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Posted by IvanOoze

Pegi 18!

Posted by ip007

Looks interesting!

Posted by Olivaw

I am VERY INTERESTED in this game.

Posted by Jackel2072

looking good!

Posted by GunnBjorn

Patrick Redding is one hell of an eloquent dude! 
His speech is so fluid and accurate... i discerned just a few 'uh's throughout his presentation.
Posted by Bionicicide

I punch you! Axing Spies v. Mercenaries...

Posted by Belonpopo


Posted by Korne

YAY FOR SPLITSCREEN!!! I just have a lot more fun when I have a friend next to me... nothing like barking orders in person, or rubbing a kill in their face.

Posted by clarke0

Dude is a great speaker. This game looks boss.

Posted by JoelTGM

see, splitscreen is still worth it.  Too bad most games don't do it.

Posted by EndrzGame

The hits just keep coming! I sooooo cannot wait for this title!

Posted by Cornman89


Posted by Tanith

I loved the multiplayer mode in Chaos Theory, and I'm glad to see this is more or less the same thing. I also enjoy the fact that the U.S. spy is named Archer. I'm just going to go through the game pretending he's the guy from the FX TV show.
Edited by myslead

this is probably the game I've been waiting the most so far this year (2009-2010)
even more than MW2 and god knows I am completely sold out to MW2

Edited by Nemesis

Looks like it is going to be quite awesome. Too bad Spys vs Mercs isn't coming back. Doesn't make much of a difference for my purchasing decision since I'm getting tired of multiplayer.
One game-mode is pre-order only? That is bullshit, but expected from Ubisoft.

Posted by FiatNox

Spies vs. Mercs was so much freakin fun! Don't get me wrong, I'm still pumped for this game, but that really sucks they took that out 

Posted by CannonGoose

Thank GOD for the developers who don't forget about split-screen!

Posted by salad10203

I love splinter cell, what a an innovative series, but i hope so much they put in some type of competitive multiplayer

Posted by Metalisticpain

Split screen is def good. i dont see why games dont include it.... IM LOOKING AT YOUR DIRT2

Posted by theguy

YAY!!! someone cares about splitscreen! This looks kinda like spec ops mode.

Posted by RobotHamster

I love splinter cell!

Posted by Ubiquitous

Fuck Ubisoft. Seriously, I have bought all of thier good games on PC and they have to pull this stupid DRM shit out of thier ass at the last second before the new splinter cell comes out. I love Splinter Cell, I LOVE it. Stealth games barely exist right now, and Ubisoft take one of the few games that I was really looking forward to and castrates it with thier bullshit always online "service". I would have loved to buy your game Ubisoft but you fucked it up, bastards.  
This video should have went from that "online experience" screen at the begining to a one second shot of singleplayer gameplay followed by a screen saying you had been kicked from the game.  
I never thought I would see the day where there was lag in a singleplayer game.

Posted by Andorski

Hmmm... needs more DRM.

Edited by RsistncE

God fucking damnit, I've gotta start putting a condom on before I watch these Conviction videos.

Posted by Metamorphic

Mercs vs Spies was my favorite part of Chaos Theory

Posted by AuthenticM

A sneak preview of a 2-minute trailer... lol.

Posted by Skald

You can tell Tom Clancy is not involved when you get to play as a Russian agent.

Posted by DelroyLindo

Split Screen is insultingly rare these days

Posted by skaune
@GunnBjorn said:
" Patrick Redding is one hell of an eloquent dude! His speech is so fluid and accurate... i discerned just a few 'uh's throughout his presentation. "
Get a room!
Posted by SammydesinasNL

Upgradable weapons! AND splitscreen!

Posted by GunnBjorn
@skaune said:
" @GunnBjorn said:
" Patrick Redding is one hell of an eloquent dude! His speech is so fluid and accurate... i discerned just a few 'uh's throughout his presentation. "
Get a room! "

Well... i must admit he's quite a goodlooking guy. 
I didn't give it much thought at first but you just triggered a longing in me to have some quality time with Patty...
Posted by Daftasabat

 Patrick Redding's resemblance to Sam Fisher is uncanny

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Still can't believe how excited I am for a damn Splinter Cell game.

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by swamplord666

Splitscreen? ........ SOLD

Posted by lockwoodx

  This game will have Ubisoft's new super intrusive DRM on it for the PC version.    

Posted by Milkman

For the bet, does the night vision goggles need to be in single player or does the co-op count too?

Posted by cue_kalamos

is it jsut me or is the stealth eh... not stealthy at all? 
this looks good, its just not splinter cell

Posted by ajamafalous

Man, I really want this game, but I refuse to deal with Ubisoft's DRM.

Posted by ProjektGill

I love the trailer for a trailer/ViDoc at the end

Posted by brechtos

Ow yeah splinter cell is back like it should be
Posted by Pronssi
@RsistncE: Don't worry mate, this video is STD free
Posted by Jehuty_X

Why does that guy look so much like Sam Fisher?

Posted by gzl5000

Please tell me Archer is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

Posted by TheFreeMan

Splitscreen, hell yes!

Posted by Derecto

splitscreen nice.

Posted by MaddProdigy

I'm callin it. This game will be a really, really good five star game of sweet proportions.

Posted by Advertisement

They are building waaaaay too much hype about this game

Posted by alen_snupot

splinter cell?! i have never had doubts in this title... always fun... and now co-op?! even more fun!!! 2 bad Assassins Creed didn't invent this, would have been also fun :)

Posted by MeatSim

You have to be named Pegi and be 18 years old to play this game.

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