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Posted by apglazer

I'm ready to spelunk!

Posted by MarkG1022

Just finished watching it on Twitch but hey, ill watch it again!

Posted by Dietomaha

You should probably whip that yeti.

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Woop :D more Scoops in Spelunky :D

Posted by DaddyCabinet

Where did you get that yeti picture? Looks like it would make a good wallpaper.

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Also Patrick, I'm sure someone's probably already mentioned it, but continued sacrifices to Kali past getting Kapala will eventually earn you an 8 point instant health boost. If you end up on an ice level with an altar and you've got something to take them out with, you can get a lot of favor points with some dead yetis. Of course by that point you're increasingly more likely to get killed by something that takes you out instantly, but it never hurts to have more health.

Also damsels can withstand being whipped twice, three will kill them, and they bleed every time. So it's kind of messed up, but you can whip them twice to get some blood for the Kapala without killing them.

Posted by crusader8463

Where did you get that yeti picture? Looks like it would make a good wallpaper.

Google it. It's the second picture.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


I hate that the live stream doesn't work for me.

Posted by HammondofTexas

Missed it live, fast upload, thanks!

Posted by Fobwashed

Posted by Bread_Harrity

That yeti knew how to loop gifs!

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Patrick, you are a delight. Keep on Spelunkin'.

Posted by extragingerbrew

Yetis ain't messing around, yo!

Posted by gbrading

Yeti's are unwhippable.

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Well, that's a new type of stun lock...

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@patrickklepek the Gamespot guys love playing Spelunky on their Vitas, especially for co-op runs because they don't have to share the screen with any other characters. So you can go wherever you want to go in the level without worrying about the others limiting where you can go. It's also cross-play, so you can capture/stream the person playing on PS3 and the co-op partners can play on their Vitas. Obviously this is building up to some co-op stuff with Max, Greg, Lang and others right? :D

Posted by NorthSarge

..I've been watching a lot of Bananasaurus Rex streams/runs. That first shop patrick had was a nice teleporter jetpack seed that he would have loved. That dude is insane to watch - everything happens so fast & professional looking, recommend at least watching his WR runs.

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@daddycabinet said:

Where did you get that yeti picture? Looks like it would make a good wallpaper.

Google it. It's the second picture.

That's clearly a different yeti drawing.

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I shouldn't have watched Bananasaurus Rex streams/runs, because now I'm thinking two things:

1. I'll never be as good as that guy, obviously.

2. I still wanna try similar strategies.

This can't end well, guys.

I blame @patrickklepek for everything.

Also, Patrick, you can just throw the shotgun to trigger arrow traps, and you shouldn't worry about treasure after pissing of the shopkeepers, because you simply don't need it anymore.

Oh, and shoot them three times.

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Woop :D more Scoops in Spelunky :D

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I whip my yeti 2.5 times a week.

Posted by development
Posted by Milkman

@fobwashed: As soon as it happened, I thought "man, I hope Fobwashed made a GIF of that."

Posted by Dragon_Puncher

Lol at Patrick saying he only died 2 times on his Dark Souls stream, more like 20, but hey, who's counting? :p

Posted by Fobwashed
Posted by Pudge

Who could the mystery Chicagoian be?!

It's Michael Jordan isn't it?

Posted by Bread_Harrity

@pudge: laaaaaaannnnggggzoooonnnne

Posted by patrickklepek

Lol at Patrick saying he only died 2 times on his Dark Souls stream, more like 20, but hey, who's counting? :p

I was talking about Sen's, fool!

Posted by mdmac92

Man, Spelunky is really growing on me. But I know if I pick it up I'm going to get WAY too heavy into it.

Posted by Roboculus92

@espm400 said:

Well, that's a new type of stun lock...

yeti stun lock is OP

Edited by steevl

Heh, I died in 1-1 today by falling on those spikes at the bottom. It was pretty pathetic.

I am glad Patrick is still playign the PC version at the CAH office. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to compare my daily runs since the dailies use different seeds in the PSN versons. I wonder if there's a reason why the seeds are different?

edit: just thought of it; I guess it would give someone who owns both versions an unfair advantage.

Posted by tsutohiro

Fuck all yetis.

Edited by jimmyfenix

Missed it earlier on. Time to get my Daily spelunker on.

Posted by kalos
Posted by JesterArbo

This is one of my favourite series' going right now. Get excited every time I see a Spelunkin' with Scoops is up. Gave me an appreciation that I have never had for this game. It's still not really for me, but super fun to see Patrick attempt the daily challenge.

Posted by bushlemon

This may seem like kind of a strange tip but it works for me.

If a bat is descending on you, look away from them and whip. The upswing on the whip makes it hit higher behind you.

Posted by DeadpanCakes

What a beautiful way to die.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Ok, I have to ask... am I the only one who sees a cock and balls in the rock texture of the Mines? It even has a frenulum...

Edited by Skillface

Hey @patrickklepek, you don't have to buy the freeze ray there! you can pick up items and use them in the shop (using it aggros the shopkeeper, but he'll be frozen by the time you shoot)

Also things that are stunned (i.e. a scorpion) don't take damage from the whip or jumping

Posted by Fleckle

Didn't Ryan Davis once say Giant Bomb stole all of their good ideas from Idle Thumbs?

Posted by FoxxFireArt

The Yeti is playing handball with your corpse.

Posted by soimadeanaccount

Spelunky pinball!

Also secret guest...are we about to enter the Lang Zone?

Posted by Snowboarder75

Bummed it is only going to be 3 days a week going forward. Really been enjoying these.

Posted by CrazyOldGoat

This is my favorite show on Giant Bomb by far right now. Keep it up Patrick!

Posted by tiara

Thanks for taking all the effort to make these videos Scoops!

Posted by cooljammer00

Amateur move, buying the gun and then killing the shopkeeper with it. It doesn't really affect anything other than final score, because you won't really be able to buy anything for the rest of that run after angering the shopkeepers, but you might as well just use a gun without paying for it first.

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