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Get hype

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Hurry up youtube video! I'm bored and need something to watch!

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Faster Comcast faster! My pizza will be here any minute!

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This is our pale blue dot. Don't f*ck it up.

- A dramatic reading by David Phineas Lang

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Dave Lang without a cap? And presumably without pants? No thank you, sir!

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Do NOT make direct eye contact with Dang Lave's nipples.

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So what item do you need to get from hell to the lang zone?

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I, for one, am looking forward to the new series, "The Fuckin Classics with Dave Lang"

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I am so excited to hear Dave Lang swear in 6 languages.

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One of the best Giant Bomb videos of all time

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That photo thumb will never get old.

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@vuud said:

Do NOT make direct eye contact with Dang Lave's nipples.

Too late.


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The "Matlock". Oh Dave Lang.

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I don't care what this video is, if it has Dave Lang and uses that glorious Lang image as the thumbnail, I am there.

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Dave Lang is the best, the BEST.

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Dave Lang, you're a beautiful human being.

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Shopkeepers use to terrify me, now after playing for a bit they are straight up chumps.

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Best one of these so far Patrick. Dave Lang had me crying laughing at bat tech.

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awesome, watched it live.

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Dave Lang is something else.

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Dave Lang's a legend. Great video.

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i fucking love dave lang.

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Probably should hook that DS3 up, even if you use it wired over USB. The d-pad is great for diagonal throws.

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That intro went exactly as long as it should have. So good.

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SMH... dude you had FORTY-FOUR bombs when you died like that. Toss 1-2 and that shopkeeper is dead.!!!!!!!1

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I mean, fuck Dave Lang and everything.... but Dave Lang is truly the best.

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God damn I wish I could have watched this live. That Bat-Tech introduction was incredible. I am sold on Spelunky.

Edit: Holy Shit. Max is an animal when he's concentrating.

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This is maybe the best Spelunky video yet, and proof that it can work with multiple people. Dave Lang putting in an A-grade performance today. #battech

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Patrick you have within the lastfew months managed to produce some of the best video content on the site. Keep up the good work.

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Dave Lang is incredible.

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Vin Co. really needs to contact Lang for the rights to that sweet Bat-Tech.

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My favorite thing about Bat-Tech, is you know that everyone who watched this video who plays Spelunky went ahead and tried it on their next run.

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The Lang Zone creates amazing seeds for Spelunky runs filled with early capes, compass boxes, and tons of bombs, but you can't take advantage of them because you keep talking about Matlock and Bat-Tech.

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Dave Lang, funny man.

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I really want to hear the rest of that 64DD dev kit story...

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Can certainly see the skill Max has at it.

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Fish skeletons apparently go flying when you blow them up... Who knew?

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I've got to play more spelunky. Great run, guys!

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"He's gonna solve your cases and eat prunes." - Dave Lange 2014.

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Dave Lang is god like.

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Oh my god more Lang please!

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Dave Lang's run was amazing for a plethora of reasons.