Posted by Gunner612

looking actiony.

Posted by gingertastic_10

hm, this does look pretty cool, never played any of the others, i might start here

Posted by LADIESMAN217

Never a big fan of the series or Ubi in general, but I think they might hit the sweet spot with this one.....

Posted by Niccoles

Looks good.

Posted by Mrnitropb

That was suprisingly bad ass. Really liking the Execute mode.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Holy shit, Splinter Cell looks amazing.

Posted by gamefreak9

i only played the first 2  im behind

Posted by Ouroboros

My only concern is that these kind of interactive moments will be few and far between.  From the E3 demo it looked a little scripted and pre-placed in terms of gameplay.  Now I hope I'm wrong and if I am then this will be one of the best games in a long while.  If its as intuitive and as random as one of the classic Hitman games are then this is going to be a contender for GOTY.  If these scenes are scripted or are in less then half the game then it will be a total bummer.

Posted by fillmoejoe

I like this new direction, even if Sam lost the homeless beard.

Posted by Cazamalos

i was thinking to sell my 360 to go and buy a ps3 for uncharted 1/2, infamous, mgs4 but now the xbox with his own mgs, alan wake and conviction, jezzz

the natal is nice, but netflix dont work im my country, i dont care about facebook/twitter on my xbox...

this year e3 is great  or at least microsoft/EA/ubi make it nice cant wait to day 2 !!

Posted by Nick

This actually looks pretty cool.

Posted by pimsy

looks so damn badass

Posted by lamegame621

Holy shit, yes!

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

I like the objective explanations. They're simply amazing, and will defiantly keep me focus on the objective and not ignore what I have to do.

Posted by GreatFunStuff

beginning of the vid seemed to have that signature Clancy frame rate. looked pretty damn sweet by the end tho

Posted by Under_Influenz

The presentation, especially the way objectives are handled is awesome. 

Posted by IshimuraD

holy crap, how do you do all that in gameplay? dropping down, headshotting a guy behind you AND in front of you.

Ubi Montreal sure likes their climbing in games.

Posted by DannyJ

Thank God they dropped their last system and made this one. It doesnt completely abandon the mechanics of the prior games like the original build, but it adds features that evolve it into something more exciting. I know my friends always complained that you had to be extremely patient to be good at the previous games.

Posted by kidkansas

Is it me or is this Jack Bauer the game, maybe they will have Chloe.

Posted by dezvous

Maybe I'm alone in thinking Chaos Theory is far and away the best Splinter Cell game and wouldn't mind simply having more of that.

Posted by raidingkvatch

I played the 1st Splinter Cell, twas good, but too much emphasis on stealth, stopped me from finishing and put me off the franchise. I might actually play Conviction. I like my stealth as an option, not a forced path

Posted by Reuben

Looks bad ass!

Posted by Carlos1408

Damn, I like how fluid the gameplay looks. I'm looking forward to this game. :)

Posted by peerLAN

Looks as good as it gets... can't wait.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I want Mechberg back!

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Posted by gla55jAw

Looks sick

Posted by Jordan23

If you aren't excited about Conviction, then you might need to check your damn pulse!

Keep 'em coming Ubisoft.

Posted by MeatSim

Poor guy was just trying to use the bathroom.

Posted by Unchained

This demo was unbelievably awesome. I love their take on a stealth game not making the main character weak, but more of a predator.  This game is an absolute day freaking one for me. 

Posted by giyanks22

Looks really good...I didn't think would be good at all...

Posted by Crixaliz

Wow! That looks amazing!

Posted by jASPWN

Bourne Conspiracy much!? but looks good.

Posted by musdy

Not a very stealthy outfit.

Posted by RHCPfan24

"Getting fierce in the bathroom." That can be taken a few ways!!

Seriously though, this game looks great. I am glad they brought it back with a new look.

Posted by Whiplash

Looks amazing i can't wait.

Posted by Afroman269

Finally a splinter cell game that will actually top chaos theory. I have to admit that double agent sucked.

Posted by core1065

noticed the Tom clancy logo is different

Posted by Cerza
@dezvous said:
" Maybe I'm alone in thinking Chaos Theory is far and away the best Splinter Cell game and wouldn't mind simply having more of that. "
You're not alone. I'm with you 100%. While this looks good, it just doesn't look like Splinter Cell to me. To much shooting and action and not nearly enough stealth. When I think Splinter Cell what they have shown isn't what comes to my mind. Oh Fisher, what have those money hungry bastards done to you?
Posted by chickendoughnut
@Cerza: I actually believe this is a pretty good path to go down since the story seems to be about revenge and not about fisher going to North Korea in military gear. but I agree Chaos Theory was a good game
Posted by GodzillaVsJapan

I've always enjoyed the emphasis on stealth in Splinter Cell games, its why I played them. But it looks liek they are providing a genuine rambo-esc sort of option as well. It also looks like there are definitely stealth options in this game, just for the trailer he took the guns blazing route. I was thinking Bourne throughout a bunch of sequences

Posted by dezvous
@chickendoughnut: I could care less about the story to be honest. I just want that Chaos Theory gameplay. It almost feels like they're taking the Splinter Cell storyline way too seriously. No reason for Sam to need a revenge story. I just want him to kick ass.
Posted by Media_Master

Looks great, though I wished it came out for PS3

Posted by TekZero

This video's better than the demo one.  Brightness makes a big difference.

Posted by STobin723

if this is any good, ill promise to forget that they ever made double agent...

Posted by bjorno

where is his BEARD???