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Posted by noibn

wow, cool.

Posted by TurboMan

note to self: remember to buy Rochard one day... that demo was really cool.

Posted by Baillie

Looks alright, generic.

Posted by granderojo

@Baillie said:

Looks alright, generic.

sure the artstyle is generic but the ideas in gameplay are very unique.

Posted by Vitor

Looks neat.

Also, the music is done by the pianist of Poets of the Fall - or, better known as them what did the Max Payne 2 Late Goodbye theme.

Posted by KillyDarko

Neat. The gameplay possibilities look really interesting.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Coolio. I liked this game quite a bit, there are some pretty inventive mechanics and puzzles in it. Would definitely recommend people give it a try.

Posted by Thoseposers

I like the art style but the gameplay does nothing for me

Posted by melting_window

In the flashlight cone you'll see some particles.

Posted by Dodongo

@beard_of_zeus: I agree. It's no Portal but if you like puzzle games it's definitely worth a play.

Posted by Carlidus

Unity's awesome. And easy to learn.

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Wow, seen some unity based games on flash game websites that looked totally shit and ran pretty badly

Edited by lightsoda

Unity? Never would've guessed. It's popping up more and more frequently these days, one of my colleagues is even working on a networking replacement for Unity.

Edit: Dag namit, now I want to play around with Unity again...

Posted by Yeoung

I've recently started learning Unity and my end assignment will be to create a full game with it. Rochard nicely showcases its capabilities, although I'll be working off a student license.

Still, I'm fairly confident it'll turn out decent.

Posted by Enigma777

I should totally finish this game. It's pretty fun. 

Posted by dcgc

Really dig the somewhat innovative gameplay. Might pick this up in the future.

Posted by miva2

Ah, this game. i forgot what it was called.

I hope It'll be on Playstation Plus sometime.

Posted by bybeach

Interested in this game.

Posted by zipperface

First I've heard of this game, the music and game play have piqued my interest!

Posted by DjCmeP

Looks cool.

Posted by I_smell

This has made me 100% more confident about using Unity.

Posted by onan

I passed on this because Jon St. John is kind of obnoxious as a voice actor. It looked pretty fun though.

Posted by Finstern

I am currently doing Computer Game Design in college and Unity is one of the core modules. Only done 4 weeks of it so far, it's really great!

Posted by Acheron

I love Unity! It's allowing me to chase after my game design dreams. Had the pro version for over a year now. The engine has a much lower barrier for entry than Unreal, it has an ever expanding feature set, and there are the options to release for a bunch of platforms at once!

Also, this game looks sweet!

Posted by toots

Sweet baby christ, TF2 art rip much?

Posted by MeatSim

Yes more fat video game hero's please.

Posted by kortex

I like the style. In fact it looks better than Shadow Complex.