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If I had a Wii U I'd consider picking it up, I guess. It didn't seem terrible to me, though of course I could probably get a better experience out of using the backward compatibility to play the Mario Galaxy games instead.

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Hell naw.

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I will not.

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NOPE! (only because of lack of funds. I'll pick it up in a month or two.)).

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Beat the game a few days ago since it came out here in Europe Friday week ago. It is a pretty good Sonic game but thanks to the pretty broken homing attack and sensitive controls, it could have been better. Music is good though in my opinion.

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If I had a Wii U I might, but I do not. Probably will wait till Bayonetta 2. Should have enough games on it to justify the purchase by then.

Honestly it's hard to take reviews and what not of these games seriously since the general consensus seems to be that 3D sonic games can just never actually be good. 06 was terrible and Unleashed was deeply flawed, sure, but colors and generations were consistently enjoyable and the adventure games were a great time if you weren't the sort of person who struggles with camera controls.

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Not this time.

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I won't.

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Sonic, buddy, you know I love you. But I'm not sure "It's running time!" is gonna catch on as a catchphrase.

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As someone who isn't a Sonic fan the game is the most I've enjoyed 3D Sonic, but that's not a high bar and the game has a bunch of flaws. It's totally alright, though, but I wouldn't recommend picking it up until you can get it for $20-30

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Gotta go f-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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@giyn: What in the hell? I can't handle this.

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One day Sonic will be awesome again. One day.

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@levio: that day was 2 years ago when Generations came out.

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Nah, I still have to check out Sonic Generations.

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I really liked Sonic Generations but this game looks like a step in the wrong direction. Haven't heard great things from other people who loved Generations either.

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It doesn't look... too awful?

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It's a step back from Generations, but it's ok. Not worth rushing out and getting unless you're a big Sonic fan and definitely not a reason to buy a Wii U.

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I want to love a Sonic game. I really do! But the non-sidescrolling style Sonic games do nothing for me.

There's fast, and then there's "I don't even actually know what happened for the last 10 seconds. Was I even in control of the game? Where am I?" I got that feeling a lot in the Generations demo. Like Sonic was just a little pinball running into walls. And with pretty much any Sonic game there's a lot of running so fast you don't see the platform before you need to be jumping.

*shrug* I think I'll wait for Super Mario 3D World to fulfill my 3d platforming needs.

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It's not running time it's nap time.

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This game's soundtrack deserves a 'Best Original Score' nomination for sure. Second only to Rayman Legends this year.

The game though, no thank you asshole.

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Probably whenever I can pick up a Wii U. Not a system seller, but it doesn't look as bad as people claim it to be. Always been a platform guy.