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Wow. That was absolutely pointless.

Posted by BooDoug187

What we know by this video:

1) It has vents

2) It has arrows

3) PS4 is written on the system.

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Surprise! It's a gamecube!

Posted by big_jon

Can't wait till these things come out! Damn, a new gen will be so refreshing.

Posted by siln

If this trailer is anything to go by, it seems that the Playstation 4 is going to be a gaming console of some sorts.

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Cant wait for the xbox reveal! It literally starts directly after one of my finals (live in Sweden). Great reward!

Posted by Stimpack

lol, that was so lame.

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I love vents and arrows. They have sold it to me, its not this video that did it obviously, its been everything. I know I will get a ps4, I dont know if I will get an Infinity as well

Posted by Regal

Not another black box.... anything but another ugly big plastic black box... colour... COLOUR!

Posted by Qblivion
Posted by donfonzie

Nice timing Sony.

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Actually, really good move on Sony's part. If Microsoft shows a box tomorrow then I'm still going to want to see Sony's.

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Well, it's still a step up from that creepy animatronic baby.

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surprise! It's a black box thing, just like they've all been. What were you expecting? the Okama game sphere?

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The PS4 will apparently give me a headache.

Posted by Hilbert

Oooooooh c'mon!!

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Can you imagine if that thing turned out to be a black Ouya sized paper weight?

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Expect a trailer for Nintendo's new console later today.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Call CSI!

Posted by NexusOn

ah ok, so they made a PC case that looks like a stealthbomber/toaster combined.

Posted by originalgamer
Posted by Sammo21

All tomorrow is going to do is remind me how much I don't want to own a system that is so dominate on cable and satellite and being a set top box.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Looks like it's going to be square, instead of the absolutely stupid looking and useless clamshell design from before. That's about as much as I care about.

Posted by ArmedBear


Oh, I am teased. So teased.

Posted by SomeDeliCook

What we know by this video:

1) It has vents

2) It has arrows

3) PS4 is written on the system.

4) It is black

Posted by AndrewB
@qblivion said:

Gaf already picked it apart, haha http://imgur.com/a/lzNFA#0

Next gen: the gen of the vent design - because no one wants an Xbox 360 original design debacle.

Expect a trailer for Nintendo's new console later today.

The Wii All? Old news.

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@boodoug187 said:

What we know by this video:

1) It has vents

2) It has arrows

3) PS4 is written on the system.

4) It is black

5) It has a controller of some kind

Posted by BeachThunder

Surprise! It's a gamecube!

But it's not purple =(

Posted by Humanity

Are you trying to tell me the next Playstation will be a black rectangle that plays games? Holy shit Justin McElroy was totally right!

Posted by dillonj9889

Surprise! No box this time!!!

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So what you're telling me it's the size of a mother board.

Posted by mcsquared

Microsoft needs to do a parody of this. This is the dumbest video I've ever seen.

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I love the timing on this teaser. I can't wait for E3.

Microsoft and Sony are D.T.F.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Ahh so it's a black square. Shocking.

Posted by Nasher02

It's a black box...!!! No shit!!!

Posted by KoolAid

Holy Shit! It IS a black rectangle!

Posted by Binny

It's probably just a shadow but it looked like a laptop.

Posted by fiberpay

Damn everyone don't watch the Xbox reveal because Sony just gave us a blurry image. lol kidding aside what is the purpose of this? Ummm yea we know you're make a console, unless the PS4 is the size of a DVD case I could really care less what the "box" looks like, maybe that's just me tho.

Posted by I_smell

I just can't believe my fucking eyes.

Posted by MaFoLu

I really hope it is actually this blurry in real life.

Posted by Areian

Wow! They are going to reveal more about the PS4 at their E3 Press conference... I'm shocked! </sarcasm>

Posted by Subjugation

That was probably the worst trailer for a product in the history of trailers for products. What did it accomplish?

Posted by RudeCubes

It's either a Cube or a Cable Box-looking thing

Posted by LoktarOgar

@qblivion said:

Gaf already picked it apart, haha http://imgur.com/a/lzNFA#0


Not gonna lie, for a couple seconds I thought I was looking at a massive camel toe of a woman wearing yoga pants.

Posted by geirr

If it's black and stackable it's good in my book.

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Wow. That was absolutely pointless.

I dunno was it? That clip will fetch a few million views and get people thinking about the PS4 just before the Xbox event. A company like Sony play their marketing carefully, especially at a time like this.

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the coming PS4 vs Xbox 5π/2 war will be hilarious.

Posted by Bribo