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I believe in Patrick.

Posted by shatted

What a season it's been.

Posted by SharkMan

stream went down half way this morning, and it wouldn't go until it was over. anyone else have this problem?

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Amazing run Patrick! You should genuinely feel good for how far you got today.

For anyone interested Patrick was on Jeff Cannata's new podcast DLC, on the 5by5 network, pretty much immediately after his Spelunkin' With Scoops stream today. You can find the show at http://5by5.tv/dlc

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Moral of the story: Bomb any insta-death object before fighting Yama. IE, spikes.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

So close! And yet.... so far.

Posted by soimadeanaccount
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If you look closely you can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks in two.

Somewhere between the "shit" and "fock!"

Posted by alishcra

Love hurts sometimes ya know

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Hail Lord Remo

Posted by jayc4life

I Believe In Patrick Klepek

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Posted by weegieanawrench

Amazing run, Patrick! I had my best today as well. I ended off with 548k!

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Freaking amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing run today

Posted by rockyeagle

@jayc4life: don't say that. do you want him to become 2 face

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You can do this Patrick! I beat Yama on this run, but didn't even come close to your score! I try to just eliminate all spikes traps and enemies. and then I just kept shotgunning from the left side. I died the same way you did the first time I met Yama. Chin up!

Posted by extragingerbrew

Such a pro baller ghost evading maneuver that Scoops pulled off. Hell of a effort on this run Scoops.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

@csl316 said:

If you look closely you can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks in two.

Somewhere between the "shit" and "fock!"

Posted by Bicycle_Repairman

The true dark souls... starts here.

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Choke Detection Warning

Choke Detected

That second-place finish was poetic.

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So many close calls and "what the fuck are you doing Patrick!?" moments in this amazing run.

Also I learned that taking out the block under all the tiki traps beneath yama kills the whole column. Which is good to know.

...Should I ever play the game again after my own personal "SHIT. FUCK!" moment, that is. I have yet to play it since.

So hey man, I know how you feel.

edit: Also ha! You tried to whip a yeti again... That was great.

Posted by iceman228433

This was so brutal to watch live, sorry scoops.

Posted by Geekcore

Sorry, Patrick. Sorry.

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Well, on the bright side at least now you will respect Yama's main attack of slamming his fists down causing shit to fall from the ceiling. You need to stay under the cover those blocks as much as possible.

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Holy shit what a run. THAT GHOST EVADE!!!!

Edit: Quoted from Chris Remo's run on this seed: "If Patrick beats me I might kill myself."

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

We're all here for you, Patrick. You are loved.

Posted by BaconGames

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

So could he have bombed from below?

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I'm starting to understand what's really going on here. I thought these streams were about having a good time, watching Patrick's progressive mastery of the game, enjoy a good healthy competition with Chris Remo. But I understand now. It's Schadenfreude, right? You enjoy watching Patrick suffer like this. You mean, mean, twisted, sadists.

Anyone's making a gif?

Posted by Astrophyle

Hell of a run. Cheers.

Posted by DaddyCabinet

Just remember Ice Cube and Ms. Toi thinks you can do it.

Posted by HermanMarte

this was sooo good, I had 4 people at my desk just watching, yelling and just going crazy! love this feature!

Posted by FoxMulder

I thought it was all over when you nearly got ghosted! That was some pro action! #TEAMPATRICK forever! This is now your Breaking Patrick!

Posted by Aegon


Lots of close calls.

Posted by Cuuniyevo

Fantastically tense run. The ghost evasion and the thwomp evasion in particular. :D

Posted by Axel_IX
Posted by cthomer5000

That's why I alwas take those spikes out on my way up to take on Yama - minimize the risk if you get knocked down.

Hell of a run man. You're so close.

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saw this live, very hard loss.

Posted by Vuud

So close for Trick today. Ya lost focus looking at those crates, son. Nothing in there worth while. You should just clear out the vampires then take out Yama. You had more than enough bombs.

Posted by gaftra

the irony was the spelunky stream an hour later

Posted by MatthewSerious

Ah! So close, but saw that finish coming a mile away. You need cover above your head when taking on Yama. I finally managed to beat him this weekend... so, I'm out... next game

Posted by BeachThunder

You did really well, Patrick. An enormous personal best.

Posted by GaddockTeeg

I don't know how you still have a working controller after that heartbreak. That bad boy would be in pieces across the room if you were me. Still, amazing run. You'll get him soon. I have no idea if bombing from below would have worked , but it's probably worth a bomb just to see. That seems too easy for Spelunky though.

Posted by Draxyle

Pretty amazing that Scoops was able to keep up so closely. It goes to show what taking things slow and concentrating can do for you.

If he didn't know Remo's score beforehand, he probably wouldn't have gotten nearly as far.

Also, that ghost dodge was goddamn amazing.

Posted by whatisdelicious
Posted by Jabr

You did good Patrick! Too bad about Yama, I think this is your second time reaching him? It was unfortunate, was SO close.

Posted by Mercury45

Patrick? ...do you need a hug, Patrick?

That was still a damn cool run, all things considered.

Posted by Robopengy

It was silent in Spelunkville, mighty Scoops had struck out.

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