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Posted by EpicBurger

Time to cave dive.

Posted by biozal

YES - it's time to watch Scoop beat Remo!

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So much rage in this episode.

Posted by extragingerbrew

Kudos for Scoops for mentally regrouping, dusting off his shoulders and getting back up to fight again. Damn Spelunky can just about kill a man. Maybe Master Max Temkin should blindfold his apprentice and have cleaning ladies circle him with vacuums. Thereby mentally hardening young Scoops to block out outside distractions and purge unnecessary feelings of anger...

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Big spiders are two blocks wide, so if you hide in a 1x1 opening they just keep walking back and forth above you and you can whip them to death.

Posted by Hadoken

Beaten by "the dunk" +1

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The only reason I play Spelunky is because I hate myself. If you don't hate yourself you shouldn't play it because it will make you hate yourself and that's not fun.

But if you already hate yourself it's the best game ever!

edit: The stream lasted 41 minutes? It seemed way shorter. But not lacking in entertainment.

What? BONUS STREAM! I didn't know!

Posted by Sin4profit

Fun game to play: type words in Google Image search to find out where Patrick got his background image. Today's image brought to you by, "Anger".

Posted by cloudymusic

This is the best episode of Spelunkin' yet.

Posted by SamuraiGarrin

If you were watching this live, Patrick came back about 5 minutes after ending the stream to give the game another shot. The "second stream" starts at 24:00.

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Hell yea!

Posted by development

Hey guys this one's real short! Thanks for the quick session, Patrick!

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You'll be back. They always come crawling back.

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This is the best one so far. Makes me feel better about myself. Thanks Patrick.

Posted by jbuchan76

How I love seeing the frustration and anger.. Just like when i play..ha ha ha

Posted by gbrading

I like that Scoops is seemingly decked out in his dressing gown; it's definitely the best garment for gaming. :P

Edited by MattyFTM

Patrick did exactly the same thing as I did on my daily. Now I don't feel so bad.

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OH! Relegated to the second screen. Maybe you can work your way up to Jeff's seed again, one day.

Edited by Ronald

The daily challenge today was the worst! Because I found a teleporter in 2-1, picked it up never intending to use it, and then tried to throw it at an enemy, teleporting into a wooden platform and...

Posted by pyromagnestir

That first bonus stream death was basically the funniest possible death.

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Oh man that third game was great!

Posted by steevl

Loved the timing of the word "mistakes" said just as he made a mistake. Another harsh lesson learned, this time about jumping on enemies in the water.

Posted by graf1k

Hitler? The fuck?!

Posted by XCEagle

Aw, no Fobwashed gif? I love those.

Posted by Kosayn


Here we have Patrick Klepek's intriguing piece, 'I get these spikes every day.'

Notice the artist's clever use of arachnid and trap-related imagery.

Posted by Vuud

@graf1k: anger = Hitler and fireworks. What?

Posted by JackiJinx

Oh snap! He came back for more? Will need to watch this.

Posted by vulkans

Spelunky demands a mental checklist of all your past mistakes, from not whipping jars while standing next to them, not running into skeleton piles and not screwing around with monsters or traps that aren't even in your path. To quote Bush: "Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again."

Anyway, yeah that exploding bomb to falling rock death was some Final Destination shit.

Posted by HappyStreet


Posted by HammondofTexas

#HailRemo #HailGerstmann #SpelunkyIsAStupidGame

Posted by weegieanawrench

@xceagle: This is the latest @fobwashed gif. Not exatcly what you were looking for, but there it is.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Schadenfreude with Scoops

Posted by JackiJinx

Rope tip: when wanting to put a rope that goes below you, this is what you need to do. Crouch on the ledge next to where you want the rope to go and make sure that you are facing the direction where the rope will be going. So stand one block away either to the left or the right of where you want the rope to start. Then unleash for the rope.

Experiment with the rope, yo.

Posted by heatDrive88


Posted by ICantBeStopped

Are you wearing a bath robe?

Posted by GuidoAnchovies

Odd timing, I just finished my keyrun last night.

It's pretty easy as long as you just get a compass and either climbing gloves or a cape, and a good supply of bombs. One of the few times pissing off the shopkeeper isn't worth it.

Posted by Mechanized

You wanna know how you don't let the game win Patrick? You stop playing it. Playing more is just what the game wants you to do. If you quit it doesn't get the one thing it "desires", which is for you to play more. The game doesn't want you to quit in a fit of rage. It wants to break you down mentally so much that it tricks you into thinking that you're somehow getting the better of it by pressing on, when in reality you are fulfilling the one purpose it exists for.

Posted by AnonymousBroccoli

You can damage the giant spiders by jumping on them with normal boots, or whipping them. Not ideal compared to tossing a bomb in the web, but better than getting chewed on.

Posted by RuneseekerMireille

Whoa, I thought it was some kind of elaborate joke when he started getting down on the game. Didn't know he was serious!

Posted by PatchMaster

Oh man, Scoops. I reached the City of Gold for the first time today. You shoulda seen it... :3

Posted by BigBob

BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Klepek found in the act of murdering Jeff Gerstmann. "FUCKING SPIDERS" was written on the wall in blood.

Posted by Demoskinos

My favorite part about this is how he opens up with the monologue about how pro spelunky players only play once a day because otherwise the game gets in your head and you get sloppy and then he basically went and did just that. Hahaha.

Posted by Deathpooky

The daily challenge on PS3 was also a bitch. I only made it to the jungle and got 40k and was in the top 50 overall last I checked. It was either try to murder a shopkeeper or die shortly thereafter.

And why would you ever pass up the climbing gloves and just get spring shoes Patrick!

Posted by IanYarborough
Posted by Deathpooky

You can damage the giant spiders by jumping on them with normal boots, or whipping them. Not ideal compared to tossing a bomb in the web, but better than getting chewed on.

Yeah, learning to deal with them is key for making it through the opening levels optimally. Never throw a bomb at them like Patrick did as they will very much kill you, only put a bomb into the web or have a plan to deal with a free spider.

Posted by BuddyleeR

@ronald: holy moly, I didn't know that could happen. That teleporter is bad news

Posted by Novocaine

I came for Patrick's reaction to dying unexpectedly and I was not disappointed!

Posted by nznova

Despite all his rage he's still diving back in that cave.

Posted by hollitz


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