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Posted by Spiral_Stars

Damn, thought it was MW2 DLC.

Posted by nanikore

Upside down flag AARHGHGHHAHRH

Posted by masternater27

The music reminds me a lot of Mass Effect's.  And the setting looks interesting.  Color me intrigued.

Posted by Panpipe

I don't think the game will be particularly special, but this trailer is awesome. I love the Björk song, and the stupid voice-over.

Posted by ajamafalous

Looks pretty good so far.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Goddamn this game looks sexy.

Posted by Joker_777

I hate getting sand in my eyes.

Posted by CrazedJoker


Posted by resurgentcaesar

This game looks very interesting. 
For those of you who don't get the tag line it's from Apocalypse Now which had simillar themes. 
My god if this even tries to narratively attempt to be Apocalypse now or Heart of Darkness it could be really good.  

Posted by Sjupp
@Spiral_Stars said:
" Damn, thought it was MW2 DLC. "

MW2 doesn't look nearly as good as this lol.
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@nanikore said:

" Upside down flag AARHGHGHHAHRH "

Posting the flag upside-down is a real practice.  It's used to signal that a post/vessel is in distress.
As for the game, it looks interesting, but it has got its work cut out for it overcoming the mediocrity of the franchise.  Spec-Ops has always been a third-string series that was bargain-bin fodder.
The story sounds like a modern day Apocalypse Now, with you tasked with taking out an out of control C.O. that's gone to extremes to get the job done.  The location is Saudi Arabia I believe.
Posted by Konanda

Posted by Meltac

I will keep an eye out for it. Looks pretty promising.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Best. Subtitles. Ever. 
Combat looks iffy, but if that voice-over dude (i.e. the story) is as interesting as it seems, this could be one helluva game.

Posted by eclipsesis

Isn't this set in Dubai? If yes then why is there a US flag. Or was that just a rumour?

Posted by NoExtraLife

Looks good, it also happens to be the game Greg Kasavin is working on at 2K, but its looking pretty interesting, its been awhile since we've seen a decent looking 3rd person shooter.

Posted by Misuma

I guess the trailer worked, I'm now intrigued.
Edited by brocool

Impressed by the attention to detail.. though I hope its in more than just Dubai

Posted by jos1ah

Oh, Bjork...You sexy weirdo. 
Also, this game is suddenly on my radar.

Posted by GunnBjorn

Good luck, Greg Kasavin! 
Hope this one's going to cement your career as a game developer.
Posted by 500xp

Consider me interested.

Posted by Ethereal

The quote reminds me more of the Seinfeld episode that parodied that same scene from Apocalypse Now from when Peterman went crazy
Posted by Evilsbane

I have to say I wasn't expecting to see something awesome when I watched this, looks pretty sick LOVE the use of the sand, geometry deformation and sand storms? This looks promising, plus the graphics are Sweeeet.

Posted by dbz1995


Posted by Hoshnasi


Posted by zzZBibboZzz

Posted by maladjusted

The line.....In the sand(?).... Looks ok, I guess!

Posted by DRE7777

This looks awesome, could be the next big thing in shooting games. Hope it turns out great, I'm ready for a new shooting franchise.

Posted by InFamous91

Impressive...i was bit amaze when i seen this during the vga

Posted by BigLemon

I am really digging the art style. Looks very nice.

Posted by poser

Best trailer of the VGA.  Based on the trailer it looks like a sci-modern shooter with truly amazing animation and an interesting story/setting. The worst case scenario is that it turns into a gears clone but with better writing and characters.
Consider me on the bandwagon.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

F*CK the Unreal Engine. I'm gonna pirate that shit just to see how easy it is to make a GOW clone.

Posted by Anthony_Galindo

Looked pretty good to me, although I did get a slight Terminator Salvation vibe from it.

Posted by Kratch

Hopefully, the game is as weird and interesting as the trailer.

Posted by AndrooD2

I like those environments. Awesome sense of scale.

Posted by supermike6

At first I thought this was MW2 Spec-ops DLC.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

nice use of a Bjork song, if I knew which one it was... 
nonetheless, a pretty interesting looking game so far :)

Posted by AURON570

The sand mechanics look pretty sweet, but they look scripted as well. The voice actor sounds like the voice actor for Cole in InFamous. 
Upside down flag then BAM upside-down person. 
Overall it made me think about Resident Evil Extinction.

Posted by Rio

That is a nicely done trailer.  Shall wait and see on this one.

Posted by MeatSim

Look at all that sand.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Hard to watch with that Yeti screaming.  But the video is a sweet graphics show! Looks really clean and crisp.  Looking forward to this one.

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@Spiral_Stars:  duder me too 
Didn't know   Greg Kasavin was involved, you just sold a minimum of one copy giant bomb :)
Posted by wealllikepie

hate to sound like a casual fag, but OMG NICE GRAFIX (besides cant judge the game by anything else yet, tho combat looks lots liek gears, but what doesnt these days ^^)

Posted by bybeach

Theme is interesting, but i hope more color than brown,  the imediatte scenery not withstanding. 
And for Greg, the best!

Posted by SpecialBuddy

I think every game needs more Bjork.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Color me crazy, but I am positively intrigued by the setting.

Posted by illmatic19

Is this Dubai? Anyways, looks amazing.

Posted by SlantedRoom
Posted by nekoNari

I don't know. It looks good to me. Although it's yet another entry to over-populated shooters genre, this one looks great. Especially since it looks like in-game footage, but I might be wrong.  And personally, I love 3rd person, over-the-shoulder shooters more than 1st person shooter. (But no, Gears of War series is NOT my favorite...) 
Now, let me go and watch the trailer again... ;)
Posted by ArcLyte

well, i certainly wasn't expecting that. definitely on my radar.

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