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ugh this "game"

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But the question is, how many bonus sodas?

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Skyscraper sodas are the most excellent!

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I don't get the joke.

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This one joke hasn't been driven in to the ground deep enough! DEEPER I SAY!

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@vuud: sounds like you need a soda

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The helicopter looked too polished. I was waiting for him to outsource and it looks like the day has come.

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I don't quite get Soda Drinker Pro, I think the way it tries to lampoon the simulator genre just doesn't work - you should(?) either take a ridiculous premise and attempt to make a really serious simulation of it, or take something really serious and do something incredibly dumb with it (like Surgeon Simulator), but Soda Drinker Pro just seems to go for a ridiculous premise and really not put a lot of effort into making it anything but a dumb thing (and even the aforementioned Surgeon Simulator does put a lot of effort into simulating much of the side stuff in an 80's doctor's office, even though the actual surgery is just a joke).

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Still holding out for dual wielding.

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I wish I could eat soda.

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Please for the love of god Jeff don't make us watch you play this one too.

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Is this kinda like a Tom Green joke, where he'll say one thing and it may be moderately funny, and then he'll just keep repeating it and repeating it and repeating it without it actually being funny past the first time?

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I want an Oculus Rift quick look of this.

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I had the pleasure of meeting the devs of this game at Boston Festival of Indie Games last year, and they're pretty cool dudes. They go all the way with the joke, demoing it like it's a really serious, painstakingly-researched soda simulator. I dunno, even if the actual act of playing it is pretty dull, it's cool to see they've been building on it and adding tons of new levels to this already ridiculous project.

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Mmmmmmm, Bonus Soda!

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I absolutely love how stupid this is.

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So you can jump off a skyscraper while drinking a soda, then your life of soda drinking flashes before your eyes?

And still some people claim that games can't be art!

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Look, I'm all for drinking soda wherever, but drinking soda without any sort of snack to go with it is just madness.

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Is this on Steam yet? Cause I would buy it just to buy it and support this dude making a crazy game.

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BONUS SODA. If soda was a food I'd eat it.

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Forget Gone Home, this game is the one that pushes narratives in video games forward.

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Move over Gone Home, a new king of interaction just arrived on the scene, and he has bonus sodas to spare!

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Those next current gen graphics are AMAZING! This would be GOTY material, if only you could pick Diet.

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@kkotd said:

Those next current gen graphics are AMAZING! This would be GOTY material, if only you could pick Diet.

The sequel should be John Drake's Diet Soda Drinker Pro

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Well, I for one am completely opposed to the balance changes made in this so-called "Full Edition."

If these fair-weather soda noobs want to get in on the action, they've got to start at the shit end of the soda ladder just like the rest of us did. All you're really doing is punishing the real soda drinkers by making the game so goddamned scrub friendly that the tournament scene is just gonna be flooded with a bunch of 12 year old pop-tards!

If this game doesn't have an option to play classic SDP, then the franchise is effectively dead to me!

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i love the dumb awesomeness of this game and the way Jeff has been pushing it on various shows and podcasts. With Patrick getting in on it also i hope the creator can actually make a decent sum of money from this game. Thats what i love about this site and community is you never know whats going to be in the spotlight.


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Becaues the same joke gets funnier everytime you tell it.

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I'll wait for the GOTY version.

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I think this is great the fact that it continue to annoy people with this. its joke that keeps giving

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Whenever people say videogames aren't art I show them this game and their minds are changed immediately.

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Can someone explain the joke to me? Isn't there a real game hidden in here or something?

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I don't get the joke.

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Bonus soda!

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@patrickklepek So how is Soda Drinker Pro on Oculus Rift? Have you tried it yet?

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Is there translation DLC to make it Pop Drinker Pro?

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ive made a resolution to cut all soda from my "diet", so all my soda drinkin alas will have to be simulated.

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I don't get why this is covered when there are hundreds of other games more deserving of publicity.


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doing it right!

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Well now we know what Game of the Year 2014 is.