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go get em patrick.

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By the way, the new folks who joined us today were:

  • @tommygents
  • @janakinsman
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Daily FTL does sound pretty awesome.

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That bed of spikes looks like a good place to rest the bones.

I'm down with FTL.

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Captain Sisko for life.

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When's the FTL hour?

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Yeah! Daily FTL!

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Best feature on the site.

Posted by liako21

my fav feature, really like it when max and co is in it.

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@patrickklepek: Another run's ending somehow attached itself onto the end of this video. Not a big deal obviously, but just thought I'd let you know. :P

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The most harrowing part of this stream was when Patrick almost quit out of his Daily Challenge. That was amazing.

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why is there like 15 minutes of black screen at the end of the video?

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Patrick's getting a little big for his britches after a couple nice hell runs. Spelunky don't take kindly to that attitude.

Most of my hell runs seem to end when I can't make it to the black market for some reason, often a lack of sticky bombs or shortage of bombs in general and a shitty placement of the black market entrance and or key and locked chest, or missing the entrance altogether despite what I feel is a thorough search of the jungle. I was getting a lot of really shitty seeds in that regard.

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A little classic Spelunky at the end.

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Captain Sisko for life.

I heard that. Love me some DS9. The Visitor always makes me cry like a baby.

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I would actually be down to watch some FTL. Get on it Hubriscoops.

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I haven't watched anything with Patrick in it for quite some time (at least a few weeks, completely by accident by the way). Didn't realize how much I miss @patrickklepek's natural enthusiasm and positive attitude. Maybe it was the lighting, or the good friends, but you he looks good, healthy. It's nice to see.

Anyway, I wanted to get hooked by Spleunky, bought it on PC and Vita, but it never grabbed me like Rogue Legacy or Binding of Isaac. I did learn a few handy tricks from watching this stream though. It's a great game to have on a portable. I'll be giving it another go tonight for sure.

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i will be both happy and sad when you beat yama that means this feature will end., and this is by far one of my favorite features GB has to offer!

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Suck it Remo

Posted by Robopengy

It's gonna be a bummer when this feature ends! Here's hoping for Spacin' with Scoops soon!

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Never watched Star Trek? Cancel daily Spelunky, start daily trekking.

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Man the coaches turning on Patrick was pretty hilarious.

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I really hope Binding of Isaac Rebirth comes out soon, I'd love to see Patrick tackle that.

Also this was a great episode, the atmosphere and conversation in the CAH office is great, the sort of engaging, random, and usually pretty humorous or silly small talk is really akin to Unprofessional Fridays, I hope more stuff can come out of there.

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If the chat would have convinced Patrick to quit the daily that would have been incredible.

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The end of the video is a couple minutes of blackness and then a couple minutes from 1/29.

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As a person who has quit the daily before by accident, I've learned that if you have a feeling it's not the daily, just play it anyway and if you die you die.

SO GLAD they are patching the PC version with some sort of expert mode, with a smaller HUD, an icon that tells people you're doing the Daily so they don't ask if you're doing the Daily (for streaming, presumably), a timecode in the corner for speedruns, etc. Can't wait till we get it, but I fear it'll be long after I have any interest in the game.

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uh, is it just me or is there about 20 minutes of total dead air/black screen stuck onto the end of this video?

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As someone who just started watching Deep Space 9 recently, I would say that Commander Sisko is all right, but he's no Picard.

(Note, I'm mid-way into season one, I have no idea if he becomes a captain later or not, I just bolded that as a snide comment against Max Temkin.)

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You know, I wouldn't be surprised if Patrick added the bit at the end of this video just to humiliate Remo some more. The timing is just a bit too convenient, if you know what I'm saying. #BeatRemo #Chemtrails

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As someone who just started watching Deep Space 9 recently, I would say that Commander Sisko is all right, but he's no Picard.

(Note, I'm mid-way into season one, I have no idea if he becomes a captain later or not, I just bolded that as a snide comment against Max Temkin.)

If you're a TNG fan, you should already know better than to judge the characters based on season 1. Picard is still the best, but just like TNG before it, it takes a while for DS9 to find it's footing.

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Patrick, I'm loving this feature and I would love to see a regular "rogue-like" game segment with rotating games from you. They ain't going anywhere anytime soon, might as well highlight the good ones.

I've been amazed at your progress and ability at Spelunky, its been my favorite GB features for the past few months.

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Man. McLovin totally blew it at the end there.

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"Jana's a professional Spelunky watcher."

You and me both, Jana. You and me both.