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Maybe? Who knows?
EDIT: Never in a million years did I think I'd be first. This has been the highlight of my life.

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revenge of the killer spidermans!

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spidermanspidermanspiderman dot com

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God of War: Spider-man

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spidermanspidermanspidermanspiderman.com is still available? some one in pr needs to be fired!

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Spider-Man vs Juggernaut will be great! He's not a boss often enough, I only remember him in X-Men for the Genesis and one of the Capcom Fighting games from the vs age.

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Kinda interested too bad its coming out so close to Reach.

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Ultimate Deadpool?!  That guy was lame!  Get the real one in there!

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Deadpool! Ultimate Deadpool.....

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No Green Lantern Spiderman?

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That looks fun.

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This actually looks amazing, even for a game based on a comic!

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@SpiritOf: ....im sorry.
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@Gonmog:  Your pity has been given to a worthy cause.
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Music at the start sounds inception-y....
Love the idea of the different art styles mixed together.