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Posted by eroticfishcake

Goggles! $50!

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I am 77 years old, age gate. Almost as old as Sam Fisher is.
This does look pretty good. Also, I think I know what Sam Fisher's backpack is, if anyone's interested.

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Man.. Sony has Uncharted, so here's to hoping that this is even a fraction as good of a single-player experience since I only have a 360.

Posted by Chaser324
He says sonar goggles...not night vision.
Posted by Kohe321

This looks incredible!

Posted by DavidSnakes

Sonar Goggles though

Posted by DavidSnakes

69 years old! LOL!

Posted by eroticfishcake
@Chaser324: So he did. Ah...
Posted by pause422

Looks pretty damn fun. Cant wait to finally try it out for myself.

Posted by Tomtefar

aaaaw this looks awesome tbh

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Aw cmon, those "sonar" goggles seem to act just like NVG. Give it to Vinny already.
Also, game is looking pretty cool.

Posted by Zripwud

Those damn sonar goggles!

Posted by eunao2

sonar is the new word for night

Posted by Rio

huh vinny might lose the bet, what a crappy way to lose the bet too.  

Edited by Pie

I see me some goggles in game but no night vision yet

Posted by ZombiePie

I really like the filters that make the game look blurry and fuzzy it makes the game feel more intense.

Posted by mrcraggle

I'm Batman... I mean Sam Fisher.

Posted by Meltac

This looks so awesome

Posted by THE_END


Posted by Evilsbane

Game looks Badass.

Posted by GodzillaVsJapan

I have been a fan of the Splinter Cell series since the beginning and this definitely looks to be a  huge improvement over Double Agent. My only reserve about this game is the devs moving toward more open combative gameplay instead of the being able to complete a mission without a shot fired. I'm hoping that is still an option and they are simply showcasing the non stealth combat to appeal to a greater audience.  Fingers crossed, I can only hope this might rival the greatness of Chaos Theory .

Posted by kenichi_san

That first guy he took out which he stabbed his hand with the knife? i was like ... OMG! awsome =P 
Just put this game on my "upcoming gaming buy list" after watching this

Posted by THE_END

Does Sam ever miss with his silenced pistol in this game or what?  He is pulling off multiple head shots at a fairly high rate of speed and precision on multiple occasions.

Posted by Kazona

Huba huba... gimme!

Posted by Necrothug

I think that once the targets ar marked you can just lock onto them.  That's why he's doing all that prep work.
Posted by WiqidBritt
@TripMasterMunky: they seem to let you see dudes behind walls and stuff too, so they're better than the NVGs
Posted by louiedog

Sweet. I'm so excited for Sam Fisher: Arkham Asylum.

Posted by Carlozz34

I really enjoyed Chaos Theory. I hope it is still possible to play through this game without shooting, and blowing guys up, it is a stealth game after all

Posted by ALEXGREY

Ryan for the win. Sonar googles! It looks like Daredevil the game.
Posted by Daftasabat

Looks really good, if only he had a grappling hook........

Posted by Moeez

Yeah, it looks fucking awesome, but as a diehard fan, I hope I can still complete a level without a shot fired and just have fun picking off guys with melee grabs or interrogation.

Posted by Breadfan

Man I was already pumped for this game, but it is looking better and better. 
Comes out on my birthday, so that's an added bonus.

Posted by lolwot

hmm... they're called sonar goggles, but the three green lights are there...

Posted by AndrewB

Wait.. why does Sam Fisher suddenly have all of his high-tech gadgets back? Is this from later in the game, or have they pretty much done away with the whole initial premise of the game? It looks like the only thing that's different from this, compared with past Splinter Cell games, is the focus on taking a more aggressive approach with enemies.

Posted by masternater27

The shooting looked kind of weird.  Like, when the scientist is on the ground he kills that guy while aiming right at her?

Posted by GunnBjorn

It's obvious that Sam has no more access to highly advanced equipment. 
Therefore he has to settle with the less sophisticated 'Sonar' goggles...?
Posted by HT101

Yes please.  I will definitely be checking this game out.

Posted by Tikicobra

This game looks incredible.

Posted by JellyFish_Gsus

Fuck, i want this game right now.

Posted by SpartanGuy

Wow Sam's a badass, the older he gets the more people he kills. Game looks awesome.

Edited by Wiseblood

The sonar vision is probably just an additional mode like thermal and EMF vision.  I bet the goggles still have a normal night vision mode.

Posted by FireBurger
@THE_END: You mark the targets and then hit a button to "execute." It just automatically kills them in a stylish way. Watch the E3 walkthrough where they explain it.
Posted by MrMiyagi

This game looks amazing.

Posted by nrain

a sam fisher like you've never seen before...ryan ftw.

Posted by Myrmidon

This looks completely amazing.

Posted by darkjester74

If you will excuse me, I need a change of pants.  =O

Posted by Milkman


Posted by Metroid545

i just shat bricks watching this

Posted by paulosaurus

Fuckin' rad!

Posted by Stooch
@Carlozz34: I dunno. Looking at the UI, I didn't see any meters indicating the level of noise you're making, nor any meter displaying the level of light you're exposed to. Maybe on the 360 all that stuff is done more intuitively so there's no need to display it, but i've got a bad feeling the whole 'completing it without shooting' thing is gone.
Still, i'm totally sold on this. Looks amazing.
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