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Posted by emkeighcameron

I cannot wait for this game. I love the old SC's, but this new direction looks pretty badass. Let's hope it turns out that way.

Posted by yruluis

Nice to see that the americans aren't the only ones with "elite" soldiers.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

No Russian.

Posted by caseylakes

they are making quite a bit of noise for stealth operatives.

Posted by SaucySala

This game keeps looking better and better.

Posted by VoshiNova

Anticipation at it's finest

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Seems more interesting than the solo campaign, to be honest. Coop makes everything better. And by better I mean hilarious.

Posted by Brundage

Looks like a dumbed down version of the original games! Ubisoft succeeds in making another shitty Tom Clancy game!

Posted by PeasForFees

Hold your bloody gun properly!

Posted by Jayzilla

I am glad it's coop and not co-op.

Posted by Jimbo

Consider me way more interested in this game.

Posted by RobotHamster

This looks soooo gooood, i glad they delayed, it looks so much better now.

Posted by crusader8463

Posted by Moeez

Hype is through the roof. This has sent me over the edge. It just looks really well-thought out and exceeding expectations from co-op in Chaos Theory. 
Like the Bourne-ish music, too.

Posted by Cerza

Now this is some splinter cell I can get behind. I will admit this has me quite pumped. I could care less about the single player campaign, but if the co-op is good I could see myself getting this just for that.

Posted by SlantedRoom

it looked to me like that one dude was totally wearing some nvg's, although he is not sam fisher, if it were to be true does it still count..??
Posted by Reverseface

In soviet Russia the coop cooperates you.

Posted by Kazona

Still more interested in the single player portion.

Posted by gzl5000

It's called CO-OP, people. I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY AS A CHICKEN.

Posted by Deusoma

I hold out hope that this has a split screen option.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@Kazona said:
"Still more interested in the single player portion. "

Same here, but this doesn't look bad.
Posted by jim_dandy

This just piked my interest even more. Co-op is pretty sweet looking.

Posted by Zeemod

AWEsome! Hope it's like chaos theory's co-op but way better. This with the single player just sealed this as a must get on my wish list.

Posted by Stargate174

looks like that genera has been done to death.

Posted by DrRandle

So uhm, should I play the multi-player campaign before the single-player, or will it be a prequel that requires you know the fore-material? I'm confused.

Posted by BigLemon

i really like the "how old are you" question at the beginning of these M trailers. It's much cooler than asking what my date of birth is.

Posted by TomA

looks like they put alot of focus on the Co-Op, can't wait. The Chaos Theory co-op was kickass

Posted by MeatSim

Still more interested in the single player but this looks good.

Posted by Zaapp1

Army of Who?

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Posted by AV_Gamer

I like the splinter cell franchise, and it looks like they're going all out with this one. Looking forward to it.

Posted by gormers

Doesnt look THAT much better than chaos theorys or double agents coop (not featured on 360 version) to be honest xP, but still nice. 

Posted by PhartManButt

Hmmm... (pondering look) wonder if it's split screen?
Posted by Valco
lmao nice