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Posted by Demonstride

Looks like space invaders alright but with more colors...

Posted by JerseyDriver

What is DLC in that?  Those are all levels in the basic game.  None of those are "new".

Posted by MeatSim

So just how extreme is this DLC?

Posted by lacke

Exclusive or is this coming to the PSP version as well?

Posted by SuperWristBands

More levels I guess? Nothing that stands out to much to me. I still have to finish the regular levels some time...

Posted by chavafx
how do you guys (giantbomb) money??   no ads no subcriptions ???  im worryed that you guys might close thise site or go to other places or even worst  that thise site will never grow
Posted by c_rakestraw
@lacke: I believe this is exclusive to the 360 version.
Posted by darkspirit138

BOSS! That is one big-ass space invader.

Posted by Media_Master

yup, still space invaders