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Oh young Clifford, I bet you're great at parties!

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looks  like gears of war!

Posted by AttackedCamo

Everytime footage comes out for Gears Of War 2 I want it even more.

Posted by whospilgrim

Ausio IS everything.  I'm a bit biased though...

Posted by Aaox

Oh, young Clifford.  You continue to impress.

Posted by ScottEFresh

This game looks awesome.  I have a feeling it will eventually come out on PC though so I'll wait until then.

Posted by TomboDemon

making sounds for a game would be tonnes of fun

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Good to see the Cole Train quotes will be as epic as in gears 1.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Clifford is as solid as ever I see. Hes a perfectionist and the potential for Gears 2 is unlimited.

Posted by Zalasta

Kind of ironic that for a video on sound design the audio quality is kind of lacking >.>

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Gears 2 is going to be amazing!

Posted by hellknight8619

day 1 stuff right here!!

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Great video, looking forward to Gears 2

Posted by KungFuM0nk3y

I can't wait for this game, looks wicked fun to me.  I really enjoyed the GoW multiplayer too.

Posted by ljrepoman

for a video about audio the audio really sucks, ie.  no volume come on.

Posted by L

Can't wait to try out that lancer. Sounds awesome! Steve Jablonsky doing the background music is great too. I love his scores for The Island and Transformers movies.

Posted by sarkeen

YES. I always had a big problem with the sound in gears and now all of my problems are fixed. CAN'T WAIT!

Posted by xollner

Sounds amazing

Posted by George_Hukas

Mission Watch All Videos on GB #016

Remember when chainsaw guns were cutting-edge, guys?