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vector man!!!

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Why is it Sonic's ultimate Genesis collection?

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Achievements, here I come!

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I will be getting this. Good thing I only bought 2 sega genesis games on XBLA.

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wow, vector man takes me back

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The subtitle of this video sound...wrong to anyone else?

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It'd be cool if this is an utter shitload of games. Probably no where near as much as the disc could fit though.

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Man, fill that Blu-Ray to the rim!! I want everything from Landstalker on down.

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These games are too old for my tastes

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Winter 2009? Jesus.

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Winter 2009 could mean January/February :P

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Which winter of 2009?

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Wait...Winter 2009?! What the hell Sega.....

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It almost sounds like the busted out a Z80 to make the music for that clip.

Yes folks, seasons don't begin and end when the calendar does, they overlap and aren't equal in length either.  Now let's begin to count to 10 for our next lesson.

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I like how "HD" means "apply emulator filters and don't actually go through the trouble of enhancing for widescreen support."

Also, having to unlock games you've clearly already paid for is lame. I still haven't unlocked much of anything in my Sonic Mega Collection for the gamecube because the games that I really want to play are all the ones that are locked in the first place.

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Looking better than I thought it would! I cannot pass this up.

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God I wish they wold remake vectorman in the style of bionic commando remarmed...

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This is bordering on the edge of must-buy.

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I think this IS a must buy, for any retro fans out there. I'm interested as to what is going to be available from purchase and what is going to be unlockable though.

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Streets of Rage is on it?

Thank you!

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winter 2009?!!

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So  Sonic is compiling all my favorite Genesis songs onto one disc huh?  Let's hope they throw in some Peter Gabriel-era stuff.

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vector man is badass