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Posted by Puppy

Meh, doesn't play.

Posted by torus

God, I hope they bring this to the PC eventually. My last taste of Splinter Cell just wasn't satisfying.

Posted by ezdude

Meh, Meh, Meh, Meh, coolio

Posted by snide


Posted by TomA

yup its fixed

Posted by CleverLoginName

Aw, I wanted the Brian Ekberg life sim.

Posted by Kohe321

Plays just fine now. This looks really cool!

Posted by TomA

Looks so good, i remember playing Splinter Cell 2 and 3 co-op with my friend. Such a bad ass franschise!

Posted by Roboyto

pretty badass trailer

Posted by MadeinFinland

This looks pretty awesome. Will keep track!

Posted by RagingLion

The gameplay stuff that they showed at the Microsoft press conference was actually really interesting though, more so than this trailer imo.  The different ways to approach things, but also the way the narrative and guidance for progressing in the level was included in the environment, sometimes in the way of text layered onto objects was really striking and looked quite cool.  That's the side of it I want to see more on just cause it's different and an interesting style, even if I never end up playing this.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I miss the old Splinter Cell gameplay. Where it was more about stealth. I know most people will disagree, but to me, that's Splinter Cell. I don't know about this more guerrilla-version of Fischer. I'll have to see how the whole game plays.

Posted by coonce


lets see some gameplay footage ubi!

....however, this gun does rock.... prolly gets my 'Gun of E3 Award'.

Posted by Hairydutchman

I thought this game was the highlight of the show.

Posted by Puppy

Oh wow, that's not too shabby of a trailer. Hey...hey guys. E3? More like CG3! mi rite or what?

Posted by jakob187

PSYCHED!  Hopefully, we don't get burned.

Posted by Meptron

Looks awesome. Hope it'll make it's way to the PS3.

Posted by Jared

This looks very good, may need to pick up this one.

Edited by peerLAN

Very cool secret agent versus secret agent story. I enjoyed the CGI trailer, now show us some love... I mean gameplay.

Posted by ocdog45

one of the few timed exclusives 360 has.

Posted by studnoth1n

Well, that franchise is over. I knew it the very moment I saw the guy detonate a grenade by shooting it in slow-mo. I am being serious when I ask this (and a bit narcissistic I admit), does this really for anyone? Seriously, because I know it was a progressive problem which didn't immediately occur overnight, but when did "epic" become such an appealing aesthetic--for everything it seems. This larger than life, grandiose presentation does not fit and it's absolutely tasteless I say... TASTELESS!!!

Posted by raidingkvatch

Does this mean I don't have to be stealthy, cuz I always thought franchises like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear were really cool, but I am a rhino in a china shop, not a shadow in a sea of shadows

Posted by Bob_Toeback

LOL! Fisher is so awesome, I was kinda worried, but this looks pretty good, who says f\Fisher would stay doing the same thing forever? still could end bad, and I dont like the part where he shoots the gas grenade in the air (kinda outa nowhere skills,...) but still looks like it could be good... hope it is anyways lol.

Posted by Sabata

I liked hobo Fisher better.

Posted by MOA

i miss hobo sam, they should have started the game with that look and then change it into this.

Posted by MeatSim

About time this game resurfaced I have been waiting for a new Splinter Cell.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

THIS is how Splinter Cell always should have beem. There is hope for this series yet, maybe this will be the first actually good game.

Posted by Reverseface

The fans wanted sam to get a haircut...SO SAM GOT A FUCKING HAIRCUT.

Posted by yorro


Posted by core1065

Bourne Identity with Splinter Cell juice hosed all over it. It looks great though, cant wait to play it.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Wow, and just when I thought I didn't care about Splinter Cell anymore...

Posted by Bob_Toeback

Gameplay looks pretty impressive, I hope it stays true to what they show right now and make this not how the game is through the whole thing, and the selling point (selling point as in Far Cry 2 saying "Flamethrower!! and Nighttime missions!! awesome") but still looks pretty sweet, heres a link incase you missed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2gp3upKEz0

Posted by Psynapse

Awesome, looks like they are really changing it up this time!!


Edited by PureRok
@studnoth1n: I don't think you know what narcissistic means. Perhaps you were looking for pessimistic.
Posted by AndrewB

Could have done without the epic music, but I fucking love where this story is going, and I'm really looking forward to the game.

Posted by DannyJ

It seems they really knew what they were doing when they completely redid it. I am very excited for this now. Smashing a man's head into a urinal FTW.

Posted by Potter9156

I liked Sam more when he was a bum.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Very nice! I loved all the Splinter Cell: Conviction showcasing of the day.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I really hope this still has a lot of stealth to it. That's how I always liked my Splinter Cells. With stealth.

Posted by Mrnitropb

Wow, I find my self giving a cra about Splinter Cel again. After, what four years?

Posted by Nasar7
@studnoth1n: I agree, this game looks like really stupid, super generic, hollywood action-hero, way over-the-top, completely unrealistic, unbelievable, bullshit escapism. The demo at the M$ conference earlier today was even worse.
Posted by Jambones
@Potter9156 said:
" I liked Sam more when he was a bum. "
Guess we're some of the few. I hope that element still remains in the game as it looked pretty cool (The demo shown a while back of the social stealth, or whatever it was called.) Looking forward to Conviction despite the apparent change. Michael Ironside's husky man-voice gets me all a-flutter :-)
Posted by Bob_Toeback
@PureRok: I believe you were talking to studnoth1n , probably just pressed the reply button on the wrong one.
Edited by PureRok
@Bob_Toeback: Oh, you're right. I don't know why I thought you guys were the same person. Sorry about that.
Posted by Eric_Buck

Hope it's not a 3rd person shooter.

Posted by armaan8014

Ive been waiting for this game since 2006 or something..

Posted by armaan8014

Ive been waiting for this game since 2006 or something..

Posted by Xolare

That gun....looks like an HK UCP or USP. Not the original FN 5-7. Fuck.

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