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TROOOOON. Lightcycles are fucking sweet.

Posted by ManiacMaysin

Jeff Bridges!

Posted by Somadude

Looks good.  Blue.
Posted by Ryax

well i can honestly say im not one bit impressed

Posted by ESREVER

Wow, that looks really awesome. Loving the music and sound effects and just the overall look of the game.

Posted by blueaniman93

its prince of persia, but blue
it does look great though

Posted by durden77

Wow, I had no idea this was going to be so similar to Prince of Persia. Don't know how I feel about that...

Posted by MushroomSamba

Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can...

Posted by Advertisement

WAIT when did i click on Spiderman Shattered Dimensions

Posted by GioVANNI

Needs more Daft Punk soundtrack.

Posted by MaddProdigy

 Looks cool, I hope they can streamline those move where you hop over a barrier or up a wall though, looks like jerky button pressing. Otherwise, stoked for this shit

Posted by ThatFrood

The lightcycle was basically just a motorcycle in that gameplay, the jumping around looked exactly like spiderman...
Iiiiiii dunno about this.

Posted by Bionicicide

The cycle is the best part. Iffy on the whole fisticuffs combat.

Posted by Hector

Looks like alright

Posted by CletusTheFoetus

hopefully there's something "new" in this. Art style and Lightcycles rock though

Posted by Miketorreza

After seeing this I am way less excited about this game.

Posted by hagridore
Some fuckin' rough animations there.
Posted by Brendan

"This game borrows a lot from similar, better known titles fairly well, but it in trying to do several things at once it only ascends to the level of a passable jack-of-all-trades."  Future Giantbomb review 
That's right, I can see reviews from the future
Posted by BounceDK

I knew it was a beat-em-up .. All games based off a movie = beat-em-up .. sigh

Posted by Toxin066

Looked a lot like I'd picture a tron game to look.
The character and interaction reminded me of Xmen: Origins - Wolverine. The combat and animation reminded me a lot more of, like yall are saying, a Spidey game.

Posted by Milkman

Still no Jeff Bridges. :(

Posted by Burninator12

Graphics and music are nice. Everything else is meh.

Posted by RE_Player1
@Milkman said:
" Still no Jeff Bridges. :( "
Posted by RobotHamster

It doesn't look terrible.

Posted by garion333
@hagridore said:
" Some fuckin' rough animations there. "
*sigh* Licensed games.
Posted by RwGxPsYcHo
@blueaniman93 said:
" its prince of persia, but blue it does look great though "
I agree completely
Posted by Cybexx

Weird, the on-foot stuff is a Spider-man game and I'm not talking about the traversal stuff which seems like the coolest bit.

Posted by HadesTimes

Not that I think it will be a great game.  But it doesn't look like it will be a bad game. Color me slightly impressed.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Looks nice, camera seemed a tad wonky at the end.

Posted by fedorajay
@Miketorreza said:
" After seeing this I am way less excited about this game. "
Unfortunately, I feel the same way. Still pumped for the movie, though.
Posted by marcandrer

combat looks average but I like the platforming.. fast paced..
Posted by Mooshu

What the fuck are you doing appearing before my video, Greg Kasavin.

Posted by MisterMouse

hmm I dont like the lightcycle gameplay from the look of it, I prefer the original, or something more akin to armegatron (google it, its free).

Posted by ValiantGoat

Wow, it doesn't look like a totally shitty game.

Posted by Brackynews
I cannot measure numerically how much I didn't want this game to resemble Prince of Persia.
3 horseys out of 5.
Posted by Ketchupp

I usually try to hate Disney but then every once in a while they bring me this.  Fucking glorious.  

Edited by grhud5194

I cannot express how much I want this game to turn out well, but I am prepared for disappointment.  Come on, Propaganda, you can do it.
Posted by papercut

Nothing too original about it.

Posted by iWonder

I actually thought this looked rad. Guess I'm in the minority.

Posted by Atomasist

Looks interesting...

Posted by RagingLion

Wow.  I just saw Greg Kasavin doing a dramatic reading of Samurai Showdown 2.  That was awesome.
Also, I just watched this trailer.  Didn't know what kind of gameplay was in this till now.

Posted by Joker369

lightcycle stuff looks neat

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

That was definitely like spider-man mixed with prince of persia. I'm tentatively excited.

Posted by Poki3

Prince of Persia on Motorcycles!!!
(anyone get the reference?)

Posted by Skrams

Ya kinda did get a Prince of Persia 08 Platformy look and a Spidermany Combat look. Generic artstyle it is not. Generic gameplay it sure looks though.

Posted by NekuCTR

I see some good multilayer potential in this.

Posted by RiotBananas

This looks incredibly soulless.

Posted by toots

this looks like a spiderman game painted like tron, but worse

Posted by jakob187

You know, I had a dream one night that this game would be like Prince of Persia for no good reason.  I'm kind of sad to know that my dream was fucking right.  =  (

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Blows my mind that this actually looks better than the movie.

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