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lol gotta love sony advertising. WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!? 
Also, can we get a more clichéd tagline?

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Melt trophies.

Posted by Banzai_NL

Wow, this system has great graphics!

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I hate this video. Damn young people!

Posted by dck

Lots of hipsters. Also, balls!

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So that's about as nonsensical as usual. Sony needs to hire new marketing people, or at least start casting actors that I don't want to repeatedly punch in the face (for trophies, natch).

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That was dumb.

Posted by dr_mantas

This is utter nonsense.
Also, the "now in your hands" ending looks like Sony reaching out and begging for your money.

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Wait what!? 

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So...Sony's next gen handheld is a bubble?

Posted by Mordebir

That does it, it's not for my it's for people under the age of 25, so I'm not going to buy it. Unless they let me play my PS3 titles via remote play, then I'm in on release day, and damn those young hipsters.

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Sony NGP has Mind Control....confirmed.

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This was probably the most retarded promo video for a new system I've ever seen, and I have seen them all 8(

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Wow even the hand acting was bad :) 
Was watching a blog cast of the show in Toyko and it seems like a preety cool device but I must be so outside of their target demograhic or that was an awful vid.
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@Banzaiaap:  Good one ^_^
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Terrible ad is pretty terrible.

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Everything is hip.
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Wow, that creepy white kid sure was white and creepy.

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I know it's a "concept video" but c'mon, what the F?!

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This video told me nothing, but I loooooove them balls!

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 Svetochka in the end of this video shows that sony considers Russia a big market    

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Hmm...not the greatest commercial ever...

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 umm... Gotta say, I don't think I've ever seen an advert without the actual product shown anywhere. Sony Computer Entertainment has one funky ad producer

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@i83N: I can see why, since almost no one here owns a DS and there are lotsa people with hacked psps.
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What a stupid ad. Seriously if you thought this was cool in any way your a fucking idiot in my eyes. I hate the stupid concept videos Nintendo does for their products too but at least they show the product or a mock up of it.

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I love how for their grand content vacuum at the end, they show ever possible user avatar (meaning like 20) and pretty much nothing else!

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The word that comes to mind to describe this video is, "Bullshitty." 
All I could manage to understand is that the next PSP will be able to manipulate reality, which I bet it doesn't do. Or id it does, has like a 12 minute battery life.
Also not pictured, Other OS support, what's up with that?

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Looked like a bad acid trip.

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I can't wait to get points by using telekinesis to throw a dude around a train!

Posted by Rattle618

I feel like dismembering every person that took part in the making of this video.

Posted by Darkraven

man sony campaign adds keep getting weirder and more stupid...

Posted by Galiant
@Mordebir said:
" That does it, it's not for my it's for people under the age of 25, so I'm not going to buy it. Unless they let me play my PS3 titles via remote play, then I'm in on release day, and damn those young hipsters. "
Remote play? You mean like accessing your PS3 from anywhere and playing whatever game is in it? Man, if that was possible, I'd pay any price.
Posted by i83N
@dck: and all the gaming is on PC ((((((((:
Posted by McBradders

I don't understand a single thing I have just seen. What is this mystical thing they are trying to sell me?

Posted by Random88

Sony NGP - Kidnap People and Torture your Friends
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Man, if only they all exploded into noby noby boys.
what a cringe-worthy film.

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They should've stuck to Kevin Butler. That was retarded.

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What? Really? That's what you are going with?

Posted by SuicidalManiac

what the fuck is this

Posted by Mordebir
@Galiant: That is exactly what I mean.
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I'd like to visit the store at the intersection of Entertainment St. and Role Playing Rd.  I heard they stopped carrying Final Fantasy 13 there.

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Appauling video
Posted by Zaccheus

Wow. Sony advertisement really goes from amazing to terrible fast and often.

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Games are art.

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Why were they making weird 360 Avatar gestures?

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If this is what next generation portable is going to be like I don't want a next generation console to come. Ever.
Also, Charlie is amazing at bus bouncing...whatever that means.

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I like how Microsoft slipped a Forza mention into this PSP trailer! And its kind of weird that they don't show you the new PSP...

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What a god awful video. Did somebody's cousin make that for a high school project?