pretty gosh darn great! Great job Patrick. More stuff like this please! :D

Posted by Bobby

Okay, I'm into this.

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Yup, this is pretty much the future of articles.

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I thought it was funny and I liked the music.

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"So close, yet so far away with Potato One's Kinect"

Love this chrome extension script :D

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This is super neat. I hope we get more stuff like this, and more experiments in the future.

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Next page...next page...next page...

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@patrickklepek I think at the beginning when you say "Select" you don't say "Go to [app]" you just say the name of the app.

But this was cool! really shows just how weird some functionality on the xbox one can be that isn't conveyed in an article or when it's talked about on the bombcast

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Would love to see more Video Essays from Giant Bomb.

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Great stuff...make more!

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I'm digging this format, Patrick. I want to see more of it. You've got a bright future ahead of you as Chicago's Ira Glass of video games.

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Posted by stevedogg

i really liked this a lot! good job patrick! would love to see more like it!!

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@vinny said:

I want to see more stuff like this.


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I almost skipped this video.

I'm so used to Alex and Patrick's snarky news article/game trailer headlines, this looked like non-GB content at first.

Great video, though!

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That was a neat video.

I'd like to see more like this.

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This was great, I would watch more of these.

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@patrickklepek This was great, Patrick The only thing that took me out of the "essay" feel of the piece were when you said things like "Let's head over to Amazon Instant Video" or "You see the search icon in the corner of the Amazon app?". I'm not sure I can quantify that more than to say it felt a little strange, and I'll be the first to admit that I'm probably being a bit nitpicky. Overall I loved this, and I really hope you do more of these type of videos in the future.

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Would like to see more like this. Very well done Patrick!

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Your twitter said "video article" and I was not thrilled at all.

I started this thinking, "Would this be better to just read?"

I think you've persuaded me. It's got just enough production going on that I'm not feeling like I want an article to read, but it doesn't really feel over-produced or like it's trying too difficult. Five next pagesout of five.

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i think your jazz music was too loud little gumshoe

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Yes, more stuff like this! Really well put together.

Next page!

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I want to see more stuff like this.

Also Next page.

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After the text turns green when you use the 'Xbox Select' command, you just say the green text to make a selection. You don't use the command again.

Admittedly, this might not be entirely intuitive.

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I really loved this - super well done!

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More like this, definitely. Well edited too; good mix between live (or faked live) use of the kinect with the "demo reel" behind it!

next page

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I like it!

I feel the audio balance could be a little better, but I really like the format. Good stuff.

Posted by jvalenti57

Great job Patrick! Would love to see more video essays in this format.

Posted by Swimm

I really like this idea of video essays for topics where an illustration is useful. The pain of "next page" is easier to convey to the audience in this format than in a written piece, for example.

Nice work, Patrick!

(One minor suggestion for the future is that you might want to turn down the music a tad when you're narrating. I think that ideally it should just gently fill in the silence between words and not overpower your voice, which it does a little at your quietest moments.)

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I think the idea of more personal videos of your thoughts on subjects is great.

Posted by Ruggles

The video felt a little aimless, but it did a pretty good job of showing how the Xbox One kinect stuff is just not good enough yet.

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ha, neat, nicely done patrick

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This was great. I look forward ro seeing more of this type of content.

Nice job Scoops. Keep it up.

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This is great, Patrick! I'd love to see more content like this. ;)

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A well edited video but... Netflix and Amazon were lazy when making their apps? Of course they were.

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Great video. Would love to see more of these. Only (hopefully?) constructive criticism is that the mix was slightly off, so it was tough to hear you speak.

On the topic of the video, it really seems like the design language of xbox's "native" apps need to be extended to 3rd party. Would have behooved Microsoft to work more closely with some of the big players. I am curious though how late the voice features were finalized and how easy it is to work with.

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The horror of Microsoft interfaces. This was cool Klepek.

Posted by overtone

Good video. Stuff like this will make people hold video games to a higher standard.

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Love the video. But somehow I feel that it would be way better if it began with you introducing the subject like some sort of old school PI. Trench coat, cigarette, black and white filter, all that good stuff. I just got that vibe from the music.

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Man, I love pissing off my friend by yelling "Watch Lifetime!" whenever I get the chance.

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I dug this. Just little bits of commentary on something outside of a normal Quick Look. Plus the music and the solo nature of it makes it a lot more thoughtful for some reason.

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Hell yeah Patrick, that's what I'm talking about! More of these would be a very cool addition to the site.