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Wait, really? For some reason I thought this game still didn't have a release date. :|

Looking forward to it. Looks fun.

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Posted by billyok

Does an Obsidian game ever REALLY go gold?

Posted by Hassun

About time.

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Holy shit, it is going to come out. I haven't watched South Park in like six years. I have no idea why I want to play this.

Posted by Aviar

This is the one game I am keeping my PS3 around for. Can't believe it's finally coming out and I can't wait to play it!

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Holy shit that beard at 02:10.

Posted by Monkeyman04

Is this real life? is it really coming out?

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Is it finally time to start singing the Imaginationland song?

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Cool cool cool

Posted by Borklund

There are still games being released in a finished state???

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Can't wait to play it. So excited for this game, that looking at this behind the scene video the second time got me even more pumped for this game.

Posted by RudeTrooper

love the shout out to gamespot :)

Posted by Witzig

Hell ya!!! Can't fucking wait!!!

Posted by The_Vein

"He doesn't talk elf-king. He thinks he's hot shit or something."

Yep. I'm gonna get this game.

Posted by Tennmuerti

@rorie Tell us the truth, what's the inside track, it's never coming out is it? >.>

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Hmm I've heard of this developer somewhere...

Posted by DrLariat

No way, I dont believe it

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This video was exactly what I expected it to be until Trey Parker name-dropped GameSpot, and then it was more than what I expected it to be.

Posted by AMyggen

I really love the look of this. I've not liked South Park for some years now, too much "ripped from the headlines" material without the funny. But this seems more like old School, more silly Sourth Park. Can't wait to play this, good thing I've still got my PS3 hooked up!

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It's nearly here and i still only have a very basic understanding of what it is.

Posted by Yesiamaduck

Can't wait for this... on top of this trailer, stone and parkers enthusiasm for the project and Brad breaking embargo during Breaking Brad where he clearly wanted to talk about how good the part of the game he played was... I can say I IS EXCITE.

Posted by joshwent

@snail said:

This video was exactly what I expected it to be until Trey Parker name-dropped GameSpot, and then it was more than what I expected it to be.

From what I've seen I wouldn't say they're game nerds by any stretch, but they're both definitely into video games. Last E3 they were there promoting this one, and some interviewer, obviously hoping to stir up some console war nonsense, asked them which console they'll be getting. Trey just flatly said, "Well, we're rich, so we're getting both."

Love it!

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My lord, the day is almost upon us.

Posted by WMoyer83

It will be better than that god awful Family Guy game. And better than that god awful Family Guy tv show.

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I hope, hope hope this game is good ><''

Aha called out at Gamespot made me chuckle.

Posted by FrostyHerpiez

Wait why did they talk about it being on the next gen system but it says only for 360 ps3?

Posted by Yesiamaduck
Posted by Lausebub

They won't get a 4 on Gamespot, they'll get a 4 on Giant Bomb (out of 5). :D

Looking forward to this, even though I may not buy it immediately since DSII is coming out a week afterwards or something crazy like that.

Posted by Zevvion


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I really hope this is a good game. I haven't kept up with South Park in a long time (or any TV show just out of not caring enough) but this seems to have potential.

Posted by Carlos1408

I'm glad this game is still scheduled to come out, it looks very promising, also I love South Park. However, around that time my priority will be Dark Souls II.

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Can't WAIT

Posted by tourgen

wow Lead Designer, Mr. Maclean! Put a horned helmet on that dude and give him a battle axe

Posted by development

Looks like it could be great. I hope it's not just a 4-hour experience, though. I really want to have a lot of this game to enjoy.

Posted by JeanLuc

I really want this game to be great.

Posted by PimblyCharles

When Trey said he hopes they don't get a 4 on Gamespot, I nearly lost my shit. Hey, a 4 on Giant Bomb ain't bad though.

As a huge Obsidian and South Park fan, they've already won me over and will have my money.

Posted by iceman228433

I can't believe this game is finally coming out.

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@rorie said:

Hmm I've heard of this developer somewhere...

So, uh, did you do, like, programing for this, or, like, voiceover, or what?

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As excited as I am to play this, I would've preferred Matt Rorie's Stick of Truth presented by South Park.

Edit: That was... supposed to sound different.

Posted by DorkyMohr

After so many bad South Park games this one's got me pretty hype.

Posted by Grillbar

this and dark souls 2 is my march month and properly april

Posted by ShaggE

Obsidian Guy: "Hey, did we ever fix that bug where you die after the tutorial and the game crashes?"

Other Obsidian Guy That's Really Matt Rorie With A Hat On: "FUCK!"

*gold master recalled, another year in development*

Posted by TournamentOfHate

@grillbar said:

this and dark souls 2 is my march month and properly april

I've been looking forward to doing exactly this for so long. Planning on taking a bunch of time off work and doing some old fashioned long game marathons that I haven't done in a long time. Just stock up on food so I don't have to leave the house. I'm guessing I can get South Park done before DS2 comes out, I'm guessing it'll be about 30 hours-ish, if it's longer then I'll have to hop on my pony.

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Did Randy Marsh get raped in that trailer?

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