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Edited by BaconAndWaffles

Excellent stuff. I like how Patrick has turned this into a live tutorial. I might actually give the game another try - I didn't have much fun or success the first time.

Posted by fatbody75

I die instantly on most rogue-likes. Seeing any type of progress is inspirational.

Posted by edeo

I arrived late to this game. I beat the game a few weeks ago for the first time and I was SO proud. This game is one of my favorites of all time.

Posted by forkboy

I've gone back to Spelunky over the holidays. I'm still brutal at it, but that hasn't stopped it being really tense & fun.

Edited by MarkG1022

I'm loving this series Patrick, keep it up! I decided to pick this game up after the first video. Thank you!

Edited by cthomer5000

As a veteran i'm enjoying watching him pick this game up.

Also, killing shopkeepers isn't just a viable strategy - its the only strategy! mwahahaa

Edited by jbuchan76

This game is fun to play drunk, i just laugh at myself every time i die.

Posted by flameboy84

I have this on PS3 but rarely play it...just because tv not often free I should have bought it on PC instead/when it was on sale.

Edited by mickelboy182

I've beaten hell probably 15 times, and I don't think I've ever done it without angering the shop keepers. Kinda seems pointless not to, you're just going to lower your score by buying items.

Also, always anger them from 1-2, may as well collect all the goodies you can.

Ed: Also super important beginner tip, you can walk through the spikes. You don't need to jump over them.

Edited by mrduncan

Was this done in place of spookin with scoops? Spookin was on the content list but it dissapeared after this went up, just curious.

Unless i'm just imagining things which is quite probable.

Posted by TheGorilla

Patrick, in the black market you only buy bombs, health, and things you need to murder all those shopkeepers. Clearing the black market isn't that hard with a little practice and gives you everything they have.

Posted by AMyggen

@mrduncan: He said on his twitter that he had problems with making a premium stream work with the new system, so he had to push it back until he could make that work.

Anyways, loving this New feature!

Edited by TerribleThomas

I've got to say that after yesterday's Spelunkin' I was looking forward to today's Keep 'em coming.

Posted by mrduncan

@amyggen: Ah ok then. This is just as good so no worries.

Keep it up klepek

Posted by Mister_Snig

"She just seems like she wants it."

-Patrick Klepek, 2014

Posted by patrickklepek

@mrduncan said:

Was this done in place of spookin with scoops? Spookin was on the content list but it dissapeared after this went up, just curious.

Unless i'm just imagining things which is quite probable.

Yeah, others are correct. We switched streaming solutions due to Twitch removing password-locked streams. Vinny is tracking down the steps needed to make it work on my end, and that may happen before the week is out, but it wasn't gonna happen today, sadly! Sorry. :(

Edited by Kevin_Cogneto

I have to agree with the group and say if you're not killing shopkeepers, you're playing it wrong.

Posted by BeachThunder

That dark jungle jump.

Posted by scottygrayskull

I run way too much in Spelunky. Like, for reals it's probably not good. I really need to just slow down more.

Posted by Bistromath

"She just seems like she wants it."

-Patrick Klepek, 2014

Quote of the year.

Posted by djou

Man, that's was some pro level teleporter play for a bit.

Edited by mrthomasella

@patrickklepek Even if you're not trying to go to hell, get that ankh no matter what. I don't want to tell you too much about what it does or whatever in case you don't know how it functions beyond as a key to hell, but just know that you will wreck shop with it.

...And also probably kill yourself a couple times in sudden and hilarious (and so, so frustrating) ways, but that's true of every part of Spelunky, so oh well.

Always Be Ankh-ing.

Edited by cthomer5000

@djou said:

Man, that's was some pro level teleporter play for a bit.

Absolutely - It was kind of blowing my mind. He got at least twice as many teleports as I've ever gotten off before telefragging myself like he did at the end (and i have to have 300+ hours logged on this game at this point). Teleport is to be used in a complete emergency only (like you are out of bombs and none can be found anywhere) in my experience. It's just an accident waiting to happen otherwise.

Highly entertaining stream againt today though. I actually said out loud right when he walked into the ice level on his first run ... "I wonder if he knows those falling bricks can crush him?" A minute later, I found out the answer was "no."

Totally agree with Patrick though that learning on your own is a huuuuggggeee part of the game, and it would take away a bit too much fun if you just had someone tell you every secret right out of the gate.

Posted by TheHT

Haha oh man, perfect ending.

Posted by EternalHaV0C

@patrickklepek: Can I hire you to preform at my kid's Graduation? That opening sequence was inspiring.

Edited by Jackal888

I am not sure you know this but sacrifice the golden idol on the altar and get a monkey that poops gold nuggets!

Posted by Lukas

Instead of taking the damsel to the exit you can in some levels sacrifice them on the altar. If you do that two times you will get a skull that for every ... i believe seven or so... enemies that you kill you get a heart by collecting their blood in the skull.

Edited by Generic_username

I only kill the shopkeepers when they're selling shotguns. Pick it up, he's not mad at you yet, fire, he's dead. Every other way I try to do it results in my death.

Anyway, highly entertaining watch, looking forward to more!

Posted by hollitz

Any chance of renaming this feature Swearin' With Scoops?

Posted by MEATBALL


Posted by ichthy

That teleporter play was actually quite impressive.

Also random tip for world 3.

You can pick up the mines.

Posted by Vuud

I might have to get this next time its on sale on Steam.

Brad made this game seem a lot worse than it really is.

-PS Brad is bad at games.

Edited by MrBubbles

This video proves that I will watch any one at GB play Spelunky.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Patrick should just remove all pretense and rename this feature "Fuck Chris Remo."

Posted by cloudymusic

Using dead damsels' corpses as tools is the best. IN SPELUNKY, THERE IS NO EMOTION

Posted by bushlemon
Posted by Dan_CiTi

Tree Things: 1.) You can sacrifice the golden statue heads at the altar as well (as well as the ghost head statue in the graveyard levels) you can also sacrifice the barbarians and snowmen there too. Probably the scorpions if you can manage it too.

2.) You had 31 bombs and that tiki head was really your undoing, just bomb those damn things.

3.) Those big enemies like the huge toads and mammoths usually drop some sort of item. though rarely something that awesome or rare.

P.S. the roulettes are usually pretty forgiving.

also I didn't know about the holding the rats/frogs/penguins/etc. to absorb a hit. Thank you, love this feature.

Posted by ripelivejam
@yoob said:

Klepek, why are you so adamant on showing your face along with everything you produce?

Whatever the reason, that facial hair makes you look like a child molester.

keep it classy, giant bomb.

Posted by Xpgamer7

There's a ton of little details to know, like dropping idols in shops, whipping while running, or favor worth of creatures. But as someone who plays spelunky a lot and often makes it to the temple each run here's my suggestion on items:

Try to get: Jetpacks, spring boots, spike boots, Compass, The treasure eye thing, spider paste

If you have the cash: Spectacles for dark levels, shotguns, cape(in lieu of a jetpack), catcher's mitt

Patrick's right in not going too deep into stranger stuff because of how easy it gets to die, but the black market is usually worth it and kali's altars are almost essential.

Don't go for climbing gloves if you want to get better. They throw off the flow of moving, and become too much of a fallback. They also suck for when you desperately need to fall down a tight passage. On notes of flow Spring boots only boost you one block higher and patrick's time with them is evident of the actual difficulty in learning them. overall jumping is the harder beast to master.

Don't buy paste(unless you've past the mines) as you'll almost always find one large spider in the mines. It does two damage and will hurt you if you get caught in a web(doesn't count as jump damage). You should always try to kill it as the sticky bombs are the only way to blast up effectively or for killing tough enemies.

Anyway, despite that info dump, that should help anyone trying to get better. I found trying to stick to as few things as I could combined with trying to speed through levels rather than money grabbing helped me play far better.

Edited by OCD12345

Patrick, you were doing workkkkkk with that teleporter. I never mess with those things. Anywho, it's a lot of fun watching a fairly new player make improvements in this game. Keep it up! And just a friendly tip, the mattock is dope and you should use it.

Posted by Y2Ken

@ocd12345 said:

Patrick, you were doing workkkkkk with that teleporter. I never mess with those things. Anywho, it's a lot of fun watching a fairly new player make improvements in this game. Keep it up! And just a friendly tip, the mattock is dope and you should use it.

Yeah teleporter is fantastic until it gets you killed. And 95% of the time, it gets me killed sooner or later. So I tend to steer well clear. Also agreed, the mattock is one of the best pieces of equipment even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance.

Posted by fraser

I've found recently that if you plan to do a Hell run it's almost necessary to piss off the shopkeepers.

You kind of need all the stuff in the Black Market - and if you can get it without paying any money, it's win win.

It's also useful to have a shopkeeper at the end of every stage with a shotgun, as you have to leave the shotgun behind on a few stages to get to Hell

Edited by Edmundus

Patrick seems really good for how long he's been playing, looking forward to the next ep!

Edited by freakin9

I think it's finally happened, Patrick has... grown on me.

Will be buying ointment later tonight to solve the problem.

Posted by TanookiSuit

This is one of my favorite things on the site right now. Love Spelunky and have been playing it on the Vita almost daily. Your progress is crazy-good for how little you've actually played it. I have a habit of holding the run button, which typically leads to my Spelunker's demise :\

Posted by steevl

Looking forward to seeing how today's daily goes. I royally screwed it up today in 1-2. Stupid shopkeeper. But he has a really useful item!

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