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Posted by suikoden352

Time to spelunk

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Nice!! The last episode was a joy to watch!!

Posted by Brashnir

Beam me up, Spelunky.

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Didn't catch this live but by deductive reasoning my dear Watson, this thumbnail would seem to mean this episode could have something to do with teleportation? Hmmm.

Posted by HammondofTexas

#BitterlyCold #SpeedRun #BoomDone #eSports #Bees #BeatGerstmann #BeatRemo #HailTemkin #BatTechâ„¢

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I died at the same exact spot in the daily. That section is ridiculous...

Oh, and here's a spoilery gif.

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On today's daily, I lost 3 health to a single spider. THREE. It was extremely embarrass even with no one watching.

Posted by Kubertus

Sorry Patrick, but I really don't care for your speedruns. Your normal playthroughs were much more interesting. If i want to see someone die within 3 min of playing this, I'll play the game myself.

Posted by aajf

@fobwashed: I didn't quite die there, but I dropped to one heart while "dealing with" [read: running from] the wasps, and just as I was entering the door I heard the eye tick for the entrance to the market. So essentially my run was ruined in the same place.

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Why did he avoid the teleporter?

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I really like the new set-up for the runs.

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I died embarrassingly early on that daily challenge, but it's good to know that I probably would have been claimed by the bees anyway should I have made it further.

I'd love to see some pro teleporter-play sometime though. I imagine you can pull some crazy stunts with it, but the risk-reward ratio is way too out of whack for the casual player.

Posted by SethMode

I laughed at @patrickklepek's death via @fobwashed...and then I remembered that I had a decided Spelunky moment where I approached multiple spikes around gaps, thought to myself "Okay, I have to be careful here...it's 1-2, don't want to die too early" and found myself pierced on them within 0.7 seconds.

I hate this game.

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Should have stolen that shotgun in 1-2! It was integral to my Daily Challenge, those bees were toast. And it paved the way to Yama. Only the second time I've beat him in 150+ hours, but a first during a Daily. Finished 25th place with 600k a few hours after it started and there's still 103 people ahead of me on the leaderboard an hour before it's ending. I don't know where I can go from here, not patient enough to be ghostrunning all the time.

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@pyide: Yeah, stealing that shotgun was key in this one for me too.

Posted by happymeowmeow

Patrick I'm really enjoying these Spelunky runs. I also caught your last Dead Souls run and really enjoyed that as well...that moment when the Bed of Chaos scooped you into itself...jesus christ.

I'm not saying this is going to happen soon, but when you eventually burn out on Spelunky consider keeping the procedurally generated game theme going, there are tons of great titles in the genre.

Posted by RenegadeDoppelganger

Welp, I think Spelunky may have broken Patrick. I'm only a couple minutes in and he seems to just wildly running around bouncing off of walls yelling ESPORTS the whole time.

Posted by PDXSonic

If he wouldn't have blown up the tree he might have had a better chance against them. Then he could have dug down.

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Patrick get dat any% WR URN. Shed much PJSalty tears at the cruel wrath of RNGesus. BibleThump//

Posted by w_drive

Stealing the shotgun was NOT key for me. I died in the exact same place, as a dozen bees swarmed around my head, out of range.

Posted by Benmo316

Oh man I need to play me some ESPOOOOORTS!

Posted by Lord_Ozma

Mother. Fucking. E-Sports.

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Posted by Hailinel

He died as he lived. eSports.

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Looking forward to Patrick running this game at SGDQ.

Posted by BigBob

I was proud to beat the bees in today's challenge. Just hopped on them over and over and over. I think I died in the Black Market? Today's challenge was tough.

Posted by Catfish666

Not really a fan of "esports time". I liked the earlier approach of trying to figure out what you did wrong, than dashing to your death.

Posted by Devise22

@patrickklepek Stop complaining about the weather you American. Come on up to Canada and you'll experience much worse than -2 Fahrenheit. Also switch to Celsius already like the rest of us. :P

Great feature by the way, really enjoying the speed run at the end. Lets you let out some frustration on the game just to have a little fun with it. The fact that you constantly look to take new approaches here makes it very interesting.

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Oh no not the bees!

Posted by Sidoran

I like how they can stay home just because it's cold outside. I need a job like that.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

There REALLY needs to be a solid puzzle-platformer that's basically just Spelunky with only the teleporter.

Posted by development

@fobwashed: Hilarious. I would have loved to see him get out of that, but it looked impossible.

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On today's challenge I got to the black market and tossed a bomb while I was on a rope that bounced off a wall and hit/killed me.

Posted by BisonHero

Does @patrickklepek still not know you can use the mattock (Matlock) to obliterate tiki traps?